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May 1st, 2018

By Meryl Federl

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
AJ Acta Juridica – A Warrior for Justice: Essays in Honour of Dikgang Moseneke





Litnet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaans Onderwys (2018) 15.1 March
Obiter Obiter Faculty of Law, Nelson Mandela University (2017) 38.2
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2018) 135.1
SAPL Southern African Public Law University of South Africa Press (2016) 31.2
SAJHR South African Journal on Human Rights Taylor and Francis (2017) 33.3


Banking law

Ojukwu-Ogba, N and Osode, PC ‘Reconciling banking regulation and the “systemically important banks” syndrome: Deconstructing the legal constraints from a Nigerian perspective’ (2016) 31.2 SAPL.

Child law

Kruger, H ‘The realisation of children’s rights to participate in selected medical decisions in South Africa’ (2018) 135.1 SALJ 73.

Skosana, T ‘A Donor conceived child’s right to know their genetic origin: A South African perspective’   (2017) 38.2 Obiter 261.

Class action

Rooney, J ‘Class actions and public interest standing in South Africa: Practical and participatory perspectives’ (2017) 33.3 SAJHR 406.

Company law

Cassim, MF ‘The doctrine of contemporaneous share ownership and aspects of locus standi in the new derivative action’ (2018) 135.1 SALJ 101.

Consumer protection

Kruger, L and Botha, MM ‘Demanding quality service: An evaluation of the Wireless Application Service Providers Association (WASPA) code of conduct in light of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 369.

Criminal law

Botha, RGeloof in heksery – ’n grondige verweer in die strafhof, of ’n gegoël met die reg?’ (2018) 15.1 March LitNet.

Criminal procedure

Ndou, MM ‘Administering of an oath by an interpreter in the magistrate’s court: An evaluation of recent case law’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 357.

Customary law

Himonga, C ‘The Constitutional Court of Justice Moseneke and the decolonisation of law in South Africa: Revisiting the relationship between indigenous law and common law’ (2017) AJ 101.

Manthwa, ALobolo, consent as requirements for the validity of a customary marriage and the proprietary consequence of a customary marriage – N v D (2011/3726) [2016] ZAGPJHC 163’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 438.


Fagan, A ‘Further reflections on wrongfulness in the law of delict’ (2018) 135.1 SALJ 18.

Environmental law

Ashukem, JCN ‘A comparative analysis of the right to access to environmental information in South Africa and Uganda’ (2017) 33.3 SAJHR 452.

Paterson, A ‘A critical review of South Africa’s forestry legislation in promoting participatory forest management’ (2018) 135.1 SALJ 121.

Vinti, C ‘An analysis of the interplay between the twin provisions of s 48 of the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act and s 48 of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, in respect of “Protected areas”’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 394.

Human rights

De Vos, P ‘Rejecting the free marketplace of ideas: A value-based conception of the limits of free speech’ (2017) 33.3 SAJHR 359.

Madlalate, R ‘(In)Equality at the intersection of race and space in Johannesburg’ (2017) 33.3 SAJHR 472.

Swart, M ‘When the state fails: The role of the Khulumani Support Group in obtaining reparations for victims of Apartheid’ (2016) 31.2 SAPL.

Inheritance and succession

Schoeman-Malan, MC ‘When disaster strikes – a case law analysis of simultaneous deaths’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 275.


Chitimira, H ‘Some thoughts on the meaning and application of commercial insolvency in winding-up proceedings involving contingent creditors – ABSA Bank v Hammerle Group 2015 (5) SA 215 (SCA)’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 446.


Mnisi, S ‘A tribute to Justice Dikgang Moseneke’ (2017) AJ 289.

Navsa, M ‘Moseneke – Patriot – More than a Deputy Chief Justice’ (2017) AJ 285.

O’Regan, K ‘A tribute to Justice Dikgang Moseneke’ (2017) AJ 273.

Sachs, A ‘A tribute to Justice Dikgang Moseneke’ (2017) AJ 293.


Achiume, T ‘Transformative vision in liberal rights jurisprudence on racial equality: A lesson from Justice Moseneke’ (2017) AJ 179.

Barnard-Naude, J ‘Justice Moseneke and the emergence of a new master-signifier in the South African law of contract’ (2017) AJ 247.

Fredman, S ‘Reimagining power relations: Hierarchies of disadvantage and affirmative action’ (2017) AJ 124.

George, E ‘Imagining equity and inclusion: South Africa’s international economic politics and reflections on the writings of Justice Dikgang Moseneke’ (2017) AJ 227.

Kathree-Setiloane, F ‘Moseneke and economic justice’ (2017) AJ 205.

Kohn, L and Cachalia, R ‘Restitutionary measures properly understood and the extension of the quota ban – locating SARIPA in the s 9(2) Van Heerden framework’ (2017) AJ 146.

Labour law

Tenza, M ‘Is the use of video footage during industrial action a solution to the issue of liability for collective misconduct – Part 1’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 242.

Law of contract

Hutchison, A and Sibanda, N ‘A living customary law of commercial contracting in South Africa: Some law-related hypotheses’ (2017) 33.3 SAJHR 380.

Law of precedent

Wallis, M ‘Whose decisis must we stare?’ (2018) 135.1 SALJ 1.

Legal education

Wille, E and Strode, A ‘The impact of the academic skills programme on pass rates in the introduction to South African law course at the School of Law (Pietermaritzburg campus) of the University of KwaZulu-Natal’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 383.

Medical law

Jordaan, D ‘Stem cell research, morality, and law: An analysis of Brüstle v Greenpeace from a South African perspective’ (2017) 33.3 SAJHR 429.

Van Loggerenberg, A ‘An alternative approach to informed consent’ (2018) 135.1 SALJ 55.

Medical malpractice

Lerm, H ‘Medical malpractice litigation: Do we need a paradigm shift in our approach to handling medical negligence disputes?’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 324.

Mining law

Van Niekerk, H ‘How not to queue: Judicial scrutiny of the MPRDA queuing system – an analysis of Aquila Steel (South Africa) Limited v Minister of Mineral Resources (72248/15) [2016] ZAGPPHC 1071 and legislative changes to the queuing system’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 417.

Van Niekerk, H ‘Mineral tenure security, registration and enforceability of rights: Debunking the property-law paradigm’ (2018) 135.1 SALJ 159.

Personality law

Buthelezi, MC ‘Is there still defamation based on adultery under South African law? A critical review – J v J (4918-2012) [2016] ZAKZDHC 33 (unreported)’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 431.

Property law

Ntsoane, LS ‘Is the mandament van spolie an appropriate remedy in cases of statutory conflicts? Ngqukumba v Minister of Safety and Security 2014 (5) SA 112 (CC)’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 407.


Henrico, R ‘Revisiting a culture of tolerance relating to religious discrimination in South Africa (Part 1)’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 229.

Reproductive rights

Camilla Pickles, C ‘Self-induced abortion in South Africa and s 10 of the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act 92 of 1996’ (2017) 33.3 SAJHR 496.


Lubaale, EC ‘Restorative justice in sentencing serious offenders: A South African and Canadian perspective’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 296.

Mujuzi, JD ‘Victim participation in plea and sentence agreements in South Africa as a “right”: Analysing Wickham v Magistrate, Stellenbosch and Others 2017 (1) SACR 209 (CC)’ (2016) 31.2 SAPL 1.

Separation of powers

Danchin, P ‘From parliamentary to judicial supremacy: Reflections in honour of the constitutionalism of Justice Moseneke’ (2017) AJ 29.

Klug, H ‘Institutional integrity and the promise of constitutionalism: Justice Moseneke, judicial authority and the separation of powers’ (2017) AJ 3.

Mhango, M and Dyani-Mhango, N ‘Deputy Chief Justice Moseneke’s approach to the separation of powers in South Africa’ (2017) AJ 75.

Powell, C ‘Law as justification: Glenister, separation of powers and the rule of law’ (2017) AJ 55.

Trade Law

Saurombe, A ‘Foreign investment regulation in the services sector in Africa: SADC experience’ (2017) 38.2 Obiter 342.

Transitional justice

Sarkin, J ‘Why establishing a credible and legitimate Transitional Justice Model in conjunction with Democratic Reforms is necessary for long-term peace and stability in Uganda’ (2016) 31.2 SAPL.

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