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January 27th, 2016
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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
CILJSA Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa Unisa

(2015) 48.2


SAMLJ South African Mercantile Law Journal Juta

(2015) 27.3


TSAR Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg Juta

(2015) 4



Accessing articles from publishers

Air law

Dube, A ‘Of neighbours and shared upper airspaces: The role of South Africa in the management of the upper airspaces of the Kingdoms of Lesotho and Swaziland’ (2015) 48.2 CILJSA 221.

Child law

Sonnekus, JC ‘Kinderaanneming dra gevolge wat nie ligtelik afgelê kan word nie – Turner v Turner saak no 13040/2013 (ongerapporteer) 19-6-2015 (GJ)’ (2015) 4 TSAR 886.

Company law

De Lange, S ‘The social and ethics committee in terms of the 2008 Companies Act: Some observations regarding the exemptions and the role of the Companies Tribunal’ (2015) 27.3 SAMLJ 507.

Delport, H ‘Lien held by company on members’ shares’ (2015) 27.3 SAMLJ 540.

Kawadza, H ‘The liability regime for insider dealing violations in South
Africa: Where we have been, where we are’ (2015) 27.3 SAMLJ 383.

Sibanda, A ‘Advancing the statutory remedy for unfair prejudice in South African company law: Perspectives from international jurisprudence’ (2015) 27.3 SAMLJ 401.

Van der Linde, K ‘The validity of company actions under section 20 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008’ (2015) 4 TSAR 833.

Constitutional law

Okpaluba, C ‘Can a court review the internal affairs and processes of the legislature? Contemporary developments in South Africa’ (2015) 48.2 CILJSA 183.

Consumer law

Barnard, J and Scott, T ‘An overview of promotional activities in terms of the Consumer Protection Act in South Africa’ (2015) 27.3 SAMLJ 441.

Otto, JM ‘Die ultra duplum-reël haal die Konstitusionele Hof na meer as 2000 jaar Paulsen v Slip Knot Investments 777 (Pty) Ltd 2015 (3) SA 479 (KH)’ (2015) 4 TSAR 863.

Contract law

Neels, JL ‘The nature, objective and purposes of the Hague Principles on Choice of Law in International Commercial Contracts’ (2015) 4 TSAR 774.

Credit law

Otto, JM ‘National Credit Act. Vanwaar Gehási? Quo vadit lex? And some reflections on the National Credit Amendment Act 2014 (part 2)’ (2015) 4 TSAR 756.

Criminal law

Watney, M ‘The role of restorative justice in the sentencing of adult offenders convicted of rape Seedat v S 2015 JOL 33226 (GP)’ (2015) 4 TSAR 844.


Neethling, J and Potgieter, JM ‘Delictual liability for an omission and statutory authority as ground of justification: Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development v X 2015 (1) SA 25 (SCA)’ (2015) 4 TSAR 856.

Sonnekus, JC ‘Hoe ordinêr moet die redelike persoon wees?’ (2015) 4 TSAR 804.

Electoral law

Swart, M ‘The prisoner voting dilemma: A comparison between the position in the United Kingdom and South Africa’ (2015) 4 TSAR 706.

Environmental law

Du Plessis, A ‘A role for local government in global environmental governance and transnational environmental law from a subsidiarity perspective’ (2015) 48.2 CILJSA 281.

Insolvency law

Stander, A ‘Plaaslike versekerde en voorkeurskuldeisers in oorgrensinsolvensieprosedures’ (2015) 4 TSAR 738.

Insurance law

Naidoo, L ‘Revisiting the South African (Marine) Insurance Warranty against the English Insurance Act of 2015 and the Nordic marine insurance plan of 2013: Viking Inshore Fishing (Pty) Ltd v Mutual & Federal Insurance Company Limited’ (2015) 27.3 SAMLJ 560.

Schlemmer, EC ‘Kerngedagtes oor kredietversuimswaps’ (2015) 4 TSAR 681.

Intellectual property

Hurter, E ‘An evaluation of the concept of “rights” as applied in domain name dispute resolution adjudications in the “.ZA” domain: Comments and suggestions’ (2015) 27.3 SAMLJ 418.

International law

Terry, PCR ‘The Libya intervention (2011): Neither lawful, nor successful’ (2015) 48.2 CILJSA 162.

Language rights

Venter, R ‘Are some official languages more equal than others? Reflections on constitutional duties toward official languages, the Use of Official Languages Act and respecting diversity Lourens v President van die Republiek van Suid-Afrika 2013 (1) SA 499 (GNP) and Lourens v Speaker of the National Assembly 2015 (1) SA 618 (EqC)’ (2015) 4 TSAR 872.


Neels, JL and Fredericks, EA ‘The proper law of the proprietary consequences of marriage: Mauritian law in the South African supreme court of appeal’ (2015) 4 TSAR 918.


Feehily, R ‘Commercial mediation: Commercial conflict panacea or an affront to due process and the justice ideal?’ (2015) 48.2 CILJSA 317.

Feehily, R ‘Confidentiality in commercial mediation: A fine balance (part 2)’ (2015) 4 TSAR 719.

Property law

Rautenbach, IM ‘Dealing with the social dimensions of the right to property in the South African Bill of Rights’ (2015) 4 TSAR 822.

Religious freedom

Easthorpe, J ‘Pride and prejudice – De Lange v The Presiding Bishop, Methodist Church of Southern Africa (2015) (1) SA 106 (SCA)’ (2015) 4 TSAR 903.

Henrico, R ‘Understanding the concept of “religion” within the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom’ (2015) 4 TSAR 784.

Sales law

Shumba, T ‘Towards an SADC Community Sales Law: Lessons SADC may learn from the proposal for a common European Sales Law (CESL)’ (2015) 27.3 SAMLJ 478.

Tax law

Van Zyl, SP ‘The review of administrative actions: An undue delay caused by SARS – Ackermans Ltd v Commissioner for the South African Revenue Services [case 16408/2013]’ (2015) 27.3 SAMLJ 577.

Trade law

Colesky, T and Franzsen, R ‘The adjudication of customs’ tariff classification disputes in South Africa: Lessons from Australia and Canada’ (2015) 48.2 CILJSA 254.

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