Recent articles and research – April 2018

April 1st, 2018

By Meryl Federl

Accessing articles from publishers

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
CILSA Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa Institute of Foreign and Comparative Law (2017) 50.1
DJ De Jure University of Pretoria (2017) 50.2
EL Employment law LexisNexis (2018) 34.1
ILJ Industrial Law Journal Juta (2018) 39
Litnet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaans Onderwys (2018) 15.1 February
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law

(2018) 21 January

(2018) 21 February

THRHR Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg LexisNexis (2018) 81.1
TSAR Tydskrif vir Suid Afrikaanse Reg Juta (2018) 1

Academic publishing

Carnelley, MIn search of the perceived quality and impact of accredited South African Law Journals: Exploring the possibility of a ranking system. A baseline study: 2009 – 2014’ (2018) 21 January PER.

Alternative dispute resolution

De Vos, W Le R and Broodryk, T ‘Managerial judging and alternative dispute resolution in Australia: An example for South Africa to emulate? (Part 2)’ (2018) 1 TSAR 18.

Banking law

FR Malan, CJ Nagel and JT Pretorius ‘Operational aspects of the National Payment System Act 78 of 1998’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 1.

Child law

Couzens, MLe Roux v Dey and Children’s rights approaches to judging’ (2018) 21 January PER.

Company law

Esser, IM and Delport, PThe protection of stakeholders: The South African social and ethics committee and the United Kingdom’s enlightened shareholder value approach: Part 2’ (2017) 50.2 DJ 221.

Levenstein, EThe Kariba case – the watering down of the binding offer in South African business rescue proceedings’ (2017) 50.2 DJ 241.

Constitutional law

Wanki, JN ‘The value of participation and legitimacy in the constitution-making processes of post-independence Cameroon and post-Apartheid South Africa’ (2017) 50.1 CILSA 109.

Consumer law

Emaus, JM ‘Facing the powerful non-state actor in consumer law. A multidisciplinary analysis of the legal responsibility of financial services providers in relation to consumers’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 15.

Contract law

Hawthorne, L ‘The development clause section 39(2) of the Constitution and the law of contract’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 108.

Copyright law

Alberts, W ‘A brief overview of trade dress protection under American law, and a South African case study’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 95.

Kelbrick, R ‘Confused about confusion: Is there still a distinction between primary and extended trade mark infringement?’  (2017) 50.1 CILSA 1.

Credit law

Otto, JM ‘Registrasie van kredietgewer vir sluiting van eenmalige kredietooreenkoms – Potgieter v Olivier’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 161.

Criminal law

Naudé, B ‘The limits of police deception in obtaining a confession from a suspect who is neither arrested nor detained: The Canadian Supreme Court leads the way’ (2017) 50.1 CILSA 22.

Neethling, J and Potgieter, JM ‘Accusation of shoplifting: Actionable defamation or iniuria? –Pieterse v Clicks Group Ltd’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 141.


Buthelezi, MCJ v J 2016 ZAKZDHC 33 (unreported)’ (2017) 50.2 DJ 406.


Pauw, P ‘Alternative relief in delictual claims – a step in the right direction’ (2018) 81.1 TSAR 176.

Environmental law

Chauhan, R ‘The constitutional and statutory obligations of private companies regarding requests for access to information’ (2018) 1 TSAR 197.

Calzadilla, PVHuman rights and the new sustainable mechanism of the Paris Agreement: A new opportunity to promote climate justice’ (2018) 21 February PER.

Knobel, JCThe Harpy Eagle and the Amazon rainforest in Brazilian federal law – thoughts on environmental law and the conservation of birds of prey and their habitat’ (2017) 50.2 DJ 204.

Paterson, AMaintaining the ecological flows of Estuaries: A critical reflection on the application and interpretation of the relevant legal framework through the lens of the Klein River Estuary’ (2018) 21 January PER.

Family law

Louw, AS ‘Considering the continued viability of adoption as a form of substitute parental care for children’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 26.

De Jong, M ‘Suggestions for a divorce process truly in the best interests of children (1)’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 48.

Health law

Ndou, MM ‘A comparative discussion of the regulation of Mental Health Review Boards in South Africa and the Mental Health Review Tribunal in the United Kingdom’ (2017) 50.1 CILSA 56.

Slabbert, MSolid organs transplanted from HIV-positive dead donors to HIV-negative recipients: Should it be allowed?’ (2017) 50.2 DJ 363.

Slabbert, M ‘The law as an obstacle in solid organ donations and trans-plantations’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 70.

Human rights

Adeola, R ‘Boko Haram-induced displacement: A critique of Nigeria’s implementation of the African Union Internally Displaced Persons Convention’ (2017) 50.1 CILSA 41.

Jordaan, DWThe open society: What does it really mean?’ (2017) 50.2 DJ 396.

Maseko, TWAn assessment of the realisation of inmates’ right to adequate medical treatment since the adoption of the South African Constitution in 1996’ (2017) 50.2 DJ 263.

Roux, M ‘Obstacles to the prevention of gross human rights violations’ (2018) 1 TSAR 106.

Venter, R ‘The role of freedom of expression in a democratic system (part 1)’ (2018) 1 TSAR 52.

Insurance law

Kilian, CG and Snyman Van-Deventer, ETo replace the Friendly Society Act 25 of 1956 with the proposed Insurance Bill 2015; a new perspective on society members’ benefits in exchange for a premium’  (2017) 50.2 DJ 281.

International trade law

Ekeke, ACThe potential effect of the economic partnership agreements between EU and Africa on article 22 of the African Charter’ (2017) 50.2 DJ 303.

Judicial review

Rautenbach, IM ‘Rationality standards of constitutional judicial review and the risk of judicial overreach’ (2018) 1 TSAR 1.


Ndima, DD ‘The anatomy of African jurisprudence: A basis for understanding the African socio-legal and political cosmology’ (2017) 50.1 CILSA 84.

Labour law

Bassuday, K ‘Dispute resolution mechanisms in employment contracts – when should the Labour Court intervene? SA Football Players Union & Others v Free State Stars Football Club (Pty) Ltd (2017) 38 ILJ 1111 (LAC)’ (2018) 39 ILJ 97.

Ebrahim, S ‘Equal pay in terms of the Employment Equity Act: Is geographical location a ground of discrimination or a ground justifying pay differentiation? – Duma v Minister of Correctional Services’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 134.

Geldenhuys, J’n Oorweging van verskeie aspekte rakende die prerogatief om werknemers nie te bevorder nie’ (2018)15.1 February LitNet.

Godfrey, S and Jacobs, M ‘The national minimum wage: How best to align it with the existing labour regulatory framework’ (2018) 39 ILJ 1.

Grogan, J ‘Arbitrary grounds: A third category of discrimination?’ (2018) 34.1 EL.

Grogan, J ‘Calling a spade a spade: Are racial descriptions necessarily racist?’ (2018) 34.1 EL.

Grogan, J ‘Derivative conduct: Drawing in the net’ (2018) 34.1 EL.

Kujinga, T and van Eck, S ‘Large-scale operational requirements dismissals: How effective are the remedies? A discussion of Steenkamp & Others v Edcon Ltd (National Union of Metalworkers of SA intervening) (2016) 37 ILJ 564 (CC)’ (2018) 39 ILJ 76.

Nxumalo, L ‘Conditional offer of employment: Lessons from Nogcantsi v Mnquma Local Municipality & Others (2017) 38 ILJ 595 (LAC)’ (2018) 39 ILJ 89.

Poppesqou, T ‘The sounds of silence: The evolution of the concept of derivative misconduct and the role of inferences’ (2018) 39 ILJ 34.

Salahuddin, A ‘Rana plaza tragedy: Who is to blame?’ (2018) 39 ILJ 51.

Law of succession

Schoeman-Malan, LComparative analysis of commorientes – a South African perspective: Part 1’ (2017) 50.2 DJ 378.

Smith, B ‘Have we read Volks wrong all along? – Laubscher v Duplan’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 149.

Zitzke, E ‘“Constitutionally wanting” reasoning in the law of intestate succession: A critique of categorical objectivism, the achievement of inequality, and a jurisprudence of pride’ (2018) 1 TSAR 182.

Legal education

Crocker, ADFacing the challenge of improving the legal writing skills of educationally disadvantaged law students in a South African Law School’ (2018) 21 February PER.

Gravett, WHPericles should learn to fix a leaky pipe – why trial advocacy should become part of the LLB curriculum (part 1)’ (2018) 21 February PER.

Gravett WHPericles should learn to fix a leaky pipe – why trial advocacy should become part of the LLB curriculum (part 2)’ (2018) 21 February PER.

Local government

Fuo, OIntrusion into the autonomy of South African local government: Advancing the minority judgment in the Merafong City case’ (2017) 50.2 DJ 324.

Pension law

Marumoagae, MC ‘Addressing the challenge of withdrawal of lump sum retirement benefits payments in South Africa: Lessons from Australia’ (2017) 50.1 CILSA 129.


Watney, M ‘Assessment of the South African parole system (part 2)’ (2018) 1 TSAR 88.

Property law

Scott, J ‘The precarious position of a land owner vis-à-vis unlawful occupiers: Common-law remedies to the rescue?’ (2018) 81.1 TSAR 158.

Slade, VBThe “law of general application” requirement in expropriation law and the impact of the Expropriation Bill of 2015’ (2017) 50.2 DJ 346.

Sonnekus, JC ‘(On)geregistreerde diensbaarheid van pypleiding en tóg die reg tot sloping van onskuldige eienaars se wonings?’ (2018) 1 TSAR 213.

Sonnekus, JC ‘Vervalbeding as beperkende voorwaarde by koop van grond, verjaring en regsdwalings oor kenmerke van saaklike regte’ (2018) 81.1 TSAR 134.

Van der Merwe, CG ‘Comparative survey of the legal challenges faced by mixed-use sectional title (condominium) developments’ (2018) 1 TSAR 36.

Tax law

Fritz, C ‘Third party appointments by SARS – A look into the future’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 85.

Van Zyl, SP ‘The time is ripe to reconsider the pay-now-argue-later principle – Vuyisile Zamindlela Nondabula v Commissioner: South African Revenue Service’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 168.

Transport law

De Villiers, WP ‘Notes about the application of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences Act 46 of 1998’ (2018) 81.1 THRHR 120.

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