Recent articles and research – January/February 2023

February 1st, 2023

Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
Acta Juridica Acta Juridica Juta (2022)
Advocate Advocate General Council of the Bar

(2002) 35.2

(2022) 35.3

AHRLJ African Human Rights Law Journal Centre for Human Rights, Department of Law, University of Pretoria

(2022) 22.1

(2022) 22.2

AYIHL African Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law Juta (2021)
BTCLQ Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly SiberInk

(2022) 13.2

(2022) 13.3

Abuse of courts
Rabkin, FLaw matters’ (2022) 35.2 Advocate 50.

Administration of justice
Snyckers SC, F and Sive, DThe sanctity of secrecy: Arbitrators’ deliberations and the administration of justice’ (2022) 35.2 Advocate 26.

Gauntlett SC, KCWhy the red bag?’ (2022) 35.3 Advocate 71.
Meiring, J ‘Alphabet soup dotted with flotsam of Q’s, Ks and Ss’ (2022) 35.3 Advocate 72.

Gauntlett SC, KCNot necessary to hope’ (2022) 35.3 Advocate 44.

Children’s rights
Boshoff, E and Damtew, SGThe potential of litigating children’s rights in the climate crisis before the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child’ (2022) 22.2 AHRLJ 328.

Company law
Rudnicki, M ‘Holding-company deductions’ (2022) 13.3 BTCLQ 7.
Temlett, JWRescued from abuse’ (2022) 35.2 Advocate 42.

Constitutional law
‘Nyane, HThe interface between the right to life and the right to health in Lesotho: Can the right to health be enforced through the right to life?’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 266.
Masekesa, LKA human rights-based approach to implementing Target 11.6 of Sustainable Development Goal 11 in Zimbabwe’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 241.
Mujuzi, JDConstruing pre-1995 laws to bring them in conformity with the Constitution of Uganda: Courts’ reliance on article 274 of the Constitution to protect human rights’ (2022) 22.2 AHRLJ 520.
Odongo, GOThe post-2010 jurisprudence on children’s rights under the Kenyan Constitution’ (2022) 22.2 AHRLJ 426.

COVID-19 pandemic
Haldimann, O and Biedermann, LDistribution of face masks in Kakuma refugee camp during a pandemic: Legal obligations and responsibilities’ (2022) 22.2 AHRLJ 451.
Mudau, PPromoting civic and voter education through the use of technological systems during the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 108.

Criminal law
Hilb, C ‘On some “long-forgotten propositions”: Reflections on the “Epilogue” to Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem’ (2022) Acta Juridica 52.

Criminal proceedings
Tufuor, IKDue process or crime control? An examination of the limits to the right to silence in criminal proceedings in Ghana’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 188.

Salazar, PJ ‘The Covington smile: Norms and forms of violence in the age of the White Awakening’ (2022) Acta Juridica 198.

Electoral justice systems
Makunya, TMOvercoming challenges to the adjudication of election-related disputes at the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights: Perspectives from the Ngandu case’ (2022) 22.2 AHRLJ 379.

Financial crime
Fürstenburg, EThe second market of financial crime: Meeting the demand’ (2022) 35.2 Advocate 44.

Freedom of expression
Simiyu, MAFreedom of expression and African elections: Mitigating the insidious effect of emerging approaches to addressing the false news threat’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 76.

Freedom of information
Osawe, OAA comparative analysis of the right of access to information under the Nigerian Freedom of Information Act 2011 and the South African Promotion of Access to Information Act 2001’ (2022) 22.2 AHRLJ 476.

Freedom of movement
Magliveras, K and Naldi, GThe free movement of people in Africa as a human right and as an economic right: From the African Charter to the African Economic Community Protocol of 2018’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 1.

Hedge funds
Moolman, L and Booysen, A ‘Whatever happened to hedge funds?’ (2022) 13.3 BTCLQ 15.

Human rights in Africa
Korankye-Sakyi, FK; Faakye, S and Atupare, PACritical reflections on the justiciability of the right to education in Ghana’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 161.

Human rights
Vitale, MA ‘The self-image of intelligence agents in an archive of state repression in Argentina’ (2022) Acta Juridica 88.

Doxtader, E ‘Messianic hopes at the moral carnival – The [rhetorical] question of advocating for the humanities, for now’ (2022) Acta Juridica 1.

Importance of courts
Morison SC, LBenchmark: An essay on legal thinking and the importance of courts’ (2022) 35.2 Advocate 32.

International crime – genocide
Malunga, S ‘The killing fields of Matabeleland: An examination of the Gukurahundi genocide in Zimbabwe’ (2021) AYIHL 1.
Namakula, CS ‘Reparations without reparation: A critique of the Germany – Namibia Accord on colonial genocide’ (2021) AYIHL 46.

International crime
Bosch, S ‘The use of universal jurisdiction to ensure accountability for international crimes committed in Liberia in the periods 1989 to 1997 and 1999 to 2003’ (2021) AYIHL 67.

International Criminal Court
Apuuli, KP ‘Uganda’s decision “In the Matter of an Arrest Warrant and the Surrender to the International Criminal Court (ICC) of Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir”: Explanation, issues and consequences’ (2021) AYIHL 150.

International humanitarian law
Mutuma, KW ‘The silence of Africa in the international humanitarian law debate’ (2021) AYIHL 134.
Rattner, R ‘Counting apples as oranges: Problems under international humanitarian law with designating the Allied Democratic Forces and Ansar al-Sunna foreign terrorist organisations’ (2021) AYIHL 174.
Sang YK, B ‘International humanitarian law in the African Commission’s General Comment No 3 on the Right to Life: A critical and comparative analysis’ (2021) AYIHL 93.

Judicial Service Commission
Rabkin, FLaw matters’ (2022) 35.3 Advocate 77.

Du Plessis, QOn seminal judgements and democratic legitimacy’ (2022) 35.3 Advocate 67.

Land claims
Paterson, AProtected areas, community rights and affirmative action: The plight of Uganda’s Batwa people’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 289.

Land grabbing
Ashukem, JCN and Ngang, CCLand grabbing and the implications for the right to development in Africa’ (2022) 22.2 AHRLJ 403.

De Courcelles, D ‘For Philippe: Sharing questions of unintelligibility, security and diversity – from Babel to Pentecost’ (2022) Acta Juridica 246.
Meiring, JA piece of definitions’ (2022) 35.3 Advocate 74.

LGBT advocacy
Sogunro, AAn analysis of political homophobia, elitism and social exclusion in the colonial origins of anti-gay laws in Nigeria’ (2022) 22.2 AHRLJ 493.

Alloggio, SHic sunt leones reloaded: Elements for a critique of disciplinary self-(af)filiation within professional white philosophy in South Africa’ (2022) Acta Juridica 140.

Engel, P ‘An incomprehensible rhetoric’ (2022) Acta Juridica 70.
Kotzé, K ‘South African Amnesty 2.0: Incomprehensible?’ (2022) Acta Juridica 101.
Nethersole, R ‘Piercing incomprehensible power’ (2022) Acta Juridica 220.

Pro bono work
Greig, MRegulating pro bono work: Draft regulations in terms of section 29 of the LPA’ (2022) 35.2 Advocate 38.

Public health
Kruger, P and Karim, SAResponsiveness of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement to diet-related non-communicable diseases: A human rights analysis’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 24.

John-Langba, VNImplications and opportunities of the international refugee protection regime for national human rights institutions in Africa’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 51.

Right to vote
Mwanga, EWho votes in Tanzania? An overview of the law and practices relating to parliamentary elections’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 139.

Rule of law
Ngcukaitobi SC, TThe rule of law in times of political crisis’ (2022) 35.3 Advocate 55.

Rules of procedure
Jimoh, MAA critique of the seizure criteria of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights’ (2022) 22.2 AHRLJ 362.

De Wit, VTo submit a bit’ (2022) 35.3 Advocate 75.

Sexual and gender-based violence
Adar, PA Domestic accountability through strategic litigation: Towards redress and reparations for Kenya’s 2007-2008 post-election sexual and gender-based violence’ (2022) 22.1 AHRLJ 213.

South African media
Nkoala, S ‘A rhetoric of terror and of the terrified’ (2022) Acta Juridica 119.

Tax law
Berger, R and Geldenhuys, E ‘“Most favoured nation” Dividends Tax Treatment: A tough call for Dutch and Swedish shareholders in South African companies?’  (2022) 13.2 BTCLQ 1.
Lessing, D ‘Tax residence of mobile South Africans’ (2022) 13.2 BTCLQ 9.

Kruger, D ‘VAT – A tale of two Supreme Court of Appeal decisions’ (2022) 13.2 BTCLQ 18.

Women’s rights
Glenn, C and Enoch, J ‘The ongoing necessity of suffrage rhetorics (or “suffragism”): On the centennial of the Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution’ (2022) Acta Juridica 168.


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