May 2023

Husband forfeits the patrimonial benefits of the accrual system after showing no regard for his role as a husband

M v M (GP) (unreported case no 56859/2021; 26859/2021, 21-2-2023) (Swanepoel J) In a case of M v M, the Gauteng Division of the High Court in Pretoria looked at […]

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New legislation – May 2023

Legislation published from 3 March – 24 March 2023 By Shanay Sewbalas and Johara Ally   Acts Customs and Excise Act 91 of 1964 Imposition of Provisional Payment (PP/168). GN […]

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Employment law update – Employee seeking to ‘dodge’ retirement by taking leave that extended beyond her retirement age

In Mocwaledi v Premier of the Northern Cape Province [2023] 3 BLLR 254 (LC), the employee, after 32 years of service with the Department, attained the age of 65 years […]

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Employment law update – Reinstatement – not an option

Toyota SA Motors (Pty) Ltd v CCMA and Others (LAC) (unreported case no DA6/2021, 14-2-2023) (Waglay JP, Kathree-Setiloane and Savage AJJA concurring) The third respondent’s member, Mr Thwala, commenced his […]

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Recent articles and research – May 2023

Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue AMTJ African Multidisciplinary Tax Journal Juta (2022) JACL Journal of Anti-Corruption Law University of the Western Cape, Faculty of Law (2023) 6.1 (2023) 6.2 LitNet LitNet […]

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The state of the Labour Court and the need for interventions to improve its performance

With 1 May being workers’ day, it is important to assess the health of the Labour Court (LC), an institution that sits at the nerve centre of South Africa’s labour […]

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