Recent articles and research – April 2019

April 1st, 2019

By Meryl Federl

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Please note that the below abbreviations are to be found in italics at the end of the title of articles and are there to give reference to the title of the journal the article is published in. To access the article, please contact the publisher directly. Where articles are available on an open access platform, articles will be hyperlinked on the De Rebus website at


Abbreviations Title Publisher Volume/Issue
JJS Journal for Juridical Science Free State University, Faculty of Law (2018) 43.2
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2019) 22
SAJHR South African Journal on Human Rights Taylor & Francis (2018) 34. 3
SAPL Southern African Public Law University of South Africa Press (2018) 33.2
TSAR Tydskrif vir Suid-Afrikaanse Reg Juta (2019) 1
THRHR Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeinse-Hollandse Reg LexisNexis (2019) 82.1


Wethmar-Lemmer, M and Schoeman, E ‘The International Arbitration Act 15 of 2017: Impetus for developments on the cross-border commercial front’ (2019) 1 TSAR 127.

Banking law

Nagel, CJ ‘Die regsverhouding tussen “posspaarbank” en kliënt en die verjaring van deposito’s’ (2019) 1 TSAR 167.

Child law

Boniface, A and Rosenberg, W ‘The challenges in relation to undocumented abandoned children in South Africa’ (2019) 1 TSAR 41.

Company law

Gerber, G and Van Eck, BPS ‘Interpretation of “fronting practice” in terms of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003 – Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa v Swifambo (Pty) Ltd 2017 (6) SA 223 (GJ)’ (2019) 82.1 THRHR 156.

Madlela, VThe appointment of a proxy “At Any Time” in terms of section 58 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008: Richard Du Plessis Barry v Clearwater Estates NPC [2017] ZASCA 11’ (2019) 22 January PER.

Stevens, R ‘Kuwait Asia Bank EC v National Mutual Life Nominees Ltd revisited: The possible vicarious liability of a holding company for the delicts caused by its nominee directors on the board of its subsidiary’ (2019) 1 TSAR 78.

Constitutional law

Albertyn, C ‘Contested substantive equality in the South African Constitution: Beyond social inclusion towards systemic justice’ (2018) 34.3 SAJHR 441.

Cachalia, F ‘Democratic constitutionalism in the time of the post-colony: Beyond triumph and betrayal’ (2018) 34.3 SAJHR 375.

Davis, DM ‘Is the South African Constitution an obstacle to a democratic post-colonial state?’ (2018) 34.3 SAJHR 359.

Hassim, S ‘Decolonising equality: The radical roots of the gender equality clause in the South African Constitution’ (2018) 34.3 SAJHR 342.

Modiri, JM ‘Conquest and constitutionalism: First thoughts on an alternative jurisprudence’ (2018) 34.3 SAJHR 300.

Ndumiso, D ‘The liberation of history and the end of South Africa: Some notes towards an Azanian historiography in Africa’ (2018) 34.3 SAJHR 415.

Ramose, MB ‘Towards a post-conquest South Africa: Beyond the Constitution of 1996’ (2018) 34.3 SAJHR 326.

Rautenbach, IM ‘Die kweek, besit en gebruik van dagga: Die verhouding tussen die reg op privaatheid en ander handvesregte’ (2019) 1 TSAR 138.

Wanki, JN ‘Convergence or divergence in text and context? Reflections on constitutional preambles in the Constitution-making exercises of post-independence Cameroon and post-Apartheid South Africa’ (2018) 33.2 SAPL.

Webster, A ‘On conquest and anthropology’ (2018) 34.3 SAJHR 398.

Consumer law

Barnard, J ‘“For whom the bell tolls”: The application of section 14 of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 to residential lease agreements – Transcend Residential Property Fund Limited v Mati 2018 (4) SA 515 (WCC)’ (2019) 82.1 THRHR 164.

Criminal law

Hlongwane, P ‘The anti-corruption institutions in South Africa: A panacea to governance ills?’ (2018) 33.2 SAPL.


Ahmed, R ‘The origins of the recent new approach to determining wrongfulness in the South African law of delict’ (2019) 82.1 THRHR 136.

Scott, J ‘Intentional delicts of police officers: The majority of the Constitutional Court fails to come to the table’ (2019) 1 TSAR 150.

Education Law

Beckmann, JL ‘Competent educators in every class: The law and the provision of educators’ (2018) 43.2 JJS 1.

De Freitas, SA and du Plessis, GA ‘Organisasie vir Godsdienste-Onderrig en Demokrasie v Laerskool Randhart et al: The right to freedom of religion, diversity and the public school’ (2018) 43.2 JJS 32.

Jacobs, L and de Wet, C ‘The complexity of teacher-targeted workplace bullying: An analysis for policy’ (2018) 43.2 JJS 53.

Reyneke, R ‘The role of school social workers in giving effect to children’s right to education: A legal perspective’ (2018) 43.2 JJS 79.

Rossouw, JP and Mong, E ‘Educator professional security in public schools over the past decade: A meta-synthesis’ (2018) 43.2 JJS 109.

Human rights

Du Toit, M ‘Bringing Freire to socio-economic rights: A pedagogy for meaningful engagement’ (2018) 33.2 SAPL.

Gumboh, E ‘The death penalty in Malawi: An assessment against regional and international human-rights standards’ (2018) 33.2 SAPL.

Insurance law

Huneberg, S ‘Insurance fraud and forfeiture clauses: Reaching a middle ground?’ (2019) 82.1 THRHR 102.

Intellectual property

Raath, AWG and Brits, PS ‘Outeursreg in tradisionele werk en inheemse kennis – implikasies van die tweede Wetsontwerp op beskerming, bevordering, ontwikkeling en bestuur van inheemse kennis (2016)’ (2019) 82.1 THRHR 120.

Insolvency law

Sonnekus, JC ‘Qui prior est tempore – reikwydte van die reël en die agterliggende motivering daarvoor’ (2019) 1 TSAR 108.

Labour law

Calitz, KSexual harassment: Why do victims so often resign? E v Ikwezi Municipality 2016 37 ILJ 1799 (ECG)’ (2019) 22 January PER.

Van Staden, MJ ‘The significance of legislation in the regulation of the employment relationship’ (2019) 82.1 THRHR 44.


Klug, H ‘Decolonisation, compensation and constitutionalism: Land, wealth and the sustainability of constitutionalism in post-Apartheid South Africa’ (2018) 34.3 SAJHR 469.

Legal profession

Myburgh, F ‘The in duplum rule(s) and attorneys’ fees’ (2019) 82.1 THRHR 30.

Local government law

Mathenjwa, M ‘The legal status of local government in South Africa under the new constitutional dispensation’ (2018) 33.2 SAPL.

Marriage law

Sonnekus, JC ‘Huweliksvoorwaardes met “skandelike” oogmerke – verrykingsregtelike implikasies en aanwasberekening’ (2019) 1 TSAR 178.

Medical law

Nienaber, A ‘Meaningful knowledge? Law and ethics in post-genomic gene therapy research’ (2019) 82.1 THRHR 1.

Pauw, P ‘Alternative relief in medical malpractice claims – further developments’ (2019) 1 TSAR 91.

Wessels, AB ‘The expansion of the state’s liability for harm arising from medical malpractice: Underlying reasons, deleterious consequences and potential reform’ (2019) 1 TSAR 1.

Mining law

Oluyeju, F and Tshiamo, K ‘The imperatives of beneficiation law for Botswana’s diamond-mining industry and their implications for foreign investment protection’ (2018) 33.2 SAPL.

Personality law

Neethling, J and Potgieter, JM ‘Die regsrelevansie van owerspel: Quo vadis?’ (2019) 1 TSAR 63.

Private law

Zitzke, E ‘A decolonial critique of private law and human rights’ (2018) 34.3 SAJHR 492.

Private international law

Fredericks, EA ‘Personal laws and contractual capacity in private international law’ (2019) 82.1 THRHR 69.

Property law

De Villiers, B ‘Short-term accommodation – when is a residence a “residence”? Recent developments Down Under in Airbnb-type operations and possible relevance to the South African short-term sectional title rental market’ (2019) 1 TSAR 97.

Refugee law

Juma, L ‘Protection of rights of urban refugees in Kenya: Revisiting Kituo Cha Sheria v The Attorney General’ (2018) 33.2 SAPL.

Succession law

Schoeman-Malan, MC ‘Assisting an ailing testator to sign a will’ (2019) 82.1 THRHR 83.


De Waal, MJ ‘Die soepelheid van die eiendomsbegrip in die trustreg’ (2019) 1 TSAR 25.

Unjustified enrichment

Seanego, KA ‘Unjustified enrichment claim for unauthorised extra work done: Which action to apply?’ (2019) 82.1 THRHR 147.

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