Recent articles and research – June 2022

June 1st, 2022


Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
CILSA Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa Juta

(2020) 1

(2020) 2

DJ De Jure University of Pretoria

(2021) 54

(2022) 55

EL Employment Law Journal LexisNexis

(2022) 38.1

(2022) 38.2



African constitutional law

Simbo, C ‘The scope and content of section 75(1)(a) of the Zimbabwean Constitution: An international law approach’ (2020) 53.2 CILSA 170.


Amnesty law

Kisla, A ‘Namibia and blanket amnesties: Challenging the Namibian blanket amnesties on the basis of international law in the Namibian Courts’ (2020) 53.2 CILSA 3.


Breach of contract

Seanego, KA ‘A gain-based remedy for breach of contract in English law: Some lessons for South African law’ (2020) 53.2 CILSA 101.


Children’s rights – Namibia

Witting, SK and Angula, MP ‘Leveraging international law to strengthen the national legal framework on child sexual abuse material in Namibia’ (2020) 53.1 CILSA 4.


Comparative law

Somaru, N and Rautenbach, C ‘The Indian approach to criminal justice: The role of traditional courts as alternative dispute resolution mechanisms’ (2020) 53.2 CILSA 130.


COVID-19 – labour law

Khumalo, BComply with workplace COVID-19 protocols or face dismissal: A stark reminder from Eskort Limited v Stuurman Mogotsi and Others (JR1644/20) [2021] ZALCJHB 53 (28 March 2021)’ (2021) 54 DJ 579.


Double taxation agreements

Jansen van Rensburg, E ‘The interaction between section 233 of the South African Constitution and the commentaries to the OECD Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital’ (2020) 53.1 CILSA 32.

Human rights

Mubangizi, JC ‘National Human Rights Institutions and Sustainable Development with specific reference to selected African examples’ (2020) 53.1 CILSA 90.


International Court of Justice

Barrie, GN ‘Journal note: Third-party State intervention in disputes before the International Court of Justice: A reassessment of Articles 62 and 63 of the ICJ Statute’ (2020) 53.1 CILSA 152.


International employment law

Mujuzi, JDThe Seychelles Employment Tribunal: The drafting history of the Employment (Amendment) Act of 2008 and its relevancy to understanding the work of the Tribunal’ (2022) 55 DJ 28.


International healthcare rights

Imam, I and Egbewole, W ‘Comparative exposition of judicial interventionism in the enforcement of the healthcare right in Nigeria and India’ (2020) 53.1 CILSA 116.


International human rights law

Dube, A ‘Disparaging language (ex curia) as a barrier in individual complaints before the European Court of Human Rights (Zhdanov v Russia) – lessons for the African System?’ (2020) 53.2 CILSA 83.


Labour law

Grogan, J ‘War zone – collateral damage of union rivalry’ (2022) 38.1 EL.
Grogan, J ‘Desertion, abscondment or just AWOL? How to deal with absent workers’ (2022) 38.2 EL.
Grogan, J ‘Reinstatement or compensation? The scope of section 193(2)(b)’ (2022) 38.2 EL.
Grogan, J ‘Secondary strikes – How reasonable must they be?’ (2022) 38.1 EL.


Private international law

Kurasha, PERSouth Africa’s jurisdictional challenge with the under-development of cross-border commercial litigation: Litigation v Arbitration’ (2022) 55 DJ 1.


Right to the free exercise of religion

Clark, B ‘Legally pluralist and rights-based approaches to South African and English Muslim personal law – a comparative analysis’ (2020) 53.2 CILSA 40.


Treaty-making processes

Phooko, MR ‘A call for public participation in the treaty-making process in South Africa: What can South Africa learn from the Kingdom of Thailand?’ (2020) 53.1 CILSA 68.


Kathleen Kriel BTech (Journ) is the Production Editor at De Rebus.
This article was first published in De Rebus in 2022 (June) DR 36.