Recent articles and research – November 2018

November 1st, 2018

By Meryl Federl

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
Advocate Advocate General Council of the Bar of South Africa (2018) 31.2 August
CILSA Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa Juta (2018) 51.1

Law, Democracy and Development


University of the Western Cape Faculty of Law (2018) 22
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law

(2018) 21 August

(2018) 21 September

SACJ South African Journal of Criminal Justice Juta (2018) 31.1
PLD Property Law Digest LexisNexis

(2018) 22.3 June

(2018) 22.3 September

SAJELP South African Journal of Environmental Law and Policy Juta (2017) 23.1
SAPL  Southern African Public Law Unisa (2017) 32.1 and 2

Children’s rights

Mavunga, RA ‘The prohibition of child slavery in South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe: Overcoming the challenges of implementation of legislation’ (2018) 51.1 CILSA 19.

Constitutional law

Bronstein, V ‘Justice Ngcobo’s rich legacy at the intersection of federalism and democracy’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL. 

Brundige, E ‘Adjudicating the right to participate in the law-making process: A tribute to retired Chief Justice Ngcobo’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL. 

Calland, R ‘Sandile Ngcobo: A short study in judicial leadership’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL. 

Du Plessis, M; Coutsoudis, A and Thobela-Mkhulisi, JFalls the shadow: The role of our courts and other institutions in the ongoing struggle for democracy’ (2018) 31.2 August Advocate 22.

Dube, A and Nhlabatsi, SThe (Mis)application of the limitation analysis in Maseko and Others v Prime Minister of Swaziland and Others’ (2018) 22 LDD 12.

Dyani-Mhango, N ‘Reflecting on former Chief Justice Ngcobo’s approach to gender equality: Revisiting the Jordan and Volks judgments’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL. 

Hurter, E ‘Class action settlements: Issues and the importance of judicial oversight’ (2018) 51.1 CILSA 97.

Klaaren, J ‘Towards republican citizenship: A reflection on the jurisprudence of former Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL. 

Klaaren, JMy vote counts and the transparency of political party funding in South Africa’ (2018) 22 LDD 1.

Mafukidze, TA coup de Grace?’ (2018) 31.2 August Advocate 31.

Marcus, G and du Plessis, M ‘The importance of process and substance’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL. 

Mhango, M ‘Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo’s separation of powers jurisprudence’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL.

Motala, Z ‘Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and activism in South Africa lessons for democracy: The contribution of Justice Sandile Ngcobo’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL. 

Mpya, M and Ntlama, N ‘Justice Sandile Ngcobo and the judicial reinforcement of intergovernmental relations in South Africa’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL. 

Okpaluba, C ‘Developing the jurisprudence of constitutional remedies for breach of Fundamental Rights in South Africa: An analysis of Hoffman and related cases’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL. 

Sachs, A ‘Recalibrator of axioms: A tribute to Justice Sandile Ngcobo’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL.

Contract law

Golela, OThe constitutionalisation of the test for statutory illegality in South African contract law: Cool Ideas v Hubbard (2014) 4 SA 474 (CC)’ (2018) 21 August PER.

Criminal law

Budhram, T and Geldenhuys, N ‘Corruption in South Africa: The demise of a nation? New and improved strategies to combat corruption’ (2018) 31.1 SACJ 26.

Nkoane, P ‘Unpacking the laundry machine: Why are debt instruments easy laundry devices?’ (2018) 31.1 SACJ 84.

Pienaar, L ‘The unfit accused in the South African criminal justice system: From automatic detention to unconditional release’ (2018) 31.1 SACJ 58.

Customary law

Himonga, C ‘Reflection on Bhe v Magistrate Khayelitsha: In honour of Emeritus Justice Ngcobo of the Constitutional Court of South Africa’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL.

Ndulo, MB ‘Legal pluralism, customary law and women’s rights’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL. 

Environmental law

Coetzee, L and Couzens, E ‘Keeping the rhino (debate) alive: Swaziland’s proposal at CITES CoP17 in 2016’ (2017) 23.1 SAJELP 217.

Ghebretekle, TB ‘Challenges and strategies in the regulation of industrial pollution in Ethiopia: An overview’ (2017) 23.1 SAJELP 74.

Liu, B ‘Regulation of Chinese infrastructure companies’ environmental and social impacts in host countries overseas: A study of the Chinese-built standard gauge railway project in Kenya’ (2017) 23.1 SAJELP 101.

Paterson, A ‘Protected areas law, mining and the principle of non-regression – a South African perspective’ (2017) 23.1 SAJELP 142.

Freedom of expression

Du Plessis, M ‘Narratives of past and present, freedom of expression and recognition – Justice Ngcobo’s judgment in Citizen 187 (Pty) Ltd v McBride’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL.  

Human rights

Juma, L ‘Protection of internally displaced persons in Kenya under the Prevention, Protection and Assistance to Internally Displaced Persons and Affected Communities Act of 2012: An appraisal’ (2018) 51.1 CILSA 44.

International criminal law

Van der Vyver, JD ‘Deferrals of investigations and prosecutions in the International Criminal Court’ (2018) 51.1 CILSA 1.


Nkhata, MJ ‘Spotlight on the guardians of the gatekeepers: An assessment of the judicial service commission of Malawi’ (2018) 51.1 CILSA 66.

Rabkin, FA reflection on freedom and judicial accountability’ (2018) 31.2 August Advocate 57.

Labour law

Budeli-Nemakonde, M ‘Organisational rights for minority trade unions: A reflection on Ngcobo J’s judgment in NUMSA v Bader Bop (Pty) Ltd (2003) 24 ILJ 305 (CC)’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL. 

Maimela, CThe reasonable accommodation of employees with cancer and their right to privacy in the workplace’ (2018) 21 August PER.

Nkoane, PTime for the tide to change for rules of engagement in labour law: A proposal for effective wage dispute resolution’ (2018) 22 LDD 48.

Prinsloo, M and Huysamen, ECultural and religious diversity: Are they effectively accommodated in the South African workplace?’ (2018) 22 LDD 26.

Law of evidence

Hlahane, DWhen scientists become lawyers – the problem of adversary science’ (2018) 31.2 August Advocate 39.

Visser JM and Kruger, U ‘Revisiting admissibility: A review of the challenges in judicial evaluation of expert scientific evidence’ (2018) 31.1 SACJ 1.

Law of trusts

Muir, A ‘Using the South African Law of Trusts to predict some features of the nascent South African public trust doctrine’ (2017) 23.1 SAJELP 5.

Legal ethics

Sutherland, RNavigating innovations in the new Code of Conduct for legal practitioners’ (2018) 31.2 August Advocate 35.

Legal profession

Khoza, MJFormal regulation of third party litigation funding agreements? A South African perspective’ (2018) 21 August PER.

Weiner, STransformation in the profession: The gender battle’ (2018) 31.2 August Advocate 46.

Medical law

Njotini, MNPreserving the integrity of medical-related information – how “informed” is consent?’ (2018) 21 September PER.

Private international law

Fredericks, EA ‘Contractual capacity in private international law: The Lizardi rule in the Far East’ (2018) 51.1 CILSA 116.

Property law

Botha, M ‘Fleshing out the role of the executive managing agent in sectional title schemes’ (2018) 22.3 September PLD.

Botha, M ‘Penalties charged for early termination of a lease in terms of CPA: Is section 14 being applied correctly?’ (2018) 22.3 June PLD.

Dugard, JModderklip revisited: Can courts compel the state to expropriate property where the eviction of unlawful occupiers is not just and equitable?’ (2018) 21 August PER.

Graham, W ‘Fining a member of a sectional title scheme’ (2018) 22.3 September PLD.

Hamers, J and Robertson, D ‘The effect of the CPA on cancelling a residential lease’ (2018) 22.3 June PLD.

Mohamed, SI ‘Rulings of the Rental Housing Tribunal’ (2018) 22.3 September PLD.

Walus, G ‘The use and abstraction of groundwater in Cape Town’ (2018) 22.3 June PLD.

Public procurement

Anthony, AThe use of e-procurement in South African public procurement law: Challenges and prospects’ (2018) 22 LDD 39.

Religious freedom

Nwauche, E ‘The religious question and the South African Constitutional Court: Justice Ngcobo in Prince and De Lange’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL.

Socio-economic rights

Tshoose, IC ‘The role of public participation viewed in the context of adjudicating socio-economic rights’ (2017) 32.1 and 2 SAPL.  

Trade law

Lim Tung, OJAfrican Organic Product Standards for the African Continent? Prospects and Limitations’ (2018) 21 August PER.

Water law

Cooper, NJ ‘Grassroots responses to water poverty, and the limitations of a right to water in South Africa and Malawi’ (2017) 23.1 SAJELP 31.

Viljoen, G ‘A note on licences as property: Some implications for the South African water regulatory regime’ (2017) 23.1 SAJELP 195.

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