April 2020

Caveat – have you registered as a credit provider?

Fourie v Geyer (NWM) (unreported case no MKP27/2018, 22-8-2019) (Petersen AJ) Credit agreements feature quite prominently in mainstream litigation. Of much relevance is the current legal position relating to the […]

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No execution or attachment for satisfaction of final court order sounding in money may be issued in any action or legal proceedings against the state

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Another v B Xulu and Partners Incorporated and Others (WCC) (unreported case no 6189/2019, 30-1-2020) (Rogers J) In the case of the Department […]

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New legislation – April 2020

Legislation published from 1 – 28 February 2020 Bills Economic Regulation of Transport Bill B1 of 2020. Auditing Profession Amendment Bill B2 of 2020. Division of Revenue Bill B3 of […]

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Employment law update – Dismissal for racist social media post

In Edcon Ltd v Cantamessa and Others [2020] 2 BLLR 186 (LC), an employee was dismissed for making a racist comment on Facebook. In this case, the employee had posted […]

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Employment law update – How and when to file an application to be absolved from paying security while reviewing an award

Panorama Park Retirement Village v CCMA and Others (LC) (unreported case no JR2472/2015, 21-1-2020) (Tlhotlhalemaje J). Subsequent to the Labour Court (LC) handing down an interim order, interdicting employees from […]

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Seen on social media – April 2020

This article was first published in De Rebus in 2020 (April) DR 33.

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Recent articles and research – April 2020

Accessing articles from publishers For LexisNexis articles contact: customercare@lexisnexis.co.za for the publication details. For individual journal articles pricing and orders from Juta contact Philippa van Aardt at pvanaardt@juta.co.za. For journal articles not published […]

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Does intention speak louder than words? An excursion into debt intervention provisions

No person who has served the debt counselling industry would dispute the dire plight of consumers of credit. The remedy of debt counselling, as introduced by the National Credit Act […]

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Employers and COVID-19 

By Roy Bregman, Sharusha Moodley and Jaco Lessing  As South Africa enters the 21-day national lockdown, business owners are understandably confused and concerned about its economic consequences. Will their businesses […]

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