Recent articles and research – June 2019

June 1st, 2019

By Meryl Federl

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 Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue





General Council of the Bar (2019) 32.1 April
LitNet  LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys

(2019) 16.1 March

(2019) 16.1 April

PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2019) 22 April
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2019) 136.1
SACJ South African Journal of Criminal Justice Juta

(2018) 31.3 December


SA Merc LJ


South African Mercantile Law Journal


Juta (2018) 30.2


Administrative law

Penfold, G ‘Substantive reasoning and the concept of “administrative action”’ (2019) 136.1 SALJ 84.

Plasket, C ‘Disproportionality – the hidden ground of review: Medirite (Pty) Ltd v South African Pharmacy Council and Another’ (2019) 136.1 SALJ 15.

Wolf, L’n Kritiese betragting van die Gijima-uitsprake’ (2019) 16.1 April LitNet.

Company law

Cassim, R ‘A critical analysis of the judicial review procedures under section 71 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008’ (2018) 30.2 SA Merc LJ 302.

Cyber law

Sive, D and Price A ‘Regulating expression on social media’ (2019) 136.1 SALJ 51.

Consumer law

Barnard, J and Botha, M ‘Trade unions as suppliers of goods and service’ (2018) 30.2 SA Merc LJ 216.

Du Plessis, J ‘Lessons from America? A South African perspective on the draft restatement of the law, consumer contracts’ (2018) 30.2 SA Merc LJ 189.

Du Plessis, MA ‘Access to redress for consumers: A tale of the effect of a notice of non-referral by the National Consumer Commission’ (2018) 30.2 SA Merc LJ  330.

Contract law

Kubjana, L ‘When the letter cannot speak: Determining the duration of the contract and whether dismissal has taken place: Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club (Pty) Ltd v Ngomane and CCMA (unreported case no JR 2710/10) [2015] ZALCJHB 53’ (2018) 30.2 SA Merc LJ 368.

Van Loggerenberg, A ‘The fall of established rules in lease agreements: Mokone v Tassos Properties CC’ (2019) 136.1 SALJ 1.

Criminal law

Okpaluba, C ‘Quantification of damages for malicious prosecution: A comparative analysis of recent South African and Commonwealth case law (2)’ (2018) 31.3 SACJ 410.


Wallis, M ‘Revel without a cause – delictual liability after Lee’ (2019) 136.1 SALJ 165.

Divorce law

Bonthuys, EST v CT: Two views on public policy and post-divorce spousal maintenance’ (2019) 136.1 SALJ 41.

Education law

Coetzee, SAA legal perspective on social media use and employment: Lessons for South African educators’ (2019) 22 April PER.


Meintjes-van der Walt, L ‘Voice identification and ear-witnessing in the dock’ (2018) 31.3 SACJ 391.

Rogers, OArgument and Opinion: Advocate and expert’ (2019) 32.1 April Advocate 56.

Schwikkard, PJ ‘Does cross-examination enhance accurate fact-finding?’ (2019) 136.1 SALJ 27.

Van Amstel, JPCross-examination’ (2019) 32.1 April Advocate 52.

Intellectual property

Amechi, EP ‘Bio-economy, patents, and the commercialisation of traditional knowledge on the medicinal uses of plants in South Africa’ (2018) 30.2 SA Merc LJ 251.

International criminal law

Mushoriwa, L ‘Immunity before the International Criminal Court: Still hazy after all these years’ (2018) 31.3 SACJ 339.

Legal profession

Harpur SC, GD; Singh, R; Gani, H and Lamplough, ATransformative costs’ (2019) 32.1 April Advocate 38.

Jeffery, JHAccess to justice, legal costs and other interventions’ (2019) 32.1 April Advocate 48.

Municipal law

Van As, HAantekening: Kan munisipale wetstoepassingsbeamptes goedsmoeds op die publiek losgelaat word?’ (2019) 16.1 March LitNet.

Pension law

Marumoagae, C ‘An argument for necessary amendments to the legislative provisions regulating the sharing of retirement savings upon divorce in South Africa’ (2018) 30.2 SA Merc LJ 280.


Mukheibir, A; Botha, J and Mitchell, G ‘The ticking clock of prescription in cases of historical sexual abuse’ (2018) 31.3 SACJ 361.

Property law

Brits, R ‘Executing a judgment debt against immovable property occupied as a family home in customary law: Nedbank Limited v Molebaloa’ (2018) 30.2 SA Merc LJ 348.


Du Plessis, G ‘The constitutionality of the regulation of religion in South Africa – untoward restrictions of the right to religious freedom?’ (2019) 136.1 SALJ 131.

Social security law

Batchelor, B and Wazvaremhaka, T ‘Balancing financial inclusion and data protection in South Africa: Black Sash Trust v Minister of Social Development’ (2019) 136.1 SALJ 112.

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