Recent articles and research – July 2018

July 1st, 2018

By Meryl Federl

Accessing articles from publishers

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Issue
EL Employment Law Journal LexisNexis (2018) 34.2
Litnet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys (2018) 15.2May
JJS Journal for Juridical Science University of the Free State (2017) 42.2


Electronic Law Journal

North West University, Faculty of Law (2018) 21 April
PLD Property Law Digest LexisNexis (2018) 22.1
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2018) 135.2



Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeinse-Hollandse Reg LexisNexis (2018) 81.2
TSAR  Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg Juta

(2018) 2


Administrative law

Henrico, R ‘Subverting the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act in judicial review: The cause of much uncertainty in South African administrative law’ (2018) 2 TSAR 288.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Hutchison, A; Rycroft, A; and Porter-Wright, M ‘Private ordering and dispute resolution’ (2018) 135.2 SALJ 324.

Aviation law

Huneberg, S ‘The rise of the drone: Privacy concerns’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 263.

Banking law

Hugo, C and Spruyt, W ‘Money laundering, terrorist financing and financial sanctions: South Africa’s response by means of the Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Act 1 of 2017’ (2018) 2 TSAR 227.


Gauntlett, J ‘Law’s supremacy: Johan Steyn remembered’ (2018) 135.2 SALJ 376.

Child law

De Jong, M ‘Suggestions for a divorce process truly in the best interests of children (2)’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 179.

Lenta, P ‘The “reasonable corporal punishment” defence struck down: YG v S’ (2018) 135.2 SALJ 205.

Mnyongani, F and Slabbert, M ‘A Jehovah’s Witness’s autonomy versus the interests of her children – ES v AC’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 316.

Robinson, JA ‘Divorcing parents and the best interests of their child’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 299.

Competition law

Al-Ameen, A ‘On the value of counterfactual assessments in merger cases’ (2017) 42.2 JJS 1.

Competition law

Church, J ‘Aspects of the interface between the promotion of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and statutory competition law’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 194.

Schoeman-Malan, L ‘Missing persons – current tendencies’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 218.

Constitutional law

Rautenbach, IM ‘Overview of Constitutional Court judgments on the Bill of Rights – 2017’ (2018) 2 TSAR 367.

Tsele, M ‘Constitutional principles and two overlooked problems with the Nkandla
judgment: A brief comment’ (2018) 135.2 SALJ 220.

Contract law

Nortje, M ‘Quasi-mutual assent and the battle of the forms’ (2018) 2 TSAR 443.

Credit law

Sonnekus, JC ‘Respyte: Verknog aan die persoon van die primêre skuldenaar of tóg met deurwerking? Enkele gedagtes oor die voorgestelde wysiging van die Nasionale Kredietwet en skuldkwytskelding’ (2018) 2 TSAR 407.

Van Heerden, CM and Steennot, RPre-agreement assessment as a responsible lending tool in South Africa, the EU and Belgium: Part 1’ (2018) 21 April PER.

Van Heerden, CM and Steennot, RPre-agreement assessment as a responsible lending tool in South Africa, the EU and Belgium: Part 2’ (2018) 21 April PER.

Van Heerden, C ‘The importance of section 127 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 239.

Criminal law

Fambasayi, R and Koraan, RIntermediaries and the international obligation to protect child witnesses in South Africa’ (2018) 21 April PER.

Marais, ME ‘A constitutional perspective on the Sparrow judgments’ (2017) 42.2 JJS 25.

Moshikaro, K ‘The moral and legal foundations of fair-labelling in our criminal law’ (2018) 135.2 SALJ 262.

Cultural heritage law

Raath, AWG ‘Regssosiologiese pluriformiteit, kulturele erfenisreg en die Wet op Nasionale Erfenishulpbronne 25 van 1999’ (2017) 42.2 JJS 183.

Customary law

Nkosi, G and van Niekerk, G ‘The unpredictable judicial interpretation of section 3(1)(b) of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act 120 of 1998 – Eunice Xoliswa Ngema v Sifiso Raymond Debengwa’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 345.


Scott, J ‘Afskaffing van voorkoms en persoonlikheid as faktore by skadebepaling van ’n weduwee se vordering weens die dood van haar broodwinner’ (2018) 2 TSAR 428.


Neethling, J and Potgieter, JM ‘Delictual liability of a municipality for the rape of a mentally disabled woman – Bridgman v Witzenberg Municipality (JL and Another intervening)’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 325.

Neethling, J and Potgieter, JVonnisbespreking: Sorgsaamheidsplig van ouers teenoor kinders’ (2018) 15.2 May LitNet.

Environmental law

Abuza, AE ‘The law and policy on curbing desertification in Nigeria: A contemporary discourse’ (2017) 42.2 JJS 65.

Freedom of expression

Venter, R ‘The role of freedom of expression in a democratic system (part 2)’ (2018) 2 TSAR 308.


Roestoff, M ‘Rehabilitation of an insolvent and advantage to creditors under the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936 – Ex parte Purdon’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 306.

International law

Mushkat, R ‘The case for the case study method in international legal research’ (2017) 42.2 JJS 143.


Theron, LVLeadership, social justice and transformation – inspire a leader’ (2018) 21 April PER.

Labour law

Grogan, J ‘Contrived demands – reining in the right to strike’ (2018) 34.2 EL.

Grogan, J ‘“Majoritarianism” prevails – extending collective agreements to non-parties’ (2018) 34.2 EL.

Grogan, J ‘What’s in a name? Dismissal for incapacity or operational requirements’ (2018) 34.2 EL.

Law of partnership

Henning, JJ ‘Clarifying the distinction between partners and their creditors: The first reformative partnership legislation’ (2017) 42.2 JJS 104.

Law and religion

Benson, IT ‘Can law avoid creating culture and religion in its own image? The context for diversity, religion and culture in MEC for Education: KwaZulu-Natal and Others v Navaneethum Pillay: Reflections a decade later’ (2017) 42.2 JJS 120.

Legal profession

Kruuse, HEx parte Mdyogolo: Character and carelessness’ (2018) 135.2 SALJ 249.

Legal education

Gravett, WH ‘Of “deconstruction” and “destruction” – why critical legal theory cannot be the cornerstone of the LLB curriculum’ (2018) 135.2 SALJ 285.

Marriage law

Bonthuys, E ‘Public policy and the enforcement of ante nuptial contracts: W v H’ (2018) 135.2 SALJ 237.

Mining law

Badenhorst, PJ and van Heerden, CN ‘Ownership of historical mine dumps: Uncaptured no more?’ (2018) 135.2 SALJ 351.

Privacy law

Neethling, JVonnisbespreking: Die reg op privaatheid en outonomie’ (2018) 15.2 May LitNet.

Property law

Barrie, GN ‘Land claims by indigenous peoples – litigation versus settlement? Observations on the Richtersveld litigation route followed in South Africa versus the Noongar settlement route followed in Western Australia’ (2018) 2 TSAR 344.

Botha, M ‘The “how to” of approving building plans – building control officers duty’ (2018) 22.2 PLD.

Dlamini, T and Botha, M ‘FICA Amendment Act: A substantial mind shift’ (2018) 22.2 PLD.

Fredericks, EA ‘The lex rei sitae and contractual capacity in respect of immovable property’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 281.

Hamers, J and Robertson, D ‘Rouwkoop – a common misconception’ (2018) 22.2 PLD.

Parker, J and Zaal, FN ‘“Person in charge” in the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998: An assessment of some court interpretations’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 288.

Sentencing law

Bekink, M ‘“Locus standi” of victims concerning victim impact statements during sentencing proceedings – Wickham v Magistrate, Stellenbosch’ (2018) 81.2 THRHR 333.

Watney, M ‘Enkele gedagtes oor lewenslange gevangenisstraf en die lot van die verste gevallenes’ (2018) 2 TSAR 389.

Surety law

Sonnekus, JC ‘Borg én tegelyk medehoofskuldenaar is ’n contradictio in terminis en onversoenbaar’ (2018) 2 TSAR 256.

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