LPC will not issue permits to legal practitioners who are not registered on the roll

April 14th, 2020

By Kgomotso Ramotsho

The Legal Practice Council (LPC) has issued a statement noting that the Directions issued in terms of reg 10 of the Regulations under the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002, requires legal practitioners to obtain essential service permits from the Director of their relevant Provincial Council. However, the LPC has stated that it will not be able to issue permits to legal practitioners who are not on the roll (database) maintained by the LPC.

The legal practitioners’ roll (consisting of attorneys and advocates) is available on the LPC website under the ‘Search Practitioners’ tab. The LPC is, therefore, encouraging practitioners who are not enrolled with the LPC to do so.

The LPC added that the enrolment forms and required information are available on the LPC website at www.lpc.org.za. LPC officials are working remotely to assist with the registrations and will be able to assist legal practitioners with their inquiries.

Kgomotso Ramotsho Cert Journ (Boston) Cert Photography (Vega) is the news reporter at De Rebus.

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