Recent articles and research – December 2017

December 1st, 2017

By Meryl Federl

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
EL Employment law LexisNexis (2017) 33.5
ILJ Industrial Law Journal Juta (2017) 38
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of law (2017) October
Litnet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaans Onderwys (2017) October
THRHR Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg LexisNexis (2017) 80.3
TSAR Tydskrif vir Suid Afrikaanse Reg Juta (2017) 4

Alternative dispute resolution

De Vos, W Le R and Broodryk, T ‘Managerial judging and alternative dispute resolution in Australia: An example for South Africa to emulate? (Part 1)’ (2017) 4 TSAR 683.

Banking law

Nagel, CJ ‘Is a bank under a legal duty to act positively in order to protect the interests of third parties when appropriating funds deposited in a client’s account? Spar Group Ltd v FirstRand Bank Ltd’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 524.

Black economic empowerment

Du Plessis, A and Pretorius, JL ‘Substantive equality and the beneficiaries of broad-based black economic empowerment’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 390.

Company law

Morajane, T ‘What constitutes “inside information” for purposes of insider trading? Zietsman v Directorate of Market Abuse’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 506.

Scott, J ‘An unsuccessful long shot aimed at effecting liability for causing pure economic loss – Izitkowitz v Absa Bank’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 483.

Child law

Rosenberg, W ‘A disconnect between South African adoption laws and the plight of orphans’ (2017) 4 TSAR 812.

Criminal law

Naidoo, KThe shaping, enactment and interpretation of the first hate-crime law in the United Kingdom – an informative and illustrative lesson for South Africa’ (2017) October PER.

Watney, M ‘Assessment of the South African parole system (part 1)’ (2017) 4 TSAR 704.

Customary law

Du Plessis, P and Du Plessis, WEditorial: Engaging with African Customary Law: Legal history in contemporary South Africa’ (2017) October PER.

Khunou, SFThe customary anatomy of the traditional governance of the Bafokeng Traditional Community: The implications of the constitutional recognition of hereditary headmanship’ (2017) October PER.


Jansen, RM and Neethling, J ‘Delictual capacity and (contributory) negligence of minors’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 474.

Okpaluba, C and Budeli-Nemakonde, M ‘Quantification of damages for wrongful arrest, detention and malicious prosecution: A contextual analysis of contemporary appellate-court awards in South Africa (part 2)’ (2017) 4 TSAR 792.

Pauw, P ‘Alternative relief in delictual claims?’ (2017) 4 TSAR 846.

Scott, J ‘Intentional delicts of police officers: A hiccup from the Supreme Court of Appeal’ (2017) 4 TSAR 872.


Du Plessis, EApplication of section 30 of the Restitution of Land Rights Act in the Courts: Some guidelines’ (2017) October PER.

Family law

De Jong, M; Le Roux-Bouwer, J and Manthwa, TA ‘Attacking trusts upon divorce and in maintenance matters: Guidelines for the road ahead (2)’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 370.

Human rights

Rautenbach, IMVonnisbespreking: Sosiale regte en private pligte – huisvesting op plase’ (2017) October LitNet.

Income tax

Van Zyl, SP and Oguttu, AW ‘Does the issues of shares by a subsidiary company to a foreign holding company amount to taxable income in the hands of issuing company? Vodafone India services PVT Ltd v Union of India’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 412.

Labour law

Behari, A ‘Disability and workplace discrimination: Smith v Kit Kat Group (Pty) Ltd (2017) 38 ILJ 438 (LC)’ (2017) 38 ILJ 2226.

Botes, A ‘Sexual harassment as a ground for dismissal: A critical evaluation of the labour and labour appeal courts’ decisions in Simmers v Campbell Scientific Africa’ (2017) 4 TSAR 761.

Botha, MM and Germishuys, W ‘The promotion of orderly collective bargaining and effective dispute resolution, the dynamic labour market and the powers of the Labour Court (1)’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 351.

Coetzer, N ‘More reflections on the rule of law’ (2017) 38 ILJ 2217.

Grogan, J ‘Breaking the threshold: Section 18 not an instrument of oppression’ (2017) 33.5 EL 11.

Grogan, J ‘Resignation puzzles: May employees resign to avoid dismissal’ (2017) 33.5 EL 4.

Mhango, M and Dyani-Mhango, N ‘Reflections on transformative pension adjudication’ (2017) 38 ILJ 2173.

Mkhwanazi, L and Rycroft, A ‘Obligations of an employer to a transgender employee’ (2017) 38 ILJ 2201.

Rautenbach, IM ‘The constitutionality of statutory authorisation to conclude collective agreements that bind non-parties not to strike’ (2017) 4 TSAR 857.

Legal history

Wildenboer, L ‘Judicial administration beyond the Orange River from 1836 to 1838’ (2017) 4 TSAR 829.

Legal profession

Geldenhuys, J and Stoop, PN ‘“Fit and proper” deconstructed: A critique on legal practitioners in South Africa’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 462.

Medical law

Van Aswegen, C and Nienaber, A ‘The law related to end of life decisions concerning imperilled neonates in South Africa: Where angels fear to tread (1)’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 432.

Parliamentary practices

Devenish, GE ‘Parliamentary privilege in post-Apartheid South Africa – Chairperson, National Council of Provinces v Malema’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 499.

Prison law

Le Roux-Bouwer, J and Matsemela, OP ‘A critical perspective on inmates’ right to tertiary distance education in South Africa’ (2017) 80.3 THRHR 450.

Right to housing

Barrie, GN ‘Belofte maak skuld: Die “reg” op toegang tot geskikte behuising’ (2017) 4 TSAR 907.

Succession law

Sonnekus, JC ‘Verlengde onderhoudsaanspraak van ’n langslewende gade is géén ongebreidelde vrypas tot ongegronde baattrekking nie en dus is Skadevergoeding gepas’ (2017) 4 TSAR 891.

Unjustified enrichment

Sonnekus, JC ‘Suksesvolle beroep op verjaring en tóg deliktuele- of verrykingsaanspreeklikheid?’ (2017) 4 TSAR 733.


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