Recent articles and research – January/February 2024

February 1st, 2024


Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
Acta Juridica Acta Juridica Juta (2023)
BTCLQ Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly Juta (2023) 14.4
 ILJ Industrial Law Journal Juta (2023) 44.4
JCCLP Journal of Corporate and Commercial Law and Practice Juta (2023) 9.1
JCLA Journal of Comparative Law in Africa Juta (2023) 10.2
SAIPLJ Southern African Intellectual Property Law Journal Juta (2023)
SAJCJ South African Journal of Criminal Justice Juta (2022) 35.3
(2023) 36.1
(2023) 36.2
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2023) 140.3


African constitutionalism

Tazo, G ‘Constitutionalisation of ethnicity and decolonisation of African constitutionalism: Towards an authentic African constitutional identity?’ (2023) 10.2 JCLA 107.


Application of the competency test

Phenyane, N ‘Highlighting the higher courts’ obligation to protect vulnerable groups when magistrates fail to conduct the competency test properly’ (2023) Acta Juridica 77.


Artificial intelligence – copyright law

Khan, R and Gotora, N ‘One (innovation) flew over the law’s head: The intersection of artificial intelligence and copyright’ (2023) SAIPLJ 72.


Artificial intelligence – right of privacy

Nwafor, IE ‘Artificial intelligence facial recognition surveillance and the breach of privacy rights: The “Clearview AI” and “Rite Aid” case studies’ (2023) SAIPLJ 88.



Himonga, C ‘A reflection on my academic career’ (2023) Acta Juridica 270.


Birth registration process

Fortuin, R and Lutchman, S ‘The right of children born to undocumented migrants to have their best interests given paramount importance: Reimagining the South African birth registration process’ (2023) Acta Juridica 214.


Business rescue and corporate governance

Phungula, SP ‘Abusing business rescue proceedings by a director and its impact on King IV™ ethics of good corporate governance’ (2023) 9.1 JCCLP 25.


Child offenders

Geoffrey, LC and Schoeman, MI ‘Acting in the best interests of children with psychiatric disorders who conflict with the law: A critical analysis of South African legislation’ (2023) 36.1 SAJCJ 58.


Commercial transactions

Nkoane, P ‘The value of the market price in contracts of sale: An analysis’ (2023) 9.1 JCCLP 1.


Company law – mergers

Mudzamiri, J ‘Bolstering creditor and shareholder protection under the South African and Zimbabwean amalgamation or merger regulatory regimes: Suggestions for company-law reform’ (2023) 140.3 SALJ 813.


Comparative law

Fuo, O and Pallangyo, DM ‘A comparative legal analysis of local government autonomy in South Africa and Tanzania’ (2023) 10.2 JCLA 1.


Contract law

Du Plessis, J ‘Lawful act duress’ (2023) 140.3 SALJ 733.



David, J ‘The inadequacy of copyright-related provisions in economic partnership agreements between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific regional groups from an educational perspective’ (2023) SAIPLJ 1.
Kok, L ‘Navigating the complexities of the adaptation right in copyright law: Addressing ambiguities, gaps and the need for reforms in South Africa’ (2023) SAIPLJ 42.
Okorie, C ‘Realising a “right” to research in Nigeria and South Africa: The role of the executive arm of government’ (2023) 10.2 JCLA 141.


Criminal law and jurisprudence

Mosaka, TBWenzeni uZuma: A jurisprudential study of the unlawfulness of corruption in Africa’ (2022) 35.3 SAJCJ 285.


Criminal law and procedure

Anderson, A ‘General principles and specific offences’ (2023) 36.2 SAJCJ 304.
Du Toit, P ‘Criminal procedure’ (2023) 36.2 SAJCJ 317.
Reddi, M ‘Recent Cases: Criminal procedure’ (2023) 36.1 SAJCJ 138.
Roux, M ‘Comment: Loyiso Coko v S (CA&R 219/2020) [2021] ZAECGHC 91 (8 October 2021): Oblique subscription to rape myths as an indication of the urgent need to reform the mens rea test in acquaintance rape cases in South Africa’ (2022) 35.3 SAJCJ 356.
Terblanche, S ‘Recent Cases: General principles and specific offences’ (2022) 35.3 SAJCJ 373.
Terblanche, S ‘Recent Cases: Sentencing’ (2022) 35.3 SAJCJ 412.
Van der Linde, D ‘Recent Cases: General principles and specific offences’ (2023) 36.1 SAJCJ 123.
Van der Merwe, A ‘Sentencing’ (2023) 36.2 SAJCJ 341.
Visser, JM ‘Law of evidence’ (2023) 36.2 SAJCJ 329.
Visser, JM ‘Recent Cases: Law of Evidence’ (2022) 35.3 SAJCJ 399.
Watney, M ‘Recent Cases: Criminal procedure’ (2022) 35.3 SAJCJ 386.
Whitear-Nel, N ‘Recent Cases: Law of evidence’ (2023) 36.1 SAJCJ 153.


Cultural vulnerability of women

Rautenbach, C ‘Cultural vulnerability and judicial recognition of heterosexual life-partnerships in South Africa’ (2023) Acta Juridica 99.


Customary law – indigenous knowledge

Mokotong, M ‘Conservation of traditional values vis-à-vis the dependant’s action for loss of support in customary law – “go tsoša/tsosa hlogo”’ (2023) 140.3 SALJ 838.


Customary law – intestate succession

Osman, F ‘The Reform of Customary Law of Succession Act in contemporary South Africa’ (2023) Acta Juridica 186.


Customary law – marriage

Bakker, P ‘Gender equality in customary marriages: Is the deregulation of customary marriages the solution?’ (2023) Acta Juridica 152.
Johnson, E ‘The active role of South Africa’s Constitutional Court in advancing women’s rights and proprietary interests in the customary law of marriage’ (2023) Acta Juridica 46.
Kruuse, H ‘Transforming litigation in customary marriage disputes: Ubuntu and the responsibility of legal practitioners’ (2023) Acta Juridica 19.
Mwambene, L ‘Chuma Himonga’s scholarship on the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act 120 of 1998’ (2023) Acta Juridica 1.


Customary law v common law

Hammond, AF and Batariwah, P ‘A new legal framework for the “ownership” of a deceased person in a legally plural Ghana’ (2023) 10.2 JCLA 40.


Digital media and copyright law

Hungwe, B ‘Shifting digital media ecologies and how copyright law should adjust and adapt to journalism’ (2023) SAIPLJ 16.


Director’s duties

Hanks Jr, JJ; Ament, HM; and Rosenblatt, JL ‘Practice Note: Supreme Court of Maryland overrules prior distinction between director’s managerial and non-managerial duties and reaffirms that the MGCL is the “sole source” of director duties to the corporation and its stockholders’ (2023) 9.1 JCCLP 92.



Rudnicki, M and Du Toit, D ‘“Dividend–stripping” complexities and the interaction with the “rollover” relief provisions’ (2023) 14.4 BTCLQ 22.


DNA phenotyping

Meintjes-van der Walt, L and Olaborede, A ‘DNA phenotyping: A possible aid in criminal investigation’ (2023) 36.1 SAJCJ 1.


Domestic violence

Singo, D ‘Coercive and controlling behaviour in the Domestic Violence Act’ (2023) 140.3 SALJ 763.


Double jeopardy

Mujuzi, JD ‘The right against double jeopardy (non bis in idem) in the constitutions of African countries’ (2023) 10.2 JCLA 77.


Electronic signatures

Reddy, N ‘Should the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act be amended to include electronic signatures for the sale of immovable property in South Africa?’ (2023) 140.3 SALJ 795.


Foreign pension schemes

Kruger, D ‘Foreign pension schemes: There be dragons, and some confusion: South African members qua beneficiaries have a vested right to the income and capital of the foreign pension scheme (trust) ab initio — Part 2’ (2023) 14.4 BTCLQ 1.


Image-based sexual abuse

Martin, BN ‘Mixing old and new wisdom for the protection of image-based sexual abuse victims’ (2022) 35.3 SAJCJ 307.


Insolvency law

Smith, A ‘Reimagining a new world of South African Insolvency Law: Advantage to creditors and section 39(2) of the Constitution’ (2023) 9.1 JCCLP 43.


Islamic law

Muneer, A ‘The possible impact of the Wilsnach v M [2021] 1 All SA 600 (GP) judgment on the right of an absent Muslim parent to inherit in terms of an Islamic will’ (2023) 10.2 JCLA 204.


Labour law – alcohol in the workplace

Phungula, SP ‘Breathalyser and laboratory blood samples as evidence for dismissal: A critical analysis of Samancor Chrome Ltd (Western Chrome Mines) v Willemse & Others (2023) 44 ILJ 2013 (LC)’ (2023) 44.4 ILJ 2151.


Life partnerships and customary law unions

Sloth-Nielsen, J ‘What are the implications of Bwanya v The Master of the High Court for customary law?’ (2023) Acta Juridica 127.


Matrimonial property at divorce

Smith, BS ‘Prescient precedent: PAF v SCF (SCA) and a new paradigm for testing whether a trust has been abused to manipulate a spouse’s accrual (or redistribution) liability at divorce’ (2023) 140.3 SALJ 697.


Non-executive directors

Stoop-Koornhof, H ‘The independent non-executive director: Origins, regulation and persistent challenges’ (2023) 9.1 JCCLP 68.


Overcrowding in the criminal justice system

Mlomo-Ndlovu, VC and Luyt, WFM ‘Bed space management as a strategy for managing overcrowding in the corrections environment in South Africa’ (2023) 36.2 SAJCJ 169.



Mujuzi, JD ‘Court’s power to order the minister to place a prisoner on parole in South Africa: Walus v Minister of Justice and Correctional Services and Others 2023 (2) BCLR 224 (CC)’ (2023) 36.1 SAJCJ 42.


Physician-assisted suicide

Mnyandu, N ‘Are we there yet? A look at the remaining questions on physician-assisted suicide and physician-administered euthanasia’ (2023) 36.2 SAJCJ 203.


Polygraph evidence

Daniels, R and Phillips, J ‘The deception of polygraph testing – as a test for deception’ (2023) 44.4 ILJ 2139.


Pre-trial litigation

Swanepoel, CF ‘Fair trial rights, pre-trial civil motions in pending criminal cases and abuse of court process with reference to the Free State asbestos pre-trial motion proceedings’ (2023) 36.1 SAJCJ 24.


Private investment in public infrastructure

Oluyeju, O ‘Stimulating private investment in public infrastructure through reform of the Nigerian legal environment’ (2023) 10.2 JCLA 215.


Protection of whistleblowers

Cassim, R ‘A critical analysis of the State Capture Commission recommendations to protect whistleblowers in South Africa’ (2023) 140.3 SALJ 862.


Psychoanalytic psychology

Willock, B ‘Psychoanalytic psychology, sleep medicine, and the law: Scientifically reviewing Oscar Pistorius’ culpable homicide/murder conviction’ (2023) 36.2 SAJCJ 250.


Rights of minors

Durojaye, E ‘The decision-making power of adolescents to refuse medical treatment in South Africa: Lessons from other jurisdictions’ (2023) Acta Juridica 240.


Sexual offences laws

Botha, R and Peens, J ‘The adequacy of rape criminalisation in modern South Africa: A comparative study’ (2023) 36.1 SAJCJ 83.


Smartphone technology

Theophilopoulos, C ‘State compulsion of smartphone security features and the privilege against self-incrimination’ (2023) 36.2 SAJCJ 282.


Therapy order for a victim of rape

Van der Linde, DC ‘Progressive, yet problematic: Unpacking the therapy order and sentence in S v SN’ (2023) 140.3 SALJ 715.


Trademark infringement

Mupangavanhu, Y and Vuke, KS ‘The risk of confusion in trademark infringement in South Africa and Kenya: Lessons from Singapore?’ (2023) 10.2 JCLA 174.


Vicarious liability

Le Roux, R ‘The exclusion of vicarious liability of employers for the intentional unlawful conduct of their employees: Fujitsu Services Core (Pty) Ltd v Schenker SA (Pty) Ltd [2023] ZACC 20’ (2023) 44.4 ILJ 2162.


Warrant procedures for smartphone data

Theophilopoulos, C ‘Cyber-warrant searches and the admissibility of seized smartphone data evidence at trial’ (2023) 36.2 SAJCJ 228.


Wrongful police shootings

Okpaluba, C ‘Damages for injuries arising from unlawful shooting by police and other security agents: South Africa, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia and Swaziland/Eswatini (3)’ (2022) 35.3 SAJCJ 331.

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