Recent articles and research – January/February 2017

February 1st, 2017

By Meryl Federl

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Abbreviation Title     Publisher Volume/issue
LitNet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys

(2016) October

(2016) November

Obiter Obiter Faculty of Law, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (2016) 37.2
SACJ South African Journal of Criminal Justice Juta (2016) 29.2
SAPL Southern African Public Law Ver Loren Van Themaat Centre/ Unisa Press (2015) 30.2
THRHR Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg LexisNexis

(2016) 79.4


TSAR Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg Juta (2016) 4

Administrative law

Govender, K and Swanepoel, P ‘Cynicism and the rule of law: A critical analysis of President of the RSA v M&G Media Limited 2012 (2) SA 50 (CC) and associated judgments’ (2015) 30.2 SAPL 580.

Animal rights

De Villiers, JH ‘Animal rights theory, animal welfarism and the “new welfarist” amalgamation: A critical perspective’ (2015) 30.2 SAPL 406.


Schlemmer, EC ‘The interaction between public policy, constitutional rights and public-private arbitration (part 2)’ (2016) 4 TSAR 660.

Banking law

Nagel, CJ and Pretorius, JT ‘The bank and customer relationship, combination of accounts and set-off’ (2016) 79.4 THRHR 660.

Child law

Nkosi, G ‘The international evolution of the right of children to social security’ (2015) 30.2 SAPL 484.

Songca, R and Karels, M ‘The impact of legislation on childhood sexuality in South Africa’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 228.

Van Der Bijl, C ‘Considering parental alienation under the aegis of the criminal law’ (2016) 29.2 SACJ 140.

Company law

Botha, MM ‘Evaluating the social and ethics committee: Is labour the missing link? (1)’ (2016) 79.4 THRHR 580.

Coetzee, L ‘Directors’ fiduciary duties and the common law: The courts fitting the pieces together Mthimunye-Bakoro v Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa (SOC) Limited (12476/2015) [2015] ZAWCHC 113; 2015 (6) SA 338 (WCC) (4 August 2015)’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 401.

Henning, JJ ‘Opmerkings oor die eienskappe van die maatskappy met persoonlike aanspreeklikheid’ (2016) November LitNet.

Loubser, A ‘Nienakoming van die voorgeskrewe prosedures na indiening van ’n direksiebesluit om met ondernemingsredding te begin: Is Panamo Properties (Pty) Ltd v Nel die (regte) antwoord?’ (2016) October LitNet.

Stevens, R ‘Liability within company groups’ (2016) 4 TSAR 709.

Constitutional law

Okpaluba, C ‘Judicial review of executive power: Legality, rationality and reasonableness (2)’ (2015) 30.2 SAPL 379.

Van der Berg, E and Govindjee, A ‘Vultures before the Constitutional Court: The cheque is in the mail Khohliso v S [2014] ZACC 33’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 369.

Credit law

Van Heerden, C and O’Reilly, W ‘Debt restructuring, partisan debt counsellors, costs and other important debt counselling issues. An appraisal of the legal position in view of Firstrand Bank v Barnard 2015 JDR 1614 (GP)’ (2016) 79.4 THRHR 632.

Criminal law

Marais, M ‘Does the Constitution call for the criminalisation of hate speech?’ (2015) 30.2 SAPL 456.

Naidoo, K ‘Factors which influenced the enactment of hate-crime legislation in the United States of America: Quo vadis South Africa?’ (2016) TSAR 697.

Naidoo, K ‘The raison d’être of hate-crime laws’ (2016) 29.2 SACJ 158.

Okpaluba, C ‘Between reasonable and probable cause and malice in the law of malicious prosecution: A Commonwealth update’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 265.

Spies, A ‘Better late than never: Lessons from S v Jordan in strengthening women’s participation in litigation’ (2015) 30.2 SAPL 505.

Watney, MDolus eventualis mik in die verkeerde rigting’ (2016) 4 TSAR 769.

Customary law

Barrie, GN ‘The king can do wrong: The imprisonment of the abaThembu king Buyelekhaya Zwelibanzi Dalinyebo – some comments on South African customary law and Australian parallels’ (2016) 4 TSAR 746.


Neethling, J ‘Delictual liability for an omission: The tragic fishpond incident’ (2016) 4 TSAR 798.

Neethling, J ‘The Constitutional Court affirms the potential existence of an action for wrongful suffering through disability (wrongful life) in South African law’ (2016) 79.4 THRHR 533.

Scott, J ‘A decision on exclusion clauses avoided by recourse to delictual principles on wrongfulness’ (2016) 4 TSAR 754.

Scott, TJ ‘Revisiting the elements of delict – the Mashongwa judgments’ (2016) 79.4 THRHR 551.

Environmental law

Blackmore, A ‘Legal and public trust considerations for the Ndumo Game Reserve and South Africa-Mozambique border, following the migration of the Usuthu River’ (2015) 30.2 SAPL 347.

Financial services law

Millard, D and Maholo, CJ ‘Treating customers fairly: A new name for existing principles?’ (2016) 79.4 THRHR 594.

Freedom of speech

Rautenbach, IM ‘Orde, agbare lede, orde! Vryheid van spraak en orde in wetgewende vergaderings’ (2016) 4 TSAR 807.

Immigration law

Subramanien, D ‘“Pay day” for illegal foreigners Rahim v The Minister of Home Affairs (965/2013) [2015] ZASCA 92 (29 May 2015)’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 410.

Insolvency law

Chitimira, H ‘Are the rights of business employees preferred more than the rights of domestic employees? Gungudoo v Hannover Reinsurance Group (Pty) Ltd (585/11) [2012] ZASCA 83 (30 May 2012)’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 381.

Sonnekus, JC ‘Besmette transaksies, insolvensie en lenings – ’n nuwe weergawe van die weduwee se kruik’ (2016) 4 TSAR 779.

International criminal law

Van Der Merwe, B ‘Reflections on the trivialisation of genocide: Can we afford to part with the special stigma attached to genocide?’ (2016) 29.2 SACJ 116.

International law

Roos, M ‘An updated overview of the international law governing nuclear weapons’ (2016) 4 TSAR 640.

Labour law

Behari, A ‘Daddy’s home: The promotion of paternity leave and family responsibilities in the South African workplace’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 346.

McGregor, M ‘Determining the validity of an employment equity plan: Guidance by the Labour Court – Solidarity v Minister of Safety & Security (Police & Prisons Civil Rights Union as Amicus Curiae) (2016) 79.4 THRHR 698.

Olivier, M and Govindjee, A ‘The inter-relationship between administrative law and labour law: Public sector employment perspectives from South Africa’ (2015) 30.2 SAPL 319.

Smit, DM and Viviers, D ‘Gender reassignment and the world of work: A comparative perspective on the intersection between transgenderism, trans-sexuality and appearance discrimination in the South African employment arena’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 247.

Van Jaarsveld, F ‘Uber vis-à-vis UTI – onafhanklike kontrakteurs of werknemers: Tempering van artikel 200a van WAV’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 362.

Legal philosophy

Raath, AWG ‘Regsfilosofiese implikasies van meta-etiese historisme. Kritiese opmerkings oor politokratiese kommunitarisme’ (2016) 4 TSAR 622.

Municipal law

Muir, A ‘The Le Sueur case and a local government’s constitutional right to govern’ (2015) 30.2 SAPL 556.

Ratiba, MM ‘Ghosts of the municipal debts’ past: Is Mitchell resurrecting the Mathabathe spectre? – Not quite Perregrine Joseph Mitchell v City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipal Authority (50816/14) [2014] ZAGPPHC 758’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 423.

Pension law

Marumoagae, MC ‘Can a non-member spouse protect his or her interest in the member spouse’s accrued pension benefits before divorce?’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 312.

Marumoagae, MC ‘The need for effective management of pension fund schemes in South Africa in order to protect members’ benefits’ (2016) 79.4 THRHR 614

Personal injury law

Scott, J ‘Vonniksbrespreking: Die aksie van afhanklikes weens die dood van hul broodwinner: Veel lawaai en weinig wol?’ (2016) October LitNet.

Scott, J ‘Purported extension of the dependants’ action: Much ado about nothing? – Osman v Road Accident Fund’ (2016) 79.4 THRHR 678.

Property law

Du Plessis, E ‘Can estoppel be raised against an eviction in terms of PIE?’ (2015) 30.2 SAPL 434.

Hoops, B ‘The alternative project argument in the context of expropriation law (part 1)’ (2016) 4 TSAR 680.

Pienaar, J, Du Plessis, W and Olivier, N ‘Land matters and rural development’ (2015) 30.2 SAPL 519.

Van der Walt, AJ ‘Section 25 vortices (part 2)’ (2016) 4 TSAR 597.

Van Staden, S and van der Walt, AJ ‘“Progressive” judicial interpretation of servitudes and ancillary servitude entitlements – Jersey Lane Properties (Pty) Ltd t/a Fairlawn Boutique Hotel & Spa v Hodgson’ (2016) 79.4 THRHR 671.

Reproductive rights

Moosa, N ‘An analysis of Professor Lourens du Plessis’ early (pro-life) and later (pro-choice) perspectives on abortion’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 325.

Pickles, C ‘Involuntary contraceptive sterilisation of women in South Africa and the criminal law’ (2016) 29.2 SACJ 89.

Right to religion

Abrahams, D and Dye, T ‘The possibility of the right to religion emerging as a jus cogens norm (part 1)’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 201.

Road traffic law

Hoctor, S ‘Negligence “in the air” or on the road? Ndlela v S 2013 (unreported, KZP) Case no AR 630/2012’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 392.

Social assistance law

Carnelley, M and Mamashela, M ‘The duty to support the indigent elderly in South Africa: A public or private duty?’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 293.

Tax law

Legwaila, T ‘Permanent establishment on the furnishing of services’ (2016) 4 TSAR 822.


Nel, E ‘Unfettered, but not unbridled: The fiduciary duty of the trustee Wiid v Wiid NCHC (unreported) 13-01-2012 Case no 1571/2006’ (2016) 37.2 Obiter 436.

Unjust enrichment

Eiselen, S and Chitimira, H ‘The requirements for adequate security in lieu of an enrichment lien’ (2016) 79.4 THRHR 652.

Seanego, KA ‘A just cause falls away: Which enrichment action to apply? Shuttleworth v South African Reserve Bank’ (2016) 79.4 THRHR 690.

Sonnekus, JC ‘Vermoënsregtelike implikasies van gevonde sake’ (2016) 4 TSAR 731.


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