Legal Practitioner Coaching Corner

Tips to CV writing

By Rozaan Roberts  Your CV is usually your only chance of landing a preferred job by a top employer. Within this, you stand a chance of not even being invited […]

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Are you a ‘professional’ legal practitioner?

By Emmie de Kock Do you like family photos that include at least three generations? Is it not interesting to see how different your grandfather is dressed from your father? […]

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Are you building a law firm for the future?

By Emmie de Kock The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys’ is a supposed 1879 quotation from Sir William Preece, […]

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Is work-life balance possible for legal practitioners?

By Emmie de Kock Have you wondered why it is called ‘work-life balance’? A scale only balances if objects with the same weight are placed on both sides. Considering that […]

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Do you have a legal practitioner personality?

By Emmie de Kock Have you heard the joke of the legal practitioner who visits his cardiologist for his annual checkup? Waiting anxiously for his results, the cardiologist chuckles and […]

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Large law firms v small law firms

By Emmie de Kock If you are looking for a romantic partner, you usually have a list of criteria with the qualities you want the person to have. Such a […]

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Whether to invest in junior attorneys or not?

By Emmie de Kock I once heard the Chief Financial Officer ask the Chief Executive Officer (CEO): ‘What if we invest in our employees and they leave?’ The CEO replied: […]

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Are you ready to start your own law firm?

By Emmie de Kock So you are a well-rounded attorney, running your own matters, managing your own support staff and clients. Perhaps you are waiting to be promoted, but it […]

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