De Rebus Digital is on the rise

September 1st, 2013

By Kathleen Kriel

In December 2009, De Rebus launched De Rebus Digital as a trial run. In the article ‘De Rebus Digital in action’ (2009 (Oct) DR 10) we reported on statistics on the readers, however, the latest analysis by the Digital Publications website shows that De Rebus Digital’s readership is growing.

Analysis from 20 June 2013 to 29 July 2013 shows that our unique visits have grown to 3 570 and our page views for the month was 162 325.

Over 16% of visitors to the De Rebus Digital site view pages for over 15 minutes and most of our readers access De Rebus Digital through the monthly mailer that we send out.

Visits to De Rebus Digital come from 38 countries. South African readers top the list with 2 792 and the United Kingdom follows with 965. Namibia is top of the African countries with 52 readers and Botswana with 10 readers; there are also readers from Australia, Brazil, Japan, Ireland and India.

The recent issue was downloaded as a PDF document by 354 people and 12 of our readers have forwarded the journal to their friends.

Readers can find archived issues of De Rebus Digital from December 2009 on the De Rebus website at

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Kathleen Kriel,

 This article was first published in De Rebus in 2013 (Sept) DR 11.