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May 1st, 2024

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Why should the youth take part in voting in the 2024 South African elections?

The desire of youth inclusion in South African politics has shaped and continues to shape the political landscape of the nation. Given that young people in Africa are recognised for their innovative ideas and creative abilities, it is nonetheless crucial that they have access to opportunities for socio-economic development and political participation.

As the next generation, we acknowledge the historical background, which saw a struggle against imperialism, colonialism, and apartheid, and as a result thereof, it is our responsibility as the next generation to remember the sacrifices made by our forebearers and make sure that their struggle for a just and democratic society was not in vain. We can make our views known and actively contribute to determining the destiny of our nation by registering to vote.

Why should the youth take charge of voting?

In the South African context, votes from the youth can guarantee that leaders represent a variety of perspectives and can also impact how young people are reflected in leadership positions. Young people provide fresh perspectives, energy, and inventiveness to the political process. Their unique experiences in many public sectors, such as the higher education sector, and their objectives can transform and revitalise the political landscape. Young people make up a sizable portion of the populace. Their collective voice can radically change the outcome of an election by holding those in charge responsible.

Voting affects how taxes are spent, because the government sets priorities, and young people who pay their taxes have a figurative voice in how their money is spent. The opinions of young people matter. Young people’s active involvement can revive democratic values and put an end to authoritarian actions. Young people are likely to lead demonstrations that have ousted authoritarian administrations in countries like our own.

Because of the youth’s persistent poverty, high unemployment rate, social inequality, and violence, their future is still unknown. These problems still impact young people’s personalities, sense of self, and the ability to appreciate and reap the benefits of democracy. Since young people are the main economic force behind every society, including them in political discourse is perfect for the participation of youth in South African politics. It is time to change South Africa into the nation that we aspire it to be.


Agreement Musa Mkhavele
LLB Final year student at
Nelson Mandela University.


­This article was first published in De Rebus in 2024 (May) DR 4.

De Rebus