May 2018

The law reports – May 2018

March 2018 (2) South African Law Reports (pp 1 – 325); October [2017] 4 All South African Law Reports (pp 1 – 294); February [2018] 1 All South African Law […]

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New legislation – May 2018

Legislation published from 1 – 29 March 2018 Bills Animals Protection Amendment Act Bill B4 of 2018. Selected list of delegated legislation Agricultural Product Standards Act 119 of 1990 Amendment […]

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Employment law update – Dismissal for insubordination and compensation for fixed term employees

In Jorgensen v I Kat Computing (Pty) Ltd and Others [2018] 3 BLLR 254 (LAC), the appellant was a manager of a branch in Durban which, was running at a […]

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Employment law update – Striking a balance between working hours and meal intervals

Vector Logistics (Pty) Ltd v National Transport Movement and Others (LC) (unreported case no J2876/17, 6-3-2018) (Lagrange J) On 26 June 2017 the first respondent union (NTM), acting in behalf […]

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Recent articles and research – May 2018

By Meryl Federl Accessing articles from publishers For LexisNexis articles contact: for the publication details. For individual journal articles pricing and orders from Juta contact Michelle Govender at […]

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