May 2020

Legal practitioners traveling with no proper permits during lockdown may face possible criminal prosecution

Administrator of Dr JS Moroka Municipality and Others v Kubheka (MM) (unreported case no 1170/20, 3-4-2020) (Brauckmann AJ) In the Mpumalanga Division of the High Court in Middelburg, Brauckmann AJ […]

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New legislation – May 2020

Legislation published from 2 March – 2 April 2020 Bills Fiscal Responsibility Bill B5 of 2020. Commencement of Acts Financial Sector Regulation Act 9 of 2017. Amended commencement: Various dates. […]

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Employment law update – Employee resigning prior to being unfairly dismissed

In Bester v Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SOC) Ltd and Other [2020] 3 BLLR 244 (LAC), the employee, a qualified advocate, was employed in an organisation that was later taken […]

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Employment law update – Employee working post the expiry of a fixed term contract – automatically permanent or not?

Ukweza Holdings (Pty) Ltd v Nyondo and Others (LAC) (unreported case no PA2/19, 4-3-2020) (Waglay JP (Murphy and Savage AJJA concurring)) The appellant employer appointed the respondent employee on a […]

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Recent articles and research – May 2020

Accessing articles from publishers For LexisNexis articles contact: for the publication details. For individual journal articles pricing and orders from Juta contact Philippa van Aardt at For journal articles not published […]

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Can the Energy Efficiency Programme be an obstacle to renewable energy transition? South Africa’s climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives

Energy is fundamental for the economic development of any country, and it should, therefore, be considered in economic development strategies. A number of developing countries are without energy services, making […]

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The lethargy of the Constitutional Court justices to engage one another

Reflections on Jacobs and Others v S 2019 (5) BCLR 562 (CC) By Phindile Raymond Msaule Judges account to the nation through their reasons. This assures society that judges make […]

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Judicial shadowing: Has the time arrived?

This may come as a shock to the purist. Bryan A Garner in his article ‘Learn the fundamentals of writing first – experiment later’ (, accessed 9-4-2020) expressed the following […]

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