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June 1st, 2020

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
DJ De Jure University of Pretoria (2020) 53
ILJ Industrial Law Journal Juta (2020) 41
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2020) 137.1


Banking and finance law

Ngidi, MThe termination of the bank-client relationship in South African banking law’ (2020) 53 DJ 54.

Van Niekerk, G and van Heerden, C ‘The importance of a legislative framework for co-operation and collaboration in the Twin Peaks model of financial regulation’ (2020) 137.1 SALJ 108.

Commercial law

Hamman, A and Koen, RCarpe Pecuniam: Criminal forfeiture of tainted legal fees’ (2020) 53 DJ 19.

Constitutional law

Bekink, BFrom mere Christmas decorations to concrete constitutional ethics – EFF v Speaker of the National Assembly; DA v Speaker of the National Assembly 2016 (3) SA 580 (CC)’ (2020) 53 DJ 104.

Contract law

Boonzaier, L ‘Rereading Botha v Rich’ (2020) 137.1 SALJ 1.

Criminal law, litigation and procedure

Cameron, E ‘The crisis of criminal justice in South Africa’ (2020) 137.1 SALJ 32.

Van der Merwe, A and Mitchell LMThe use of impact statements, minimum sentences and victims’ privacy interests: A therapeutic exploration’ (2020) 53 DJ 1.

Customary marriages

Sibisi, SIs the requirement of integration of the bride optional in customary marriages?’ (2020) 53 DJ 90.

Estate planning, wills and trusts

Abduroaf, MAn analysis of the rationale behind the distribution of shares in terms of the Islamic law of intestate succession’ (2020) 53 DJ 115.

Maunatlala, K and Maimela, CThe implementation of customary law of succession and common law of succession respectively: With a specific focus on the eradication of the rule of male primogeniture’ (2020) 53 DJ 36.

Intellectual property

Oriakhogba, DO ‘Empowering rural women crafters in KwaZulu-Natal: The dynamics of intellectual property, traditional cultural expressions, innovation and social entrepreneurship’ (2020) 137.1 SALJ 145.

International law

Imiera, PPThe corruption race in Africa: Nigeria versus South Africa, who cleans the mess first?’ (2020) 53 DJ 70.


Wallis, M ‘What’s in a name? A note on nomenclature’ (2020) 137.1 SALJ 25.

Labour law

Fergus, E and Jacobs, M ‘The contested terrain of secret ballots’ (2020) 41 ILJ 757.

Smuts, M and Smit, D ‘Excessive stress and eliminating barriers to decent work’ (2020) 41 ILJ 779.

Mujuzi, JD ‘Hearsay evidence in labour disputes in South Africa’ (2020) 41 ILJ 804.

Le Roux, R ‘Decoding s 200B of the LRA: Masoga and Another v Pick n Pay Retailers (Pty) Ltd and Others (2019) 40 ILJ 2707 (LAC)’ (2020) 41 ILJ 822.

Newaj, K ‘Can employees be fairly dismissed for refusing to accept a demand? A discussion of National Union of Metalworkers of SA and Others v Aveng Trident Steel (A Division of Aveng Africa (Pty) Ltd) and Another (2019) 40 ILJ 2024 (LAC)’ (2020) 41 ILJ 834.

Medical law

Townsend, B and Thaldar, D ‘Informed consent in medical malpractice suits: An analysis of Beukes v Smith’ (2020) 137.1 SALJ 13.

Persons and family law

Calitz, K and de Villiers, C ‘Sexual abuse of pupils by teachers in South African schools: The vicarious liability of education authorities’ (2020) 137.1 SALJ 72.

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