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December 1st, 2019


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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
BTCLQ Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly SiberInk (2019) 10.3
EL Employment Law Journal LexisNexis (2019) 35.5
ILJ Industrial Law Journal Juta (2019) 40
LitNet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys (2019) 16.2
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2019) 22
SAJCJ South African Journal of Criminal Justice Juta (2019) 32.2
SLR Stellenbosch Law Review Juta (2019) 30.2
TPCP Tax Planning-Corporate and Personal LexisNexis (2019) 33.6
TSAR Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg Juta (2019) 3


Civil law

De Vos, W Le R and Broodryk, T ‘Fundamental procedural rights of civil litigants in Australia and South Africa: Is there cause for concern? (part 2)’ (2019) 4 TSAR 627.

Company law

Bidie, SSDirector’s duty to act for a proper purpose in the context of distribution under the Companies Act 71 of 2008’ (2019) 22 PER.

Cassim, R ‘An analysis of directors’ fiduciary duties in the removal of a director from office’ (2019) 30.2 SLR 212.

Constitutional law

Boggenpoel, ZZT ‘(Re)defining the contours of ownership: Moving beyond white picket fences’ (2019) 30.2 SLR 234.

Knoetze, A and de Freitas, SThe protection of conscientious objection against euthanasia in health care’ (2019) 22 PER.

Rautenbach, IM ‘Does the misapplication of a legal rule raise a constitutional matter? A fifty-fifty encounter with common-purpose criminal liability’ (2019) 4 TSAR 757.

Constitutional law – appropriation of land

Pienaar, JMGrondhervorming: Is onteiening sonder vergoeding die magiese “silwer koeël” of is dit ’n (berekende) skoot in die donker?’ (2019) 16.3 LitNet.

Consumer law

Sonnekus, JC and Schlemmer, EC ‘Oproep van verband vir vreemde skuld’ (2019) 4 TSAR 782.

Copyright law

Karjiker, S and Mc Loud L ‘The protection of fictional characters with specific reference to the Rapid Phase case’ (2019) 4 TSAR 688.

Criminal law – evidence

Lochner, H and Horne, J ‘Regional court magistrates’ recommendations for improving the efficacy of taking statements from children’ (2019) 32.2 SAJCJ 202.

Meintjes-van der Walt, L ‘Law of evidence’ (2019) 32.2 SAJCJ 245.

Nanima, RDThe Prevention of Organised Crime Act 1998: The need for extraterritorial jurisdiction to prosecute the higher echelons of those involved in rhino poaching’ (2019) 22 PER.

Nortje, W; Hamman, A; and Albertus, CDeciphering dangerousness: A critical analysis of s 286A and B of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977’ (2019) 22 PER.

Criminal law – procedure

Du Toit, P ‘Criminal procedure’ (2019) 32.2 SAJCJ 233.

Khumalo, K ‘A commentary on the principles underpinning the crime of public violence committed by means of threat of violence’ (2019) 32.2 SAJCJ 223.

Watney, M ‘Highlighting flaws in the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act 12 of 2004’ (2019) 4 TSAR 749.

Delictual law

Ahmed, RThe influence of “reasonableness” on the element of conduct in delictual or tort liability – comparative conclusions’ (2019) 22 PER.

Neethling, J ‘Liability of the state for psychiatric injury of parents caused by death of baby at day-care centre’ (2019) 4 TSAR 773.

Scott, J ‘The boni mores take a strange turn’ (2019) 4 TSAR 798.

Zitzke, E ‘Critiquing the Komape decision’ (2019) 4 TSAR 814.

Employment law

Benjamin, P and Cheadle, H ‘South African labour law mapping the changes – part 1: The history of labour law and its institutions’ (2019) 40 ILJ 2189.

Calitz, K ‘May an employer dismiss an employee if the disciplinary chair imposed a lesser sanction? South African Revenue Service v Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (2017) 38 ILJ 97 (CC)’ (2019) 30.2 SLR 166.

Du Toit, D ‘Independent contractors have rights too’ (2019) 40 ILJ 2165.

Grogan, J ‘“With immediate effect” resigning to avoid discipline’ (2019) 35.5 EL.

Grogan, J ‘Derived from what? No general duty to disclose’ (2019) 35.5 EL.

Huysamen, EAn overview of fixed-term contracts of employment as a form of a-typical employment in South Africa’ (2019) 22 PER.

Mbiada, CJT ‘The furnishing of security in terms of s 145(7) and (8) of the Labour Relations Act: A slow start towards a better end?’ (2019) 40 ILJ 2237.

Nxumalo, L and Nxumalo, C ‘Opportunities presented by the fourth industrial revolution for persons with disabilities in the public sector’ (2019) 40 ILJ 2219.

Van Staden, MJ ‘An update of recent labour law developments from the South African courts – 2019’ (2019) 4 TSAR 728.

Environmental law

Msimang, A ‘Carbon tax operative: An assessment guide’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Owosuyi, IL ‘The considerations of culture in the sustainability of biodiversity in South Africa: A legal standpoint’ (2019) 30.2 SLR 250.

Estate planning – succession

Sonnekus, JC ‘Onterwing van ’n bloedverwant en tog ’n regterlike diskresie om die testateur se laaste wilsuiting te minag?’ (2019) 4 TSAR 667.

Human rights

Geldenhuys, J ‘The South African Human Rights Commission: A last lifebuoy or pulling the plug?’ (2019) 4 TSAR 640.

Nkrumah, B ‘How did we get here? Reflections on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and South Africans with albinism’ (2019) 32.2 SAJCJ 181.

Illegal gambling

Carnelley, M ‘Illegal gambling’ (2019) 32.2 SAJCJ 277.

International criminal law

Kemp, G ‘International criminal law’ (2019) 32.2 SAJCJ 266.

Meintjes-van der Walt, L and Chiwara, M ‘Fingerprint evidence under scrutiny: Issues raised by six international forensic reports (part 1)’ (2019) 32.2 SAJCJ 155.

International tax law

Phundululu, S ‘Transfer pricing guidelines: Foreign precedent’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Smith, G and Mandy, K ‘Most favoured nation: Foreign precedent’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Mining and mineral law

Van Niekerk, H and Mudimu, G ‘Application and granting of rights to minerals: A trio of legal processes for optimal exploitation and protection of right holders (an analysis of Minister of Mineral Resources v Mawetse (SA) Mining Corporation (Pty) Ltd (2016) 1 SA 306 (SCA))’ (2019) 30.2 SLR 281.

Property law

Starosta, A ‘A loophole in the joint administration of estates by spouses married in community of property in the context of the purchase of land’ (2019) 30.2 SLR 155.

Palmer, G ‘Residential estates: Exemption from normal tax’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Refugee law

Khan, F ‘In chronic exile: Rethinking the legal regime for refugees in protracted refugee situations’ (2019) 30.2 SLR 186.

Regulation of religious organisations

Van Coller, H and Akinloye, IAThe State v Twynham: The (ir)relevance of further regulation of religious organisations in South Africa’ (2019) 30.2 SLR 299.

Tax law

Beukes, M ‘Medical madness: More red plaster (tape)’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Burt, K ‘Supply of services: Paid by another person’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Gopaul, L ‘New filing threshold: From R 350 000 to R 500 000’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Jooste, R ‘Tax equalisation awards: A taxable fringe benefit?’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Kruger, D ‘Foreign branches and VAT: Eish!’ (2019) 10.3 BTCLQ 10.

Mitchell, L ‘Recoupment of trading stock: Further situations and illustrations’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Rudnicki, M ‘The infamous s 8C: How the section may extend beyond an employment link’ (2019) 10.3 BTCLQ 1.

Seligson, M ‘Connected persons under para (d)(iv) of the definition of “connected person” in the Income Tax Act: Interpretation Note 67 misses the mark?’ (2019) 10.3 BTCLQ 1.

Silke, J ‘Refunds and tax debts: Against an assessment’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Steenkamp, S and Nel, R ‘Wilful intention: Tangible hardware (part 2)’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Stein, M ‘More allowances’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Surtees, P ‘Rules treated with disdain: Sars pays the price’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Thackwell, R ‘Watermeyer – XV: King and the general anti-avoidance provision’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.


Clegg, D ‘Contingent rights: A beneficiary’s situation’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

Nel, E ‘Testamentêre trusts en die Nederlandse testamentair bewind – ’n regsvergelykende ondersoek’ (2019) 4 TSAR 713.

Van der Spuy, P ‘Liabilities of trustees: Expectations of a trustee’ (2019) 33.6 TPCP.

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