Recent articles and research – January/February 2020

February 1st, 2020

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
CILSA Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa Juta (2019) 52.1
ITJ Insurance and Tax Journal LexisNexis (2019) 34.4
LitNet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys (2019) 16.3
Obiter Obiter Nelson Mandela University (2019) 40.2
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2019) 22
PW Pensions World LexisNexis (2019) 22.4
SAJHR South African Journal on Human Rights Taylor & Francis (2019) 35.3
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2019) 136.3
SAYIL South African Yearbook of International Law Juta (2018) 43.1

Access to information

Ashukem, JCN ‘Revisiting the interpretation of s 50 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act – Mahaeeane and Motlajsi Thakaso v Anglogold Ashanti Limited (85/2016) [2017] ZASCA 090’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 363.

Access to justice

Klaaren, J ‘What does justice cost in South Africa? A research method towards affordable legal services’ (2019) 35.3 SAJHR 274.

Administrative law

Titus, APienaar Bros (Pty) Ltd v CSARS, retroactive fiscal legislation and the rule of law: Has South Africa just taken a step back in its constitutional democracy?’ (2019) 136.3 SALJ 404.

Bilateral agreements

Van der Walt, R ‘Treaties’ (2018) 43.1 SAYIL 173.

Company law

Cassim, R ‘A critical analysis of the grounds of removal of a director by the board of directors under the Companies Act’ (2019) 136.3 SALJ 513.

Cassim, RThe suspension and setting aside of delinquency and probation orders under the Companies Act 71 of 2008’ (2019) 22 PER.

Mupangavanhu, BMImpact of the Constitution’s normative framework on the interpretation of provisions of the Companies Act 71 of 2008’ (2019) 22 PER.

Constitutional law

Coutsoudis, A and du Plessis, M ‘We are all international lawyers now: The Constitution’s international-law trifecta comes of age’ (2019) 136.3 SALJ 433.

Constitutional law – expropriation of land

Anstey, M ‘Negotiating elusive justice: Dilemmas of land distribution in Southern Africa’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 240.

Constitutional litigation

Chamberlain, L ‘A costly blunder: South African History Archive Trust v The South African Reserve Bank’ (2019) 35.3 SAJHR 288.

Consumer law

Van der Merwe, S ‘Too simple for National Credit Act matters: Reconsidering the scope of Magistrates’ Courts rule 5(2)(b)’ (2019) 136.3 SALJ 397.

Vessio, MLIn duplum and the lump-sum loan: The common law and s 103(5) of the National Credit Act’ (2019) 136.3 SALJ 463.

Criminal law and procedure

Maharaj, S and Hoctor, S ‘The defence of provocation – where are we now?’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 307.

Marumoagae, C and Tshehla, B ‘Right to bail? Odds stacked against the accused person in South African bail law’ (2019) 35.3 SAJHR 257.

Roberts, S ‘No double-dipping: Rethinking the tests for duplication of convictions’ (2019) 136.3 SALJ 489.

Customary law

Diala, ACCurriculum decolonisation and revisionist pedagogy of African customary law’ (2019) 22 PER.

Sibisi, S ‘Breach of promise to marry under customary law’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 340.

Delictual liability

Mukheibir, A and Mitchell, GThe price of sadness: Comparison between the Netherlands and South Africa’ (2019) 22 PER.

Environmental law

Ashukem, JCN ‘Exploring the effectiveness of the rights-based approach to environmental governance in Cameroon: What could be learned from South Africa?’ (2019) 52.1 CILSA 42.

Jegede, AO and Makulana, AW ‘Climate change interventions in South Africa: The significance of Earthlife Africa Johannesburg v Minister of Environmental Affairs (Thabametsi case) [2017] JOL 37526 (GP)’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 399.

Murombo, T and Munyuki, IThe effectiveness of plea and sentence agreements in environmental enforcement in South Africa’ (2019) 22 PER.

Vinti, C ‘The right to mine in a “protected area” in South Africa: Mining and Environmental Justice Community Network of South Africa v Minister of Environmental Affairs’ (2019) 35.3 SAJHR 311.

Estate planning and wills

De la Harpe, L ‘Divorce and death – the impact of s 2B on your Will’ (2019) 34.4 ITJ.

Van der Poll, K ‘Section 4(p) and the apportionment of estate duty’ (2019) 34.4 ITJ.

Family law

Booley, AProgressive realisation of Muslim family law: The case of Tunisia’ (2019) 22 PER.

Robinson, T; Ryke, E and Wessels, C ‘Parenting plans attentive to the needs of the divorcing family’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 221.

Soni, SPrêt-à-porter procreation: Contemplating the ban on preimplantation sex selection’ (2019) 22 PER.

Financial planning

Botha, M ‘Post graduate studies in financial planning: Example case study showing the analysis’ (2019) 34.4 ITJ.

Forensic evidence

Welgemoed, M ‘Lip prints: The underestimated identifiers in the combat against crime’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 281.

Gender equality

Botes, ASeksuele teistering in die Suid-Afrikaanse werkplek vanuit ’n menseregtelike perspektief’ (2019) 16.3 LitNet.

International arbitration

Ngobeni, L ‘The African justice scoreboard: A proposal to address rule of law challenges in the resolution of investor-state disputes in the Southern African Development Community’ (2019) 52.1 CILSA 1.

International child law

Ferreira, S ‘The Hague Convention on the civil aspects of international child abduction: Why mandatory mediation is necessary’ (2019) 52.1 CILSA 22.

International company law

Madlela, V ‘An analysis of mandatory auditor rotation requirements in South Africa in light of international legislative trends’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 185.

International criminal law

Barrie, G ‘The requirement of “awareness” as a precondition for the existence of a “legal dispute” under article 36(2) of the Statute of the ICJ’ (2018) 43.1 SAYIL 121.

Pienaar, L ‘Low-threshold fitness test in South Africa and the USA: Consequences for the fit but mentally ill accused’ (2019) 52.1 CILSA 126.

Steytler, I ‘The unsettled question of Al-Bashir’s immunity: A case note on the ICC Minority Opinion of Judge Perrin de Brichambaut’ (2018) 43.1 SAYIL 71.

International human rights

Gevers, M and Muller, G ‘Unwholesome prison blues: A call to protect international prisoners’ rights and standardise conditions of detention’ (2019) 52.1 CILSA 75.

Venter, FJudicial defence of constitutionalism in the assessment of South Africa’s international obligations’ (2019) 22 PER.

International law

Crawford, J ‘South Africa and international law: A tribute to John Dugard’ (2018) 43.1 SAYIL 135.

De Wet, S ‘Highlights from the Office of the Chief State Law Advisor (international law)’ (2018) 43.1 SAYIL 159.

Diers, MF ‘The historical development of international organisations with separate legal personality since the 19th century’ (2018) 43.1 SAYIL 47.

Du Plessis, M ‘Closure – the inaugural John Dugard Lecture in international law, University of Johannesburg, 25 October 2018’ (2018) 43.1 SAYIL 155.

‘Nyane, HJudicial review of the legislative process in Lesotho: Lessons from South Africa’ (2019) 22 PER.

Phooko, MR ‘A sin committed by the (suspended) SADC Tribunal: The erosion of state sovereignty in the SADC region’ (2018) 43.1 SAYIL 1.

Strydom, H ‘Introduction – the inaugural John Dugard Lecture in international law, University of Johannesburg, 25 October 2018’ (2018) 43.1 SAYIL 133.

Tladi, D ‘The International Law Commission is 70 … staying with the old and playing with the new? Reflections on the work of the commission during its commemorative year’ (2018) 43.1 SAYIL 100.

International trade and commerce

Bouwers, GJ ‘Tacit choice of law in international commercial contracts – the position in Indonesian, Malaysian and Singaporean private international law’ (2019) 52.1 CILSA 109.

Vinit, CThe “necessity test” as expressed by the Enigmatic Article XX(j) of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (1994): Appellate Body Report, India – certain measures relating to solar cells and solar modules’ (2019) 22 PER.

Insurance law

Kilian, NThe Question is “should insurers continuously update policyholder records?” Insurance law requires the principles of administrative law to settle disputes between the policyholder and the insurer’ (2019) 22 PER.

Labour law

Kubjana, KL and Manamela, ME ‘To order or not to order reinstatement as a remedy for constructive dismissal’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 325.

Tenza, M ‘Investigating the need to reintroduce a ballot requirement for a protected strike in South Africa’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 263.

Law of contract

Du Plessis, HMHarmonising legal values and uBuntu: The quest for social justice in the South African common law of contract’ (2019) 22 PER.

Du Plessis, HMLegal pluralism, uBuntu and the use of open norms in the South African common law of contract’ (2019) 22 PER.

Legal education

Iyer, D ‘Preparing law students for practice: A non-verbal developmental skill approach’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 316.

Legal practice

Dube, A and Nxumalo, N ‘When lawyers lie, cheat and steal: Understanding the role of the Bar – Ndleve v Pretoria Society of Advocates [2016] ZACC 29’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 353.

Le Roux, WLegal interpretation after Endumeni: Clarification, contestation, application’ (2019) 22 PER.

Perumalsamy, KThe life and times of textualism in South Africa’ (2019) 22 PER.

Wallis, MInterpretation before and after Natal Joint Municipal Pension Fund v Endumeni Municipality 2012 (4) SA 593 (SCA)’ (2019) 22 PER.

Whitear, N and Kruuse, H ‘The ethics of legal practitioners in resource-scarce institutions – PM Mashishi v Z Mdlala [2018] 17 BLLR 693 (LC); (2018) 39 ILJ 1607 (LC)’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 383.

Matrimonial law

Sloth-Nielsen, JKOS v Minister of Home Affairs and its relevance to the law of marriage in South Africa’ (2019) 35.3 SAJHR 298.

Pension law

Chong, J and Kotze, R ‘Settling with Sars – revisiting some practical perspectives’ (2019) 22.4 PW.

Van Wyk, L ‘Legal Update’ (2019) 22.4 PW.

Property law

Davis, DM ‘The right of an ESTA occupier to make improvements without an owner’s permission after Daniels: A different perspective’ (2019) 136.3 SALJ 420.

Public law

Stoffels, MC ‘The failure to provide notice of an intended gathering – Mlungwana v The State (CCT32/18) 2018 ZACC 45 (CC)’ (2019) 40.2 Obiter 408.

Refugee law

Mujuzi, JD ‘The principle of non-refoulement in South Africa and the exclusion from refugee status of asylum seekers who have committed offences abroad: A comment on Gavric v Refugee Status Determination Officer, Cape Town and Others’ (2018) 43.1 SAYIL 20.

Tax law

Jarodien, R ‘South African residents working abroad: An income tax perspective’ (2019) 34.4 ITJ.

Steenkamp, LA ‘Taxpayers will bear the brunt of National Health Insurance’ (2019) 34.4 ITJ.

Trust law

Smith, BS ‘Sham trusts in South Africa: Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis (times change, and we change with them)’ (2019) 136.3 SALJ 550.

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