Recent articles and research – July 2021

July 1st, 2021

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Accessing articles from publishers


Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
AJCCL Africa Journal of Comparative Constitutional Law Juta (2019)
DJ De Jure University of Pretoria (2021) 54
LitNet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys (2021) 18(2)
Obiter Obiter Nelson Mandela University (2021) 42.1
SAJBL South African Journal of Bioethics and Law South African Medical Association NPC (2020) 14.1
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2021) 138.2
TSAR Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg Juta (2020) 1


Banking and finance law

Broeckx, K and De Groote, B ‘The European Account Preservation Order (EAPO): A solution for cross-border seizure of bank accounts in the European Union’ (2021) 1 TSAR 75.

Children’s Act

Strode, A and Badul, CForms to capture child consent to surgical procedures: Time to focus on function rather than form’ (2021) 14.1 SAJBL 20.
Toohey, JD and Strode, AA critical review of the South African legal framework on adolescent access to HIV prevention interventions’ (2021) 14.1 SAJBL 16.

Civil forfeiture

Rhimes, M ‘Forfeiting proceeds: Civil forfeiture, the right to property and the Constitution’ (2020) 138.2 SALJ 323.

Civil law

Njoko, TBThe admissibility of criminal findings in civil matters: Re-evaluating the Hollington judgment’ (2021) 54 DJ 160.

Competition law

Munyai, PSSuitability of the remedy of divestiture in non-merger cases: A South African perspective’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 84.

Constitutional law

Maseko, TWThe feasibility of the victims of corruption’s claim for constitutional damages against corrupt public officials in South Africa’ (2021) 54 DJ 127.

Contract law

Adams, F ‘Choice of Islamic law in the context of the wider lex mercatoria: An express choice of non-state law in contract’ (2021) 1 TSAR 59.
Obiri-Korang, P ‘Party autonomy: Promoting legal certainty and predictability in international commercial contracts through choice of law (justification)’ (2021) 1 TSAR 43.

COVID-19 – human rights

Ibitoye, TR and Ajagunna, FSexual autonomy and violence against women in Nigeria: Assessing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic’ (2021) 54 DJ 141.


Dhai, AAccess to COVID-19 vaccines as a global public good: A coordinated global response based on equality, justice and solidarity is key’ (2021) 14.1 SAJBL 2.
Staunton, CACT-Accelerator data governance framework: Balancing individual rights with the public interest in responding to COVID-19’ (2021) 14.1 SAJBL 4.

Criminal law and procedure

Hoctor, SVoluntary withdrawal in the context of attempt – a defence?’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 148.
Neethling, J ‘Liability of police for investigation of rape’ (2021) 1 TSAR 171.

Customary marriages

Bapela, MP and Monyamane, PLThe “revolving door” of requirements for validity of customary marriages in action – Mbungela v Mkabi [2019] ZASCA 134’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 186.
Manthwa, TA ‘Towards a new form of customary marriage and ignorance of precedence’ (2021) 1 TSAR 199.
Sibisi, SThe juristic nature of ilobolo agreements in modern South Africa’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 57.

Deceased estates

Sonnekus, JC ‘Einde van gemeenskaplike boedel van ’n egpaar getroud in gemeenskap van goed en aanvang van uitwissende verjaring van tersake vorderinge val saam’ (2021) 1 TSAR 184.

Delictual law

Zitzke, E ‘Transforming age-related capacity for fault in delict’ (2020) 138.2 SALJ 367.

Education law

Arendse, LFalling through the cracks: The plight of “over-aged” children in the public education system’ (2021) 54 DJ 105.

Environmental law

Lemine, BJThe efficacy of section 2(4)(l) of the National Environmental Management Act in the context of cooperative environmental governance’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 162.

Fourth industrial revolution

Njontini, MNDisruptive technologies and the future of regulations – ICT regulatory structure(s) determined’ (2021) 54 DJ 174.

Germline editing

Soni, SThe Brave New World: Should we tread down the path to human germline editing?’ (2021) 14.1 SAJBL 24.

Insurance law

Reinecke, MFB and Sonnekus, JC ‘Insurance policies, the Matrimonial Property Act and alienation of assets of the joint estate without value to the detriment of the non-consenting spouse’ (2021) 1 TSAR 123.

International administrative law

Addadzi-Koom, ME ‘Midnight actions during presidential transitions in Ghana: A rising tide’ (2019) AJCCL 25.

International constitutional law

Adegbite, OB ‘Between chasms and contours: Revisiting constitutional legitimacy and the quest for a progressive constitutional state in Nigeria’ (2019) AJCCL 77.
Barrie, GThe concept of “indigenous land tenure” surfaces in Namibia: A comparative overview – Agnes Kahimbi Kashela v Katima Mulilo Town Council (SA 15/2017) [2018] NASC 409 (16 November 2018)’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 175.
Bwire, B; Akech, M and Meroka-Mutua, A ‘Women political representation and gender quotas in Kenya: A retrospective look’ (2019) AJCCL 1.
Khakula, AB and Muendo, MM ‘Public participation, devolution and development: Expanding the frontiers of participation through technology in Kenya’ (2019) AJCCL 103.
Khayundi, F and Ongaro, MC ‘Barring county governors from office in Kenya: The use of national values and principles in constitutional interpretation’ (2019) AJCCL 129.
Wekesa, M ‘Presidential petitions in Kenya: Have decisions of the supreme court met the test of constitutionalism?’ (2019) AJCCL 55.

International insolvency law

Boterere, SGZimbabwe’s natural person debt relief system: Much-needed relief for No Income No Asset (NINA) debtors or “out with the new”?’ (2021) 54 DJ 194.

International law – parental rights

Mills, LMater semper (in)certus est: A South African perspective on McConnell v Registrar General for England and Wales’ (2020) 138.2 SALJ 397.

International surrogacy agreements

Oluwaseyi, OO and Oladimeji, OSurrogacy agreements and the rights of children in Nigeria and South Africa’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 20.

Labour law

Behari, A ‘Proving a causal link between pregnancy and dismissal: An analysis of the disclosure of pregnancy and the protection of pregnant employees in the South African workplace’ (2021) 1 TSAR 106.
Calitz, KDie uitsluiting van middellike aanspreeklikheid van werkgewers in vrywaringsklousules’ (2021) 18(2) LitNet.
Coetzee, SA ‘Promoting fair individual labour dispute resolution for South African educators accused of sexual misconduct (part 1)’ (2021) 1 TSAR 29.
Maimela, CIs discriminating against employees living with cancer in the workplace justified?’ (2021) 54 DJ 205.
Makama, SP and Kubjana, LLKCollective bargaining misjudged: The Marikana massacre’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 39.
Maloka, TCA critical appraisal of dismissals at the behest of a third party: The impact of the constitutional labour rights’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 105.
Rautenbach, IM ‘Die Konstitusionële Hof verwyder die reg van werknemers om nie onbillik ontslaan te word nie uit die beskermingsveld van die handves van regte – grondwetlike gesigspunte’ (2021) 1 TSAR 145.

Law of succession

Abduroaf, MAn analysis of the right of a Muslim child born out of wedlock to inherit from his or her deceased parent in terms of the law of succession: A South African case study’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 126.

Legal education

Crocker, ADMotivating large groups of law students to think critically and write like lawyers: Part 2’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 1.

Medical research

Strode, A; Freedman, W; Essack, Z and Van Rooyen, HCritiquing the ethics review process in the 2019 Nieuwoudt et al study on the impact of age and education on cognitive functioning among coloured South African women’ (2021) 14.1 SAJBL 11.
Thaldar, DW and Steytler, MTime for Cinderella to go to the ball: Reflections on the right to freedom of scientific research’ (2020) 138.2 SALJ 258.
Wilkinson, A; Slack, C; Crews, C; Singh, N; Salzwedel, J and Wassenaar, DHow can research ethics committees help to strengthen stakeholder engagement in health research in South Africa? An evaluation of REC documents’ (2021) 14.1 SAJBL 6.

Municipal law

Chamberlain, L and Masiangoako, T ‘Third time lucky? Provincial intervention in the Makana Local Municipality’ (2020) 138.2 SALJ 423.

Online contracts

Van Deventer, S ‘Problems relating to the formation of online contracts: A South African perspective’ (2020) 138.2 SALJ 219.

Physician-assisted suicide/euthanasia

Donkin, AJPhysician-assisted suicide and euthanasia – who are the vulnerable?’ (2021) 14.1 SAJBL 37.
Mnyandu, NDeveloping the common law crime murder in relation to physician-assisted suicide and physician-assisted euthanasia: Revisiting the missteps of Stransham-Ford v Minister of Justice and Correctional Development 2015 (4) SA 50 (G)’ (2021) 54 DJ 249.

Posthumous conception

Shozi, BLegal issues in posthumous conception using gametes removed from a comatose male: The case of Ex Parte SN’ (2021) 14.1 SAJBL 28.

Procurement law

Anthony, ARegulating construction procurement law in South Africa – does the new framework for infrastructure delivery and procurement management undermine the rule of law?’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 136.

Protection of personal information

Staunton, C; Adams, R; Botes, M; De Vires, J; Labuschaigne, M; Loots, G; Mahomed, S; Loideain, NN; Olckers, A; Pepper, MS; Pope, A and Ramsay, M ‘Enabling the use of health data for research: Developing a POPIA code of conduct for research in South Africa’ (2021) 14.1 SAJBL 33.

Redistribution of land

Kotzé, T and Pienaar, JM ‘Reconceptualising redistribution of land in South Africa: A possible legal framework’ (2020) 138.2 SALJ 287.

Road Accident Fund

Kehrhahn, FHHMT v Road Accident Fund; HM v Road Accident Fund [2021] 1 All SA 285 (GJ) Adverse findings against experts and legal practitioners without evidence or a hearing’ (2021) 54 DJ 265.

Sectional titles

Van der Merwe, CG ‘Can a conduct rule banning short-term letting for less than six months in a residential sectional title scheme be declared invalid because it constitutes commercial use of the unit, and then be enforced by a final interdict and declared constitutional?’ (2021) 1 TSAR 160.

Social security law

Makore, STM and Lubisi, NDewesternising the South African social security law: A leap towards an Afrocentric legal curricular’ (2021) 54 DJ 232.

Sperm donor agreements

Van Niekerk, CWhen is a donor a daddy? Informal agreements with known sperm donors: Lessons from abroad’ (2021) 42.1 Obiter 70.

Tax law

Legwaila, T ‘Third-party appointments – may the tax collector please comply?’ (2021) 1 TSAR 136.
Tredoux, L and Van der Linde, K ‘The taxation of dividend stripping transactions: A comparison between South Africa, Australia and Canada’ (2021) 1 TSAR 1.

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