Eversheds and FR Pandelani Inc: Taking the LSSA Synergy Link to new levels

May 1st, 2015

By Barbara Whittle

In September 2013, Eversheds embraced the call to be part of the Law Society of South Africa’s (LSSA) Synergy Link empowerment initiative to transfer skills and expertise by linking up with Johannesburg law firm FR Pandelani Inc.

‘Since then, the relationship between the firms has grown from strength to strength where opportunities for mentorship, skills transfer and networking engagements have been grasped and capitalised upon. The firms have recognised the importance of marrying their respective strengths in order to achieve the goals established by the LSSA,’ said Peter van Niekerk, managing partner of Eversheds.

He added: ‘Despite the initiatives being targeted at an individual development level, we have combined each firm’s respective strengths to pursue joint ventures. We believe this will provide opportunities for all attorneys involved by creating access to a wide range of specialised legal resources.’

Although the ultimate purpose of the Synergy Link initiative is for the transfer of skills and expertise, Eversheds has taken the relationship one step further. In June 2014, the offices of FR Pandelani were destroyed by a fire and Eversheds promptly made office space available in their Sandton branch to accommodate FR Pandelani’s staff and facilitate their continued availability to their clients. This unfortunate incident, however, had the fortunate spin-off of the attorneys from both sides working side by side.

‘Eversheds opened their doors and made their resources available when most required. We were able to sustain client relations and directly access the wealth of information available at Eversheds. This Synergy Link has better equipped us to service our clients and we look forward to sustaining this relationship for a long time to come,’ said Fhedzisani Pandelani, managing partner of FR Pandelani.

In addition to the continued transfer of knowledge and expertise, Mr Pandelani has recently been appointed as a non-executive director of Eversheds. The Synergy Link has undoubtedly been a success as it has provided an opportunity for both firms to grow under a relationship that continues to flourish.

Compiled by Barbara Whittle, communication manager, Law Society of South Africa, barbara@lssa.org.za

This article was first published in De Rebus in 2015 (May) DR 21.

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