Recent articles and research – November 2017

November 1st, 2017

By Meryl Federl

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
EL Employment Law LexisNexis (2017) 33.4
PLD Property Law Digest LexisNexis (2017) 21.3
SAJHR South African Journal on Human Rights Taylor and Francis (2017) 33.2
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2017) 134.3
SJ Speculum Juris University of Fort Hare

(2015) 29.2


TSAR Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg Juta (2017) 3 (August)

Administrative law

Klaasen, A ‘The duty of the state to act fairly in litigation’ (2017) 134.3 SALJ 616.

Wolf, L ‘In search of a definition for administrative action’ (2017) 33.2 SAJHR 314.

Black economic empowerment

Sibanda, AWeighing the cost of “BEE fronting” on best practices of corporate governance in South Africa’ (2015) 29.2 SJ 23.

Civil procedure

Bekker, T ‘Furnishing security for costs by an incola company – at last some legal certainty, or more confusion? Boost sports Africa (Pty) Ltd v South African Breweries (Pty) Ltd (SCA)’ (2017) 134.3 SALJ 481.

Credit law

Steyn, L and Sharrock, R ‘Remedying mortgage default: Nkata v Firstrand Bank Ltd’ (2017) 134.3 SALJ 498.

Criminal law

Jordaan, L ‘The principle of fair labelling and the definition of the crime of murder’ (2017) 3 TSAR 569.

Watney, M ‘Voluntary intoxication as a criminal defence: Legal principle or public policy?’ (2017) 3 TSAR 547.

Copyright law

Karjiker, S ‘The case for the recognition of a public-interest defence in copyright’ (2017) 3 TSAR 451.

Class actions

Broodryk, T ‘Giving notice to members of opt-out class actions’ (2017) 3 TSAR 498.

Company law

Cassim, FHI and Cassim, MF ‘The authority of company representatives and the Turquand rule revisited’ (2017) 134.3 SALJ 639.

Competition law

Martinek, M ‘Duration and reproduction of distribution contracts in the focus of antitrust law: Observations of and annotations to the relationship between contract law and competition law’ (2017) 3 TSAR 511.

Constitutional Court

Kathi, T; Swemmer, S; Makuwa, A; Marongo M; and Chamberlain, L ‘Constitutional Court statistics for the 2015 term’ (2017) 33.2 SAJHR 335.

Constitutional law

Barrie, GN and van Staden, MJ ‘From Marbury to Tronox: Constitutional review in South Africa’ (2017) 3 TSAR 619.

Contract law

Fischer, M ‘Contract cancellation and anticipatory breach of contract’ (2017) 134.3 SALJ 543.

Myburgh, F ‘Thomas Kuhn’s structure of scientific revolutions, paradigm shifts, and crises: Analysing recent changes in the approach to contractual interpretation in South African law’ (2017) 134.3 SALJ 514.

Credit law

Brits, R ‘The National Credit Act and the Bill of Rights: Towards a constitutional view of consumer credit regulation’ (2017) 3 TSAR 470.

Otto, JM ‘Terugtrede by kontrakbreuk met besondere klem op kredietooreenkomste’ (2017) 3 TSAR 610.

Criminal law

Vetten, L ‘Daughters of the revolution: Legal narrativity in S v Zuma’ (2017) 33.2 SAJHR 236.

Customary law

Mwambene, LAll outfits leading to the death of polygyny? Reflections on the recognition of Customary Marriages Act 120 of 1998 and Mayelane v Ngwenyama and Another 2013 4 SA 415 (CC) (2015)’ 29.2 SJ 63.


Mukheibir, A and Marx, FCaught in the crossfire – the innocent bystander’ (2015) 29.2 SJ 1.

Okpaluba, C ‘Quantification of damages for wrongful arrest, detention and malicious prosecution: A contextual analysis of contemporary appellate court awards in South Africa (part 1)’ (2017) 3 TSAR 526.

Education law

Venter, R and Kgori, D ‘School admission policy versus equal access to education: The end of the road for school governing bodies?’ (2017) 3 TSAR 662.

Financial services

Godwi, A; Howse, T; and Ramsay, I ‘Twin Peaks: South Africa’s financial sector regulatory framework’ (2017) 134.3 SALJ 665.

Human rights

Bronstein, V; Glaser, D; and Werbeloff, M ‘Cartoon controversies: Law student views about free speech and Zapiro’s satirisation of South Africa’s president’ (2017) 33.2 SAJHR 214.

Etone, D ‘The effectiveness of South Africa’s engagement with the universal periodic review (UPR): Potential for ritualism?’ (2017) 33.2 SAJHR 258.

Glover, G ‘University protests, specific performance, and the public/private-law divide’ (2017) 134.3 SALJ 466.

Moyo, K ‘An analysis of the impact of corruption on the realisation of the right to development’ (2017) 33.2 SAJHR 193.

Van der Berg, S ‘Strengthening access to information institutions to promote a culture of transparency’ (2017) 33.2 SAJHR 167.

Weiner, JT ‘Protected rights and religious reform: When in dialogue, how do the South African secular legal system and the ancient orthodox Jewish law of Kol Isha intersect and interact?’ (2017) 33.2 SAJHR 302.

International trade law

Shumba, TMore than 25 years of the convention on contracts for the international sale of goods (CISG): Rethinking the role of the CISG in the SADC region’ (2015) 29.2 SJ 41.

Labour law

Grogan, J ‘Disciplinary hearings on paper – when less formal inquiries suffice’ (2017) 33.4 EL 4.

Grogan, J ‘White mischief – constructive dismissal and adultery’ (2017) 33.4 EL 13.

Scott, J ‘Middellike werkgewersaanspreeklikheid weens seksuele teistering deur ’n werknemer’ (2017) 3 TSAR 630.

Maritime law

Donnelly, DL ‘Charting a new course: Northern Endeavour Shipping Pte Ltd v Owners of Nyk Isabel’ (2017) 134.3 SALJ 453.


Sonnekus, JC ‘Verjaring, verjaringstermyne en verbande – Hoogste hof van appèl saai verwarring’ (2017) 3 TSAR 597.

Property law

Binedell, M ‘Property and trusts – the same pitfall repeat’ (2017) 21.3 PLD 7.

Botha, M ‘Proxy provisions in HOA’s: Be mindful of the application of the Companies Act’ (2017) 21.3 PLD 5.

Dlamini, T and Botha, M ‘Executive management agents and trustees – who does the legislature prefer?’ (2017) 21.3 PLD 2.

Rautenbach, IM ‘Expropriation and compensation for limitations of the right to property that do not amount to expropriation – South African notes on a German judgment’ (2017) 3 TSAR 585.

Swemmer, S ‘Muddying the waters – the lack of clarity around the use of s 25(1) of the Constitution: Shoprite Checkers (Pty) Limited v Member of the Executive Council for Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism: Eastern Cape’ (2017) 33.2 SAJHR 286.

Socio-economic rights

Van Der Berg, S ‘Ensuring proportionate state resource allocation in socio-economic-rights cases’ (2017) 134.3 SALJ 576.

Succession law

Sonnekus, JC ‘Gierigheid van voormalige gade of lewensgenoot is geen regverdiging om af te wyk van die selektiewe waan van ’n voormalige gade na egskeiding as vooroorlede nie’ (2017) 3 TSAR 651.

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