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Will the new Sulphur Regulations leave the maritime industry dead in the water?

From 1 January 2020 the new sulphur regulations came into force affecting sea transportation globally. These regulations compel both vessels and the owners thereof to ensure that their vessels burn fuel with a sulphur content of no more than 0,5%. This is down from the previous content amount of 3,5%. These regulations are aimed primarily at reducing air pollution, protecting the health of humans and the environment.

    Feature article

    When should a court award compensation as a remedy for unlawful administrative action?

    Section 33(1) of the Bill of Rights guarantees the right to administrative action that is lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair. Pursuant to s 33(3) of the Constitution, the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3 of 2000 (PAJA) was enacted to ‘give effect’ to the constitutional right to just administrative action in practice (see Bato Star Fishing (Pty) Ltd v Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism and Others 2004 (4) SA 490 (CC) at para 22 – 26 and Minister of Health and Another NO v New Clicks South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Others (Treatment Action Campaign and Another as Amici Curiae) 2006 (2) SA 311 (CC) at para 94 – 95 and 431 – 438).


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