Recent articles and Research – July 2024

July 1st, 2024

Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
THRHR Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeins-Hollandse Reg LexisNexis (2022) 85.1,  (2022) 85.2, (2022) 85.3, (2022) 85.4, (2023) 86.1, (2023) 86.2, (2023) 86.3


Actio de pauperie
Scott, J ‘Pauperien and aquilian liability confused – an equitable result achieved by doubtful means? Rautenbach v Grundlingh (55926/2017) [2022] ZAGPPHC 364 (18 May 2022)’ (2022) 85.4 THRHR 549.


Admission as legal practitioner
Van Staden, MJ ‘Reflections on the exclusion of certain categories of foreigners from admission as legal practitioners – Rafoneke v Minister of Justice and Correctional Services 2022 (6) SA 27 (CC)’ (2023) 86.1 THRHR 134.


Assisted reproductive technology
Pillay, R ‘The feasibility of applying constitutionally- mandated access to information legislation to realise a donor-conceived child’s right to know their biogenetic origins’ (2023) 86.3 THRHR 307.


Bank-customer contract
Schulze, WG and Wagener, AN ‘The duty of an account holder not to disclose his or her bank account details and PIN to third parties – FirstRand Bank Ltd v Kgethile (M370/2018) [2021] ZANWHC 63 (31 August 2021)’ (2022) 85.4 THRHR 576.


Best interests of the child
Boniface, A ‘All that glitters is not gold: Families, the best interests of the child, and guardianship – RC v SC 2022 (4) SA 308 (GJ)’ (2023) 86.1 THRHR 115.


Business rescue
Swart, WJC ‘Voluntary business rescue proceedings: To initiate, to begin, or to commence liquidation proceedings – is there a difference?’ (2022) 85.1 THRHR 136.


Children and evidence procedures
Bekink, M ‘New legislative provisions relating to the evidence of children given through intermediaries’ (2023) 86.2 THRHR 151.


Children’s rights
Kruger, H ‘The discrepancy between the criminal capacity and delictual accountability of children: A children’s rights perspective’ (2022) 85.1 THRHR 68.


Close corporations
Swart, WJC ‘The derivative action and a member’s authority to represent a close corporation in terms of section 54 of the Close Corporations Act 69 of 1984 – Naidoo v Dube Tradeport Corp 2022 (3) SA 390 (SCA)’ (2022) 85.4 THRHR 564.


Company law
Swart, WJC and Lombard, M ‘Company records and information – an open book?’ (2023) 86.3 THRHR 360.


Complaints regarding health care professionals
Slabbert, M; Labuschaigne, M and Kwinda, M ‘Inconsistent and irregular approaches in the handling of complaints by the Health Professions Council of South Africa – Haeck v Health Professions Council of South Africa (2021/11449) [2022] ZAGPJHC 690 (13 September 2022); Health Professions Council of South Africa v Grieve (1356/2019) [2021] ZASCA 6 (15 January 2021)’ (2023) 86.3 THRHR 394.


Consent for medical procedures
Swart, M ‘Ingeligte toestemming tot geneeskundige prosedures deur persone met intellektuele gestremdhede in Suid-Afrika: ’n Beleidsvoorstel vir gesondheidspraktisyns’ (2023) 86.3 THRHR 338.


Consumer protection
Lombard, M ‘Fairness in consumer redress under the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008’ (2023) 86.2 THRHR 242.
Lombard, M ‘The burden of proof under the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008’ (2023) 86.1 THRHR 97.
Tennant, SL ‘Warning defects and ensuing hazards in terms of the Consumer Protection Act: A cautionary tale to suppliers’ (2023) 86.1 THRHR 27.


Contingency fee agreements
Van Eck, M ‘The virtues and vices of legal practitioners in the use of contingency fee agreements’ (2023) 86.2 THRHR 200.


Copyright law
Geyer, S ‘Determining originalitly in South African copyright law: Is it “or”, “and”, or something “more”?’ (2022) 85.2 THRHR 176.


Criminal law – conviction of murder
Le Roux-Bouwer, J ‘Conviction of murder on the basis of circumstantial evidence – Kesa (CC19/2020) [2023] ZAECMHC 6 (13 February 2023); S v Mncube (CCP42/2021) [2023] ZAKZPHC 15 (15 February 2023)’ (2023) 86.3 THRHR 374.


Criminal law – intimidation
Stevens, GP ‘Revisiting the crime of intimidation in a constitutional setting – Moyo v Minister of Police 2020 (1) SACR 373 (CC)’ (2022) 85.3 THRHR 370.


Criminal law – premeditated murder
Le Roux-Bouwer, J ‘Premeditated murder: Section 51 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act 105 of 1997 and the right to a fair trial – Baloyi v S 2022 (1) SACR 557 (SCA); Peloeole v Director of Public Prosecutions, Gauteng (740/2022) [2022] 4 All SA 1 (SCA); Mpuqe v S (53/2021) [2022] ZASCA 37 (4 April 2022)’ (2023) 86.1 THRHR 107.


Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act 32 of 2007
Stevens, P ‘The exposure of display of, or “causing” the exposure or display of, pornography – quo vadis?’ (2023) 86.2 THRHR 253.


Criminal law and neuroscience
Stevens, P ‘Dangerous brains: Predicting future dangerousness in dangerous criminals. Can neuroscience assist?’ (2022) 85.4 THRHR 534.


Customary land tenure
Tlale, MT ‘The South African customary land tenure (in)security: Is there hope under the Communal Land Tenure Bill?’ (2022) 85.1 THRHR 50.


Customary law
Manthwa, A ‘The compatibility of judicial approaches to the integration of the bride with community practices: Guidelines for law reform’ (2023) 86.2 THRHR 186.
Manthwa, A and Ntsoane, L ‘The space for lobolo in the post-constitutional South African era: Revisiting the debate’ (2022) 85.4 THRHR 509.
Molepe, WO and Odeku, OK ‘The implications of the statutory regulation of customary law in South Africa’ (2023) 86.3 THRHR 320.


Data protection
Roos, A ‘Data protection principles under the GDPR and the POPI Act: A comparison’ (2023) 86.1 THRHR 1.


Definition of possession
Marais, EJ ‘The South African possession theory revisited: A re-evaluation of the possession concept and possessory terminology (1)’ (2022) 85.2 THRHR 151.
Marais, EJ ‘The South African possession theory revisited: A re-evaluation of the possession concept and possessory terminology (2)’ (2022) 85.3 THRHR 287.

Demand guarantees
Kelly-Louw, M ‘An interpretation of a “”complaiant demand” for a demand guarantee gone wrong tent validity – Uitspan Colliery (Pty) Ltd v Lombard Insurance Company Ltd (24814/2020) [2022] ZAGPJHC 389 (25 May 2022)’ (2023) 86.2 THRHR 261.


Digital financial services
Lawack, V; Mupangavanhu, BM and Olivier, E ‘The protection of consumers of retail central bank digital currency – some considerations’ (2023) 86.3 THRHR 285.


Electronic signatures
Van Eck, MM ‘The use of electronic signatures in property transactions: Has the law changed? – Borcherds v Duxbury 2021 (1) SA 410 (ECP)’ (2022) 85.3 THRHR 422.


Exclusive lease agreements
Church, J ‘The inclusion of public interest factors in merger reviews is not a panacea for all economic ills facing small enterprises: Fortress Income 2 (Pty) Ltd and Weskus Mall revisited’ (2022) 85.1 THRHR 127.


Financial sanctions
Lupton, C ‘A comparative analysis of the targeted financial sanctions regulatory framework of the European Union and the United Kingdom: Lessons for South Africa’ (2023) 86.1 THRHR 40.


Foreclosure on mortgage bond
Sonnekus, JC ‘Verbandversekering en die oproep van ’n huisverband weens wansprestasie deur die verbandskuldenaar – FirstRand Bank Limited v Mqambeli NO (17111/20) [20210] ZAWCHC 267 (20 December 2021)’ (2022) 85.3 THRHR 384.


Franchise agreements
Koekemoer, MM ‘The legal consequences attached to using notarial bonds to secure the obligations under a franchise agreement – FirstRand Bank Limited v The Spar Group Limited [2021] 2 AllLL SA 680 (SCA)’ (2022) 85.2 THRHR 248.


Kelly-Louw, M ‘Fraud in the wide sense and demand guarantees’ (2022) 85.4 THRHR 522.


Human rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Martin, BN ‘“Blood batteries” and the potential impact of a binding treaty governing business and human rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo’ (2022) 85.4 THRHR 456.


Indeterminate legal norms
Du Plessis, Q ‘Functions of legal indeterminacy’ (2022) 85.2 THRHR 240.


Huneberg, S ‘Promoting financial inclusion in the South African insurance industry: Is insurtech the missing link?’ (2022) 85.1 THRHR 1.


Interpretation of legislation
Carney, TR ‘Language resources as allowable extrinsic information: The need forto clearer guidelines in the Interpretation Act 33 of 1957’ (2023) 86.1 THRHR 88.


Legal and ethical duty on doctors
McQuoid-Mason, D ‘Informed consent: What should doctors do when a parental chaperone refuses to allow a legally competent child to be informed of her diagnosis?’ (2022) 85.2 THRHR 229.


Legal liability in sports
Ramsden, GA and Cloete, R ‘Legal liability in professional boxing in South Africa (1)’ (2022) 85.2 THRHR 196.
Ramsden, GA and Cloete, R ‘Legal liability in professional boxing in South Africa (2)’ (2022) 85.3 THRHR 336.


Life insurance beneficiaries
Roestoff, M and Boraine, A ‘Is genomineerde begunstigdes ingevolge lewensversekeringspolisse uitgesluit van beskerming teen insolvensie? – Wentzel v Discovery Life Limited: In re Botha NNO v Wentzel 2021 (6) SA 437 (HHA)’ (2022) 85.3 THRHR 408.


Litigation due to injuries sustained
Scott, J ‘Slippery floors: A serious pain in the neck for shopping mall owners and managers – Cenprop Real Estate (Pty) Ltd v Holzhausen’ (2023) 86.3 THRHR 383.


Local school governance
Smit, M ‘Discord between the provincial Head of Department and a school governing body: The Grey College saga continued’ (2022) 85.2 THRHR 215.
Smit, MH ‘Conflict between a school governing body and a school principal – Scheepers v School Governing Body of Grey College – the “partnership” in education in tatters’ (2022) 85.1 THRHR 91.


Mediation in child law
Ferreira, S ‘Children and their grandparents: Taking mediation to the next level (1)’ (2022) 85.3 THRHR 354.
Ferreira, S ‘Children and their grandparents: Taking mediation to the next level (2)’ (2022) 85.4 THRHR 441.


Medical negligence
Slabbert, M and Labuschaigne, M ‘Alleged negligence and cerebral palsy: Bad lawyering and an unfortunate outcome – The MEC for Health & Social Development, Gauteng v TM obo MM (380/2019) [2020] ZASCA 110 (10 August 2021)’ (2022) 85.2 THRHR 275.
Swart, M and Carstens, PA ‘Revisiting the application of the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur to cases of medical negligence: Could a Belgian judgment, prompt a rethink of Goliath? – Amlin Insurance, KUL/V en NVSM (k B1E3), Court of Appeal, Antwerp (22 November 2021)’ (2023) 86.1 THRHR 124.


Merger regulation
Nzero, I ‘The standard for merger assessment in Zimbabwe: The law and practice’ (2022) 85.1 THRHR 21.


Pacta sunt servanda
Huneberg, S and Berry, K ‘The dilution of pacta sunt servantda: An analysis of recent case law’ (2023) 86.1 THRHR 62.


Parental responsibilities and rights
Helmchen, L ‘Voorgestelde erkenning van poliandrie in Suid-Afrika en verkryging van ouerlike verantwoordelikhede en regte’ (2022) 85.3 THRHR 301.


Patent law
Geyer, S ‘Patent validity – Bayer Intellectual Property GMBH v Dr Reddy’s Laboratories (Pty) Ltd (2007/062838-5) [2021] ZACCP 3 (15 December 2021)’ (2023) 86.2 THRHR 27361.


Private health care
Slabbert, M and Labuschaigne, M ‘Doctors’ fees for private health care: A legal perspective’ (2022) 85.1 THRHR 33.


Private prosecution
Venter, N ‘Maak die speelveld gelyk: ’n Vergelyking van die benaderings tot privaat vervolging in Suid-Afrika en die Verendigde Koninkryk’ (2023) 86.2 THRHR 174.


Protection of personal information
Papadopoulos, S ‘The long road to mastering the POPIA: Lessons from Sheburi v Railway Safety Regulator – Sheburi v Railway Safety Regulator GATW 15200-21 (CCMA , 2 March 2022)’ (2022) 85.3 THRHR 397.


Regulation of breast milk
Slabbert, M and Labuschaigne, M ‘“Crying over spilled milk?” The legal regulation of milk breast milk in South Africa’ (2023) 86.2 THRHR 213.


Rental markets
Stoop, P and Stoop, C ‘Rent control measures in the private rental market: A comparative analysis of South Africa and Germany’ (2022) 85.4 THRHR 472.


Retirement benefits
Marumoagae, MC ‘The rule amendments that lead to the reduction of accrued retirement benefits: A review of the approach of the Supreme Court of Appeal in Mudau – Municipal Employees’ Pension Fund v Mudau (1159/2020) [20220] ZASCA 46 (8 April 2022)’ (2022) 85.3 THRHR 429.


Tax law and administration
Fritz, C and Van Zyl, SP ‘Tax administration, confidentiality of information, the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000, and public figures – Arena Holdings (Pty) Ltd t/a Financial Mail v SARS (88359/2019) [2021] ZAGPPNWHC (16 November 2021)’ (2022) 85.4 THRHR 586.


Tax offences
Fritz, C ‘Prosecution of tax offences by the South African Revenue Service: Time to take stock’ (2022) 85.2 THRHR 233.


Termination of pregnancy
Van der Westhuizen, C ‘Late termination of pregnancy in terms of the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act: – Llessons for South Africa from the Netherlands’ (2022) 85.1 THRHR 108.

Trade marks
Alberts, W ‘Geographical trade marks: The position in the European Union and South Africa’ (2023) 86.2 THRHR 233.

Trading servitudes
Kiewitz, LA ‘The right to prohibit another from trading on the servient tenement: Negative praedial trading servitudes (1)’ (2022) 85.3 THRHR 314.
Kiewitz, LA ‘The right to prohibit another from trading on the servient tenement: Negative praedial trading servitudes (2)’ (2022) 85.4 THRHR 491.


Value added tax
Erasmus, P and Van Zyl, SP ‘A matter of value added tax input deductions and the nexus principle – Consol Glass (Pty) Ltd v The Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service (1010/2019) [2020] ZASCA 175 ( 18 December 2020)’ (2022) 85.2 THRHR 258.


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