Recent articles and research – August 2018

August 1st, 2018

By Meryl Federl

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
Advocate Advocate General Council of the Bar of South Africa (2018) 31.1
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2018) 21 May
SJ Speculum Juris University of Fort Hare, Faculty of Law (2017) 31.1

Stellenbosch Law Review


Juta (2017) 28.3

Child law

Olaborede, A and Lumina, CThe normative complementarity of the African Children’s Charter and the African Women’s Protocol in the context of efforts to combat child marriage’ (2017) 31.1 SJ 41.

Civil procedure

Solik, GThe notice of motion and urgency. The crucible of junior practice’ (2018) 31.1 Advocate 42.

Company law

Nwafor, AO ‘Exploring the goal of business rescue through the lens of the South African Companies Act 71 of 2008’ (2017) 28.3 SLR 597.

Olivier, E ‘Section 19(5)(A) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008: Enter a positive doctrine of constructive notice?’ (2017) 28.3 SLR 614.

Phungula, SP ‘Proceedings over proceedings: How and when are liquidation proceedings suspended by an application for business rescue proceedings?’ (2017) 28.3 SLR 584.

Constitutional law

Suleman, MZ and Pudifin-Jones, SHow to spot a constitutional issue’ (2018) 31.1 Advocate 44.

Consumer protection

Mupangavanhu, Y and Van Huyssteen, LF ‘The statutory regulation of timeshare agreements in light of the need for greater consumer protection’ (2017) 28.3 SLR 657.

Criminal law

Carney, TRDisposing of bodies, semantically: Notes on the meaning of “disposal” in S v Molefe’ (2018) 21 May PER.


Okpaluba, C ‘Does “prosecution” in the law of malicious prosecution extend to malicious civil proceedings? A Commonwealth update (part 2)’ (2017) 28.3 SLR 564.

Dispute resolution

Nkosi-Thomas SC, L; Cane SC, J; and Dreyer, CCAJAC Conference Cape Town, November 2017’ (2018) 31.1 Advocate 46.

Education law

Mathenjwa, MThe realisation of the right to a basic education in the twenty years of constitutional democracy’ (2017) 31.1 SJ 4.

Human rights

Navsa, MS ‘Human rights and the rule of law – a bulwark against corruption and maladministration?’ (2017) 28.3 SLR 529.

Immigration law

Batchelor, BL and Chetty, NThe constraints of securing permanent residence in South Africa through a citizen child’ (2017) 31.1 SJ 96.

Ndhlovu, N and Omino, MThe Madzimbamuto judgment of the Zimbabwean Constitutional Court – a missed opportunity to eradicate citizenship by descent’ (2017) 31.1 SJ 121.

Intellectual property law

Ndlovu, L and Saurombe, APatient Rights vs Patent Rights: Access to medicines lessons for South Africa seventeen years after Doha’ (2017) 31.1 SJ 60.


Oxtoby, C and Masengu, T ‘Who nominates judges? Some issues underlying judicial appointments in South Africa’ (2017) 28.3 SLR 540.

Rabkin, FActing judges: When less is more’ (2018) 31.1 Advocate 51.

Legal education

Dzedze, LTime on their side? A review of the four year LLB as a tool for the transformation of the legal profession’ (2017) 31.1 SJ 107.

Van der Merwe, S ‘A case study in advocating for expanded clinical legal education: The University of Stellenbosch module’ (2017) 28.3 SLR 679.

Legal profession

Rickard, CEx Parte Moseneke in a post-truth society’ (2018) 31.1 Advocate 36.

Mining law

Muswaka, LAn analysis of the legislative framework concerning sustainable mining in South Africa’ (2017) 31.1 SJ 17.

Property law

Swanepoel, JH and Boggenpoel, ZZ ‘Intangible constitutional property: A comparative analysis’ (2017) 28.3 SLR 624.


Moosa, F ‘Taxation: Constitutionality of the Tax Administration Act 28 of 2011’ (2017) 28.3 SLR 638.

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