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August 1st, 2020

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Advocate Advocate General Council of the Bar (2020) 33.1
EL Employment Law Journal LexisNexis

(2020) 36.2

(2020) 36.3

ITJ Insurance and Tax Journal LexisNexis (2020) 35.2
JCCLP Journal of Corporate and Commercial Law and Practice Juta (2019) 5.2
JJS Journal for Juridical Science University of the Free State, Faculty of Law (2020) 45.1
LitNet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys

(2020) 17.1

(2020) 17.2

PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North-West University, Faculty of Law (2020) 23
PLD Property Law Digest LexisNexis (2020) 24.2
PSLR Pretoria Student Law Review Pretoria University Law Press (PULP) (2020) 14
SAJBL South African Journal of Bioethics and Law South African Medical Association NPC

(2019) 12.2

(2020) 13.1

SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2020) 137.2
SJ Speculum Juris University of Fort Hare (2019) 33.2
SLR Stellenbosch Law Review Juta (2020) 31.1
THRHR Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg LexisNexis (2020) 83.2
TSAR Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg Juta (2020) 2


Administrative law

Vos, W ‘Personal cost orders: Protecting the public purse’ (2020) 31.1. SLR 138.


Alternative dispute resolution

Hurter, E ‘The shift from formal civil dispute resolution towards mandatory mediation – a cause for concern?’ (2020) 2 TSAR 292.


Banking law – financial services

Chidede, T and Osode, PCClarifying the effect of debarment of representatives by financial services providers and related due process requirements: Financial Services Board v Barthram [2015] 3 All SA 665 (SCA)’ (2019) 33.2 SJ 118.

Kawadza, HThe exclusion of supervisory liability and the possible constitutional rights issues: A discussion of section 65 of the Financial Services Laws General Amendment Act 45 of 2013’ (2019) 33.2 SJ 99.


Bioethical research

Bedeker, A; Anderson, D; Lose, T; Mgwatyu, Y; Luus, R; Blignaut, R and Christoffels, AUnderstanding biobanking: An assessment of the public engagement speaking book intervention Biobanking and Me’ (2019) 12.2 SAJBL 87.

Ewuoso, C and Hall, SCore aspects of ubuntu: A systematic review’ (2019) 12.2 SAJBL 93.


Business Rescue

Cassim, MF ‘South African Airways makes an emergency landing into business rescue: Some burning issues’ (2020) 137.2 SALJ 201.


Company law

Marais, AJ ‘Misapplications of the South African common law “piercing of the corporate veil” doctrine’ (2020) 83.2 THRHR 217.

Mongalo, TH ‘A “fair and reasonable proposal” by the board may still amount to a breach of duty to exercise directors’ powers for a proper purpose’ (2019) 5.2 JCCLP 29.

Oaker, W ‘Unfettered discretion is paramount: The governance relationship between the private equity firm and the underlying portfolio investee company’ (2020) 31.1. SLR 158.

Olivier, EA ‘The Turquand rule in South African company law: A(nother) suggested solution’ (2019) 5.2 JCCLP 1.

Van der Linde, K and Thipanyane, T ‘The regulation of corporate funding of political parties and activities in South Africa: Towards transparency, accountability and good corporate governance’ (2020) 2 TSAR 271.


Constitutional law

Davis, DSocial justice and economic inclusion: Where to South Africa’ (2020) 33.1 Advocate 29.

Govender, K and Swanepoel, PThe powers of the Office of the Public Protector and the South African Human Rights Commission: A critical analysis of SABC v DA and EFF v Speaker of the National Assembly 2016 (3) SA 580 (CC)’ (2020) 23 PER.

Kroeze, IOnce more ubuntu: A reply to Radebe and Phooko’ (2020) 23 PER.

Laubscher, R ‘Overview of Constitutional Court judgments on the Bill of Rights – 2019’ (2020) 2 TSAR 308.

Nyatsanza, SUsing section 27 to open up the accessibility of smoking cessation health services in South Africa’ (2019) 12.2 SAJBL 57.

Watney, M ‘Freedom of expression and intimidation: Uneasy relationship or matter of interpretation?’ (2020) 2 TSAR 377.


Constitutional law – child law

Clark, B ‘“Why can’t I discipline my child properly?” Banning corporal punishment and its consequences’ (2020) 137.2 SALJ 335.

Lenta, P ‘Corporal punishment and the costs of judicial minimalism’ (2020) 137.2 SALJ 185.


Constitutional law – expropriation of land

Viljoen, S ‘Expropriation without compensation: Principled decision-making instead of arbitrariness in the land reform context (part 2)’ (2020) 2 TSAR 259.


Consumer law

Barnard, J ‘Suppliers, consumers and redress for defective vehicles – the reach of the National Consumer Tribunal: Tshehla v Aucamp Eiendoms Beleggings’ (2020) 137.2 SALJ 229.

Botha, F ‘The legal nature of performance reconsidered’ (2020) 137.2 SALJ 246.


Contract law

Anthony, AThe public/private divide in South African construction procurement law: The suitability of the private law of contract’ (2019) 33.2 SJ 85.

Lubbe, G ‘The retrospective operation of agreements’ (2020) 2 TSAR 197.



Labuschaigne, MEthicolegal issues relating to the South African government’s response to COVID-19’ (2020) 13.1 SAJBL 6.

McQuoid-Mason, DJCOVID-19 and its impact on informed consent: What should health professionals tell their patients or their proxies?’ (2020) 13.1 SAJBL 12.

Nienaber, A ‘“Sophie’s choice”: HIV and ICU access during COVID-19’ (2020) 83.2 THRHR 237.

Stein, C and Dhai, AConsent in health research with incapacitated adults in a time of pandemic: The National Health Research Ethics Council needs to urgently reassess its guidelines’ (2020) 13.1 SAJBL 1.

Viljoen, IM; De Villebois Castelyn, C; Pope, A; Botes, M and Pepper, MSContact tracing during the COVID-19 pandemic: Protection of personal information in South Africa’ (2020) 13.1 SAJBL 20.


COVID-19 – labour law

Grogan, J; Govindjee, A and Willcock, R ‘Lockdown: COVID-19’s effect on employment’ (2020) 36.3 EL.

McQuoid-Mason, DJCOVID-19: May healthcare practitioners ethically and legally refuse to work at hospitals and health establishments where frontline employees are not provided with personal protective equipment?’ (2020) 13.1 SAJBL 13.


COVID-19 – property law

Nysschen, J ‘Meeting contractual obligations during the COVID-19 lockdown’ (2020) 24.2 PLD.


Criminal law, litigation and procedure

Broughton, DWMThe South African prosecutor in the face of adverse pre-trial publicity’ (2020) 23 PER.

Lötter, R and Nienaber, A ‘Twenty years an accused: An analysis of two decades of proceedings against Doctor Wouter Basson’ (2020) 83.2 THRHR 170.

Mhlongo, LB and Dube, BALegal standing of victims in criminal proceedings: Wickham v Magistrate, Stellenbosch [2017] 1 BCLR 121 (CC)’ (2020) 23 PER.

Van der Linde, DCPoverty as a ground of indirect discrimination in the allocation of police resources – a discussion of Social Justice Coalition v Minister of Police 2019 (4) SA 82 (WCC)’ (2020) 23 PER.


Customary land rights

Tlale, MTConflicting levels of engagement under the Interim Protection of Informal Land Rights Act and the Minerals and Petroleum Development Act: A closer look at the Xolobeni Community dispute’ (2020) 23 PER.


Customary law

Ntlama, NThe changing identity on succession to chieftaincy in the institution of traditional leadership: Mphephu v Mphephu-Ramabulana (948/17) [2019] ZASCA 58’ (2020) 23 PER.


Customary marriages

Osman, F ‘Precedent, waiver and the constitutional analysis of handing over the bride [discussion of Sengadi v Tsambo 2018 JDR 2151 (GJ)]’ (2020) 31.1. SLR 80.


Delictual law

Knobel, JC ‘The apparent tautology of the tests for wrongfulness and negligence in instances of liability for omission’ (2020) 83.2 THRHR 203.

Neethling, JAantekening: Die deliktuele klas- of groepaksie in Suid-Afrika’ (2020) 17.2 LitNet.

Neethling, JVonnisbespreking: Deliktuele vergoeding weens verlies (“bereavement”) as gevolg van ’n sterfgeval in die familie’ (2020) 17.1 LitNet.

Wessels, AB ‘Wrongfulness in pure economic loss cases: The “traditional approach” and the “new approach”’ (2020) 83.2 THRHR 151.


Divorce law

Mmaphuti, T ‘Vesting of a divorced spouse’s half share in immovable property in another and a transfer by endorsement in terms of section 45bis of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937 – Fischer v Ubomi Ushishi Trading’ (2020) 83.2 THRHR 271.


Environmental law

Donald, M ‘Unlocking the potential of well-being in the environmental right: A teleological interpretation’ (2020) 31.1. SLR 55.


Estate planning, wills and trusts

Botha, M ‘Accrual claim settled by a transfer of assets: The CGT implications’ (2020) 35.2 ITJ.

Gildenhuys, A’n Leë dop is soms beter as ’n halwe eier – Gounden v Master of the High Court [2015] JOL 32896 (KZD) and Govender v Gounden 2019 (2) SA 262 (KZN)’ (2020) 23 PER.

Strode, A; Bhamjee, S; Soni, S and Badul, CProposed legislation on enduring powers of attorney for healthcare decisions and living wills: A legal lifeboat in a sea of uncertainty?’ (2019) 12.2 SAJBL 84.

Wood-Bodley, MC ‘Repudiation of an inheritance by a spouse married in community of property: Govender NO v Gounden’ (2020) 137.2 SALJ 214.



Muller, MAWeighing evidence’ (2020) 33.1 Advocate 38.

Theophilopoulos, C ‘The evidentiary value of an accused’s invocation of the pre-trial and trial right to silence through Anglo-American case law’ (2020) 137.2 SALJ 305.


Foreign investments

Ada Ajudua, PP ‘The role of a legal system in the improvement of a country’s economy in relation to foreign investment’ (2019) 5.2 JCCLP 44.


Forensic evidence

Mutsavi, T and Meintjes-van der Walt, LEnsuring the reliability of fire-arm identification evidence’ (2020) 23 PER.

Olaborede, AO and Meintjes-van der Walt, LThe dangers of convictions based on a single piece of forensic evidence’ (2020) 23 PER.


Hate speech

Geldenhuys, J and Kelly-Louw, MDemystifying hate speech under the PEPUDA’ (2020) 23 PER.

Geldenhuys, J and Kelly-Louw, MJurisdictional and procedural technicalities in hate speech cases: South African Human Rights Commission v Khumalo 2019 (1) SA 289 (GJ)’ (2020) 23 PER.

Mala, K and Grobbelaar-du Plessis, I ‘“Call me names”, but does ugly make me hateful? The unjustifiable restriction on freedom of expression under the pretence of combatting hate speech – TFD Network Africa (Pty) Ltd v Singh’ (2020) 83.2 THRHR 284.


Insurance law

Du Toit, L ‘A sequence of events – a practical discussion of the life insurance contract’ (2020) 35.2 ITJ.

Sonnekus, JC and Schlemmer, EC ‘Aanspreeklikheidsversekering en verjaring van die vordering om ’n verklarende bevel teen die verwerping van ’n eis deur die versekeraar’ (2020) 2 TSAR 213.


Intellectual property

Alberts, W ‘Trade mark conflicts: Honest concurrent use is alive and well – Walton International v Verweij Fashion’ (2020) 83.2 THRHR 260.

Raath, A and Brits, P ‘Die beoogde sui generis-beskerming van inheemse kennisbates in die Suid-Afrikaanse intellektuele goederereg’ (2020) 31.1. SLR 110.


International banking law

Kamga, GEKEmpty currency and the mechanics of underdevelopment within the Franc Zone’ (2020) 45.1 JJS 120.


International criminal law

Kamga, SDThe special criminal court in the fight against illicit flows of wealth and the realisation of the right to development in Cameroon: Prospects and challenges’ (2020) 45.1 JJS 141.

Mujuzi, JDThe prosecution in Uganda’s courts of the offences of murder and robbery committed abroad and the right to be tried before a competent court: A comment on Bakubye and Anor v Uganda (Criminal Appeal No.56 of 2015) [2018] UGSC 5 (17 January 2018)’ (2019) 33.2 SJ 107.


International law – human rights

Adeniyi, O and Adeniyi, AWomen’s access to water for sustainable development in Nigeria: Drawing lessons from South Africa’s water-renewable techniques’ (2020) 45.1 JJS 93.

Ngang, CCRight to development in Africa and the common heritage entitlement’ (2020) 45.1 JJS 28.


International law – land

Abegaz, TDisplacement from land as a limit to the realisation of the right to development in Ethiopia’ (2020) 45.1 JJS 51.

Home, RLand dispute resolution and the right to development in Africa’ (2020) 45.1 JJS 72.


International law – natural resources

Munyai, AAfrican renaissance: Effects of colonialism on Africa’s natural resources and the right to development’ (2020) 45.1 JJS 1.


International tax law

Adedokun, K ‘Taxation, an equitable system and constitutional core values for efficient financial stability in Nigeria’ (2019) 5.2 JCCLP 79.



Cachalia, ADenuding the Bench of skills: The Judicial Service Commission and the selection of judges’ (2020) 33.1 Advocate 26.

Rabkin, FLaw matters’ (2020) 33.1 Advocate 46.



Broughton, DWM and Carstens PA ‘The assessor system as a procedural safeguard in the face of adverse pre-trial publicity’ (2020) 83.2 THRHR 186.

Carney, TR ‘A legal fallacy? Testing the ordinariness of “ordinary meaning”’ (2020) 137.2 SALJ 269.

Pretorius, DM ‘“Confusion and delay”: Self-review, functus officio and OudekraalBuffalo City Metropolitan Municipality v Asla Construction (Pty) Ltd’ (2020) 83.2 THRHR 245.

Pretorius, DMOudekraal after fifteen years: The Second Act (or, A reassessment of the status and force of defective administrative decisions pending judicial review)’ (2020) 31.1. SLR 3.


Labour law

Grogan, J ‘Majority rules (again): Section 189(1) withstands the test’ (2020) 36.2 EL.

Grogan, J ‘Secret pre-strike ballots: Not just a token’ (2020) 36.2 EL.

Scott, J ‘Vicarious liability: A positive development in resolving deviation cases’ (2020) 2 TSAR 338.


Legal education

Dladla, TBreaking the language barrier in legal education: A method for Africanising legal education’ (2020) 14 PSLR 58.

Lansink, A and Jegede, AOIntroduction to the Pretoria Student Law Review: Special Edition on the decolonisation and africanisation of legal education’ (2020) 14 PSLR ix.

Letsoalo, MC and Pero ZHistorically white universities and the white gaze: Critical reflections on the decolonisation of the LLB curriculum’ (2020) 14 PSLR 1.

Magula, M and Phoshoko, SDecolonisation of the law curriculum in South Africa through the prism of a lived experience’ (2020) 14 PSLR 84.

Maphosa, R and Nhlapo, NTransformative legal education in the South African context’ (2020) 14 PSLR 12.

Masiya, E and Mdluli, GCritical legal education: A remedy for the legacy of colonial legal education?’ (2020) 14 PSLR 70.

Mawere, J Decolonising legal education in South Africa: A review of African indigenous law in the curriculum’ (2020) 14 PSLR 31.

Mudau, P and Mtonga, SExtrapolating the role of transformative constitutionalism in the decolonisation and Africanisation of legal education in South Africa’ (2020) 14 PSLR 44.


Legal practice

De Bruyn, WOn probability and shortcuts’ (2020) 33.1 Advocate 40.

Gravett, WHIs the dawn of the robot lawyer upon us? The fourth industrial revolution and the future of lawyers’ (2020) 23 PER.

Rogers, OThere was an Irishman and a Dutchman…’ (2020) 33.1 Advocate 36.

Van Eck, M ‘Ethical and professional duties in the use of recycled legal instruments: A trio of cases’ (2020) 2 TSAR 354.


Matrimonial law

Sonnekus, JC ‘Aankoop van onroerende eiendom en die beperkte handelingsbevoegdheid van gades getroud in gemeenskap van goed’ (2020) 2 TSAR 323.


Medical ethics

Cengiz, N and Wareham, CSPig-to-human xenotransplantation: Overcoming ethical obstacles’ (2019) 12.2 SAJBL 66.

Padayachee, N; Rothberg, AD; Gardner, J; Truter, I and Butkow, NEthical issues around access to over-the-counter medicines in South Africa’ (2019) 12.2 SAJBL 71.


Medical law

Slabbert, M ‘Dialysis denied in terms of the provisions of the National Health Act 61 of 2003 AE v Chief Executive Officer Helen Joseph Hospital’ (2020) 83.2 THRHR 293.


Medical negligence

Aikman, NThe crisis within the South African healthcare system: A multifactorial disorder’ (2019) 12.2 SAJBL 52.


Medical research

Mahomed, S and Labuschaigne, MThe role of research ethics committees in South Africa when human biological materials are transferred between institutions’ (2019) 12.2 SAJBL 79.


Mining and minerals law

Meyer, YBaleni v Minister of Mineral Resources 2019 (2) SA 453 (GP): Paving the way for formal protection of informal land rights’ (2020) 23 PER.


Motor law

Erasmus, DAARTO: Beregtiging van verkeersmisdrywe of ontsegging van toegang tot die reg?’ (2020) 17.2 LitNet.


Pension fund law

Muller, CMontanari v Montanari: Living annuities – accrual claim on divorce’ (2020) 35.2 ITJ.


Persons and family law

Khan, FExploring childhood statelessness in South Africa’ (2020) 23 PER.

Mahery, P and Slemming, WMandatory childhood immunisation in South Africa: What are the legal options?’ (2019) 12.2 SAJBL 76.

Robinson, RDie status en beskerming van meerderjariges met beperkte handelingsbevoegdheid’ (2020) 23 PER.

Thaldar, DWCriteria for assessing the suitability of intended surrogate mothers in South Africa: Reflections on Ex Parte KAF II’ (2019) 12.2 SAJBL 61.


Property law

Botha, M ‘The draft regulations to the Property Practitioners Act: A disappointment’ (2020) 24.2 PLD.

Hamers, J ‘Instalment sales of immovable property and the NCA – when does it apply?’ (2020) 24.2 PLD.

Horn, JG and Pienaar, GJ ‘Exclusive use rights in terms of sectional title legislation’ (2020) 31.1. SLR 91.


Tax law

Jooste, S ‘Living Annuities: A summary of the status quo’ (2020) 35.2 ITJ.

Moosa, F ‘Does the Bill of Rights apply extraterritorially for tax administration purposes?’ (2020) 31.1. SLR 37.

Moosa, F ‘Misappropriation of employees’ tax: Is theft a competent charge?’ (2020) 2 TSAR 241.

Moosa, F ‘Sars’s application of the additional medical scheme fees tax credit for prescribed expenditure: A rule of law violation?’ (2019) 5.2 JCCLP 57.

Van Staden, M ‘In defence of custom in statutory interpretation’ (2020) 2 TSAR 369.


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