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December 1st, 2021

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De Jure

Special focus: Implementing regional human rights standards in East and West Africa

University of Pretoria (2021) 54
JJS Journal for Juridical Science University of the Free State, Faculty of Law (2021) 43.1
LDD Law, Democracy and Development University of the Western Cape, Faculty of Law (2021) 25
SA Merc LJ South African Mercantile Law Journal Juta

(2020) 32.3


SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2020) 138.3
SJ Speculum Juris University of Fort Hare (2021) 35.2
SLR Stellenbosch Law Review Juta (2021) 32.2


Alcohol testing in South Africa

Laurens, JB; Carstens, PA; and Curlewis, LG ‘Blood and breath alcohol test results: Uncertainty at the interface of science and law’ (2021) 138.3 SALJ 535.


Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

Mhlongo, LClash of laws? Testing the effectiveness of the national treatment principle against black economic empowerment laws in South Africa’ (2021) 35.2 SJ 210.


Children’s rights

Lutchman, S ‘Notes: Children, autonomy and statements: The need for a bright-line rule’ (2021) 138.3 SALJ 500.


Civil procedure

Mabeka, NQPagination of court files in civil procedure: “a thing of the past” in evolving digital technology’ (2021) 35.2 SJ 134.


Company law

Bidie, SDismantling obstacles impeding better governance in companies: Affirming the expansion of the interpretation of “shareholder and director” under section 163 of the 2008 Act’ (2021) 25 LDD 377.
Mongalo, TH ‘Notes: The unlamented demise of the common-law derivative action: A note remembering Michael Larkin’ (2021) 138.3 SALJ 508.
Mudzamiri, J and Osode, PC ‘A reflective assessment of selected problematic aspects of South Africa’s appraisal remedy regime against the backdrop of Cilliers v La Concorde Holdings Ltd’ (2020) 32.3 SA Merc LJ 389.
Njotini, M ‘Securing shareholder information in the digital age – an analysis of the proposed amendments to section 26 of the Companies Act’ (2020) 32.3 SA Merc LJ 334.


Constitutional law

Visser, CJ ‘The doctrine of subjective rights, the actio iniuriarum and the Constitution: A convergent doctrinal basis for the law of personality’ (2021) 32.2 SLR 272.


Contract law

Barnard-Naudé, J ‘Form and substance in the Constitutional Court: Whither contract law’s policy after Apartheid?’ (2021) 138.3 SALJ 569.



Malherbe, KAssessing the protection of older persons’ access to social services in South Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic’ (2021) 35.2 SJ 118.
Sobikwa, N and Phooko, MRAn assessment of the constitutionality of the COVID-19 regulations against the requirement to facilitate public participation in the law-making and/or administrative processes in South Africa’ (2021) 25 LDD 309.


Criminal law

Okpaluba, CDamages for injuries arising from the infringement of the rights of persons in police or prison custody: South Africa in comparative perspective (Part 3)’ (2021) 35.2 SJ 259.
Van der Linde, DC ‘Does the aggravated sentencing regime under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act 121 of 1998 violate freedom of association? A constitutional and comparative analysis’ (2021) 32.2 SLR 288.



Amadi, VT and Lenaghan, P ‘Facilitating trade and strengthening market access in the Southern African Customs Union: A focus on South Africa’s customs reform’ (2020) 32.3 SA Merc LJ 309.


Deceased estates

Osman, F ‘Notes: Splitting hairs? Bwanya v The Master of the High Court’ (2021) 138.3 SALJ 521.


DNA evidence

Meintjes-Van der Walt, LThe reliability of trace DNA or low copy number (LCN) DNA evidence in court proceedings’ (2021) 46.1 JJS 1.


Environmental law

Strydom, M ‘A critique on privately prosecuting the holder of “after the fact” environmental authorisations: Uzani Environmental Advocacy CC v BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd’ (2021) 138.3 SALJ 617.


Expropriation of land

Kotzé, T ‘Developing criteria for the identification of suitable agricultural land for expropriation and redistribution in South Africa: Lessons learnt from Namibia’ (2021) 32.2 SLR 185.
Makore, STM; Osode, PC; and Lubisi, NSouth Africa’s land expropriation without compensation at the legitimacy crossroad: Are the enabling provisions a constitutional amendment or dismemberment’ (2021) 35.2 SJ 245.


Human rights

Du Plessis, GA and Nel, WNThe dimensional elements of the right to freedom of religion or belief in the South African Constitution – an evaluation in light of relevant core international human rights instruments’ (2021) 46.1 JJS 25.


Insolvency law

Iheme, WC and Mba, SU ‘A doctrinal assessment of the insolvency frameworks of African countries in coping with the pandemic-triggered economic crisis’ (2021) 32.2 SLR 306.


Intellectual property

Mahlangu, N ‘Residual goodwill – a case of discontinued marks: Beiersdorf AG v Koni Multinational Brands (Pty) Ltd’ (2020) 32.3 SA Merc LJ 360.


International human rights

Asaala, EAssessing the mechanisms and framework of implementation of decisions of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights fifteen years later’ (2021) 54 DJ 430.
Biegon, JState implementation and compliance with the human rights decisions of the East African Court of Justice’ (2021) 54 DJ 404.
Dinymoi, AMI and Lubaale, ECThe right to decision-making for persons with mental disabilities in Uganda’ (2021) 35.2 SJ 226.
Fokala, EDo not forget the Nubians: Kenya’s compliance with the decisions of African regional treaty bodies on the plight and rights of Nubians’ (2021) 54 DJ 476.
Fokala, EEditorial introduction: Compliance with regional human rights – focus on East and West Africa’ (2021) 54 DJ 401.
Kabira, N and Masore, PMonitoring compliance of African women’s human rights commitments by the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights’ (2021) 54 DJ 453.
Mutangi, TStatus of the implementation of the human rights related decisions of the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice’ (2021) 54 DJ 512.
Njiru, EMAdjudication of human rights disputes in the sub-regional courts in Africa: A case study of the East African Court of Justice’ (2021) 54 DJ 493.


International law

Thopacu, HThe necessity for Zambia’s vitamin A sugar fortification requirement’ (2021) 25 LDD 345.


International private prosecutions

Mujuzi, JDAttorney General’s intervention in private prosecutions in Tonga: Analysing Attorney General v Lavulavu [2019] TOSC 35; AM 11 of 2019 (9 July 2019)’ (2021) 35.2 SJ 182.



Eksteen, R ‘The role of the judiciary in foreign affairs to be duly recognised, with special reference to the Supreme Court of the USA’ (2021) 32.2 SLR 330.


Labour law

Okpaluba, C and Maloka, TCThe breakdown of the trust relationship and intolerability in the context of reinstatement in the modern law of unfair dismissal (1)’ (2021) 35.2 SJ 148.
Smit, DM and Tessendorf, EPatriarchy and unpaid work as barriers to top-level female appointments: Are South Africa’s labour laws enough not to keep a good woman down?’ (2021) 46.1 JJS 111.


Law of delict

Zitzke, E ‘Transforming the law on psychiatric lesions’ (2021) 32.2 SLR 253.


Mandament van spolie

Marais, EJ ‘Protecting quasi-possession of electricity supply with the mandament van spolie – has the Supreme Court of Appeal switched off this possibility? [A discussion of Eskom Holdings Soc Ltd v Masinda 2019 5 SA 386 (SCA)]’ (2021) 32.2 SLR 215.


Mineral and petroleum resources

Badenhorst, P ‘The nature and features of “unused old order rights” under the MPRDA revisited: The story of Gouws’ farm’ (2021) 138.3 SALJ 599.


Pension fund law

Marumoagae, COverview of the legislative protection of retirement benefits against transfer, reduction, hypothecation and attachment in South Africa’ (2021) 25 LDD 411.


Public law

Draga, L ‘On equating “mays” with “musts”: When can a discretionary power be interpreted as a mandatory one?’ (2021) 138.3 SALJ 649.


Right to identity

Mashinini, N ‘The impact of deepfakes on the right to identity: A South African perspective’ (2020) 32.3 SA Merc LJ 407.


Rule of law

Wanki, JNL’Etat C’est Moi”: The controversial insulation of presidential appointment powers in the Republic of Cameroon’ (2021) 35.2 SJ 194.


Socio-economic rights

De Man, A and Bello, MPrioritising socio-economic rights in sovereign debt governance: The obligations of private creditors’ (2021) 46.1 JJS 57.


State capture

Swanepoel, CFThe slippery slope to state capture: Cadre deployment as an enabler of corruption and a contributor to blurred party-state lines’ (2021) 25 LDD 440.
Tsele, M ‘Notes: “Observations” on the State Capture judgment’ (2021) 138.3 SALJ 477.


Tax law

Moosa, FWarrantless search and seizure by Sars: A constitutional invasion of taxpayers’ privacy? – Part one’ (2021) 46.1 JJS 89.


Transgender parenting

Clark, B ‘A trans man as a “gestational parent”: Trans parenting and the best interests of the child’ (2021) 32.2 SLR 234.


Trust law

Nel, EBeneficial ownership of trust assets in an international reality: An intersection between trust law, tax and crime prevention’ (2021) 35.2 SJ 169.

Kathleen Kriel BTech (Journ) is the Production Editor at De Rebus.
This article was first published in De Rebus in 2021 (Dec) DR 38.

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