FAMAC executive committee

June 1st, 2012

FAMAC’s trained mediators work together with divorcing or separating couples; their role being to reduce conflict by helping the couple to consider the issues that need to be settled and the various options that may be available to them to facilitate reaching agreement. They help couples work towards financial settlements and focus on the needs of the children, encouraging parental cooperation wherever possible.

Pictured are the newly elected executive committee of the Family Mediators’ Association of the Cape (FAMAC).

From left to right: John Day, Sunel Beeselaar, Janine Myburgh, Astrid Martalas, Craig Schneider, Sandra Hitchcock and Martin Yodaiken.

Absent: Ilana Edelstein, Hannelie Lombard and Juan Coetzee.

This article was first published in De Rebus in 2012 (June) DR 12.

De Rebus