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August 25th, 2015

By Meryl Federl

Please note that the below abbreviations are to be found in italics at the end of the title of articles and are there to give reference to the title of the journal the article is published in. To access the article, please contact the publisher directly.
Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
CILJSA Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa Institute of Foreign and Comparative Law, UNISA (2015) 48.1
SAMLJ SA Mercantile Law Journal Juta

(2015) 27.1 and

(2014) 26.3

THRHR Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg LexisNexis (2015) 78.2
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Alternative dispute resolution

Wiese, T ‘The use of alternative dispute resolution methods in corporate disputes: The provisions of the Companies Act of 2008’ (2014) 26.3 SA Merc LJ 668.

Company law

Bradstreet, RS ‘Implications of the re-enacted discretionary power to grant judicial relief to directors in section 77(9) of the Companies Act 2008’ (2015) 27.1 SA Merc LJ 145.

Delport, PA and Labuschagne, FJ ‘Primary market sales and Chapter 4 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 200.

Havenga, M ‘The social and ethics committee in South African company law’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 285.

Pike, A ‘An alternative view of the appraisal remedy’ (2014) 26.3 SA Merc LJ 678.

Consumer law

Magaqa, M ‘The NCC and the NCT walk the long road to consumer protection’ (2015) 27.1 SA Merc LJ 32.

Constitutional law

Malan, JJ ‘Die dinamika van die hedendaagse oppermagtige Grondwet beskou in die lig van voor-en vroeg-moderne opvattings van regsoppergesag en populêre soewereiniteit’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 248.

Contract law

Sharrock, R ‘Unfair enforcement of a contract: A step in the right direction? Botha v Rich and Combined Developers v Arun Holdings’ (2015) 27.1 SA Merc LJ 174.

Credit law

Kelly-Louw, M and Locke, N ‘Exclusion of an instalment agreement as defined in the National Credit Act from the landlord’s hypothec in terms of the Security by Means of Movable Property Act’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 293.

Criminal law

De Villiers, WP ‘Ineffective assistance by counsel during plea negotiations revisited – Burt, Warden v Titlow’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 324.

Mollema, N ‘Follow the leader: Best practices to combat human trafficking in the United States’ (2015) 48.1 CILJSA 1.

Customary law

Jonas, O and Gunda, P ‘Children born out of wedlock and their right to inherit from their fathers under customary law in Botswana – Baone Kealeboga & Anor v Tidimalo Mercy Kehumile & Anor’ (2015) 48.1 CILJSA 98.

Maithufi, IP ‘Revisiting the “to be or not to be” debate and comments on Netshituka v Netshituka 2011 (5) SA 453 (SCA)’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 307.

Mokotong, MOe gapa le namane customary law parenting (step-parent adoption from an African perspective) – ML v KG’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 344.


Ahmed, R and L Steynberg, L ‘Claims for “emotional shock” suffered by primary and secondary victims’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 181.

Energy law

Steyn, E ‘Electricity market restructuring: Perspectives from abroad’ (2014) SA Merc LJ 26.3 606.

Environmental law

Scholtz, W and Ferreira, G ‘Climate change negotiations and transitional justice: The advent of a Carbon Truth and Reconciliation Commission?’ (2015) 48.1 CILJSA 42.

Young, M ‘Whaling in the Antarctic (Australia v Japan: New Zealand intervening): Progressive judgment or missed opportunity for the development of international environmental law?’ (2015) 48.1 CILJSA 59.

Human rights law

Mubangizi, JC ‘A comparative discussion of the South African and Ugandan Human Rights Commissions’ (2015) 48.1 CILJSA 124.

Information technology law

Pistorius, T and Tladi, S ‘The hall of shame – double standards for spam’ (2014) 26.3 SA Merc LJ 688.

International law

Barnard, M ‘Legal reception in the AU against the backdrop of the monist/dualist dichotomy’ (2015) 48.1 CILJSA 144.

Insolvency law

Locke, N ‘The meaning of “solvent” for purposes of liquidation in terms of the Companies Act 71 of 2008: Boschpoort Ondernemings (Pty) Ltd v ABSA Bank Ltd’ (2015) 27.1 SA Merc LJ 153.

Mabe, Z and Evans, RG ‘Abuse of sequestration proceedings in South Africa revisited’ (2014) 26.3 SA Merc LJ 651.

Mabe, Z ‘Life and other insurance policy benefits and the property of an insolvent person’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 237.

Swart, WJC and Lombard, M ‘Winding-up of companies – Back to basics – Boschpoort Ondernemings (Pty) Ltd v ABSA Bank Ltd’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 356.

Intellectual property law

Amechi, EP ‘Traditional knowledge relating to medical uses of plants and the patent regime in South Africa: Whither the traditional healers?’ (2015) 27.1 SA Merc LJ 58.

Shay, RM ‘Exclusive rights in news and the application of fair dealing’ (2014) 26.3 SA Merc LJ 587.

Labour law

Calitz, K ‘The extension of bargaining council agreements to non-parties’ (2015) 27.1 SA Merc LJ 1.

Ebrahim, S ‘Remedying a long-standing ill: Magistrates’ Commission ordered to take cognisance of disability in shortlisting and appointment criteria – Singh v Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 335.

Phooko, MR and Mnyongani, F ‘When ancestors call an employee: Reflections on the judgment of the Supreme Court of Appeal in the Kievits Kroon Country Estate v Mmoledi case’ (2015) 27.1 SA Merc LJ 163.

Law of interpretation

Devenish, GE ‘“Transformational constitutionalism.” The impact of the Constitution on statutory interpretation in South Africa – Malcolm v Premier, Western Cape’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 318.

Local government law

Delport, H ‘The implications of section 118(3) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 for purchasers of immovable property’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 219.

Medical law

Maimela, CA and Swanepoel, M ‘Legal aspects with regard to plastic surgeons in context of commercial advertising’ (2015) 27.1 SA Merc LJ 128.

Oosthuizen, WT and Carstens, PA ‘Medical malpractice: The extent, consequences and causes of the problem’ (2015) 78.2 THRHR 269.

Reproductive health law

Savage-Oyekunle, OA and Nienaber, A ‘Female adolescents’ evolving capacities in relation to their right to access contraceptive information and services: A comparative study of South Africa and Nigeria’ (2015) 48.1 CILJSA 98.

Securities law

Luiz, SM ‘Protection of holders of securities in the offeree regulated company during affected transactions: General offers and schemes of arrangements’ (2014) 26.3 SA Merc LJ 560.

Tax law

Gutuza, T ‘Dual residence and the proviso: Where was tradehold resident?’ (2014) 26.3 SA Merc LJ 543.

Jansen van Rensburg, E ‘The origins and development of the general deduction formula in income tax legislation of the Cape Colony’ (2015) 27.1 SA Merc LJ 92.

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