Three scoop De Rebus prizes

July 1st, 2012

By Nomfundo Manyathi

Cape Town attorneys Richard English and Megan Jackson have jointly won the 2011 LexisNexis Prize for Legal Practitioners for the best article by a practising attorney published in De Rebus.

They have won the award for their article titled ‘A closer look at legal process outsourcing in South Africa’ published in 2011 (Nov) DR 18. The article was about the advancements in legal process outsourcing (LPO) in South Africa and globally.

The pair has won a Netbook with one year’s free access to their choice of five online titles. Mr English and Ms Jackson said that winning this prize was a ‘wonderful surprise’ and that they were ‘thrilled’ that their article was so well-received. ‘The LPO industry is one that we are both passionate about and we are very grateful for the opportunity to share this with De Rebus readers,’ said Mr English.

Both Mr English (29) and Ms Jackson (28) work at LPO services provider Exigent in Cape Town. Mr English and Ms Jackson are associate directors and head up the contracts and commercial support group and legal support group respectively.

When asked how they planned to split the prize, the two said that Ms Jackson had agreed to sell her share of the Netbook to Mr English and would be donating the proceeds to a local charity supported by Exigent. She added: ‘The LexisNexis subscriptions will be used to enhance our knowledge of the local legal market so that we can start to explore onshore growth opportunities.’

Benoni candidate attorney Clement Marumoagae has won the 2011 Juta Prize for Candidate Attorneys for his article titled ‘Forfeiture of patrimonial benefits – it’s not about what’s fair’ published in 2011 (July) DR 20.

In his article Mr Marumoagae set out to clear up some of the confusion relating to the law regarding forfeiture of patrimonial benefits on divorce. In addition, he argued that the concept of fairness should not play a role when a court considers a forfeiture order.

Mr Marumoagae (26) is currently a candidate attorney at Legal Aid South Africa’s Benoni Justice Centre. At the time of writing the article he was serving his articles at the Wits Law Clinic.

Mr Marumoagae has won book vouchers to the value of R 7 500. He said: ‘It feels great to have won the prize. It is pleasing that there are people who appreciate my work.’

Mr Marumoagae added that family law was his passion and he hoped to specialise in this area of law when he finished serving articles.

Nomfundo Manyathi,

This article was first published in De Rebus in 2012 (July) DR 10.