September 2023

Employment law update – Is a referral to conciliation always a prerequisite to adjudication?

National Union of Metal Workers of South Africa obo members v SAA Technical (Pty) Ltd (LC) (unreported case no JS30/2022, 31-5-2023) (Prinsloo J). Sections 189A(7) and 191(11) of the Labour […]

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Recent articles and research – September 2023

          Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue SAJBL South African Journal of Bioethics and Law South African Medical Association NPC (2022) 15.2 (2022) 15.3 (2023) 16.1 SAJHR South […]

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Possible alternative legislative provisions that might assist during the enforcement of maintenance orders

Section 26(1)(a) of the Maintenance Act 99 of 1998 provides that whenever any person against whom any maintenance order has been made has failed to make any particular payment in […]

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Academic record and certificate retention for outstanding fees: A national shame

By Sabelo Bongani Ndlovu The practice of withholding certificates as an inducement to settle student debt is a thorny topic. We are all aware of the crisis; let us not […]

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Fast Low-Cost Arbitration

By Judge Ezra Goldstein The arbitration agreement reads: ‘The parties appoint A as arbitrator to decide the dispute arising out of the sale of X’s property in Waverley, Johannesburg to […]

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