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Are there limitations on the ‘child’s best interests’ principle?

The child’s best interest principle exists in terms of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 (the Children’s Act). Children and their rights are significant for the security of society and […]

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A gap in the law: Examining how the SCA was constrained in the Ramolefi case

Section 35(3) of the Constitution guarantees the right to a fair trial. The Constitution mentions 15 aspects of the right to a fair trial in terms of s 35(3). In […]

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The law reports – January/February 2020

November 2019 (6) South African Law Reports (pp 1 – 326); November 2019 (2) South African Criminal Law Reports (pp 469 – 582) This column discusses judgments as and when […]

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Constitutional Court: Graduates from the Independent Institute of Education are eligible for admission and enrolment as legal practitioners in terms of the LPA

Independent Institute of Education (Pty) Limited v KwaZulu-Natal Law Society and Others (CC) (unreported case no CCT 68/19, 11-12-2019) Mogoeng CJ (Jafta J, Khampepe J, Madlanga J, Mathopo AJ, Mhlantla […]

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New legislation – January/February 2020

Legislation published from 1 November – 31 December 2019 Bills National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Bill B14D of 2017. Taxation Laws Amendment Bill B18A of 2019. Taxation Laws Amendment Bill […]

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Employment law update – Dismissal for incapacity on the basis of ill health

In Parexel International (Pty) Ltd v Chakane and Others [2019] 11 BLLR 1245 (LAC), an employee was absent from work due to ill health for nine months after having suffered […]

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Recent articles and research – January/February 2020

Accessing articles from publishers For LexisNexis articles contact: for the publication details. For individual journal articles pricing and orders from Juta contact Philippa van Aardt at For journal articles not published […]

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