Limpopo High Court launched

June 1st, 2016

By Nomfundo Manyathi-Jele

The Limpopo Division of the High Court in Polokwane is now operational. It was launched on 25 January. Judge Ephraim Mampuru Makgoba is Judge President of the division, which was proclaimed on 15 January.

The new Limpopo High Court in Polokwane. Photo credit – Advenga Inc.

The new Limpopo High Court in Polokwane. Photo credit – Advenga Inc.

The High Court Building in Polokwane has two blocks; block A is the actual High Court building with six criminal courts and 11 civil courts, while block B houses offices of the State Attorney, National Prosecuting Authority, Master of the High Court, Legal Aid South Africa, the Family Advocate and the office of the Chief Justice’s provincial centre.

The opening of the Limpopo High Court also saw the launch of the Polokwane Society of Advocates (also known as the Polokwane Bar Association (PBA)), which is affiliated to the General Council of the Bar of South Africa. Its chairperson is advocate William Mokhari SC.

At the launch of the PBA, Mr Mokhari, who gave the keynote address, said the PBA is a non-racial Bar association. He said the establishment of the Bar, was a culmination of a desire by some advocates who said that given that the province now has a High Court, it must have a respectable Bar established in the province.

Addressing the attorneys present at the launch, he said: ‘… this occasion represents the beginning of a partnership that must last for a very long time. Partnership between you and the advocates that you brief in terms of the structure of our profession, the ethical rules that advocates will not take instructions directly from a lay client.   And you remain a bridge between the advocate and the client, but you also remain an important pillar to the advocates’ ability to execute their briefs with the abilities that they may have, your presence here should also serve to interact with the advocates and start building relationships.’ He added: ‘… to ordinary men and women of this province, rich or poor, I say that here we are, we have come to this province to bring to you the best legal practice at your doorstep.  Our members will execute the briefs they get irrespective of from who or where they come from, because their ethical duty is to represent their clients with the best intellectual capabilities they have.  Our members remain independent and independent minded but they also understand that their independence must be guided by the ethical rules of the profession.’

The office of the Polokwane Society of Advocates in Polokwane. Photo credit – Advenga Inc.

The office of the Polokwane Society of Advocates in Polokwane. Photo credit – Advenga Inc.

Mr Mokhari warned the advocates that Limpopo was different to Johannesburg as Limpopo was largely rural. ‘Here we are going to be confronted with people who largely come from rural areas, be patient with them, understand that they do not have the money and this is all because of historical settings of our country; give them justice in accordance with your ethical principles that those who cannot afford, still deserve to be  represented by you … This is a commitment that I would like the members of this Bar to make because if they do not do it that way, the formation and existence of this Bar is worthless,’ he said.

The High Court is situated at 36 Biccard Street in Polokwane.


Nomfundo Manyathi-Jele NDip Journ (DUT) BTech Journ (TUT) is the news editor at De Rebus.

 This article was first published in De Rebus in 2016 (June) DR 18.

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