Recent articles and research – March 2021

March 1st, 2021

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Accessing articles from publishers


Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
AHRLJ African Human Rights Law Journal Centre for Human Rights, Department of Law, University of Pretoria (2020) 20.2
BTCLQ Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly SiberInk (2020) 11.3
JJS Journal for Juridical Science University of the Free State, Faculty of Law (2020) 45.2
LDD Law, Democracy and Development University of the Western Cape, Faculty of Law (2020) 24
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2020) 137.4
SJ Speculum Juris University of Fort Hare (2020) 34.1
THRHR Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeinse-Hollandse Reg LexisNexis (2020) 83.4


Administrative law

Cordell, CGT; Van As, HJ and Botha, J ‘Formulating a new conception of corruption through historical analysis’ (2020) 83.4 THRHR 562.
Plasket, C ‘Procedural fairness, executive decision-making and the rule of law’ (2020) 137.4 SALJ 698.

Banking and finance law

Vinti, C ‘The right of “interested parties” to be heard during an anti-dumping investigation conducted by the National Treasury on behalf of the Minister of Finance’ (2020) 137.4 SALJ 713.

Business rescue

Calitz, JC ‘Payment of success fees to business rescue practitioners: Where to draw the line? – Caratco (Pty) Ltd v Independent Advisory (Pty) Ltd [2020] ZASCA 17 (25 March 2020)’ (2020) 83.4 THRHR 636.

Company law

Bidie, SSA reflection on the interpretation germane to an “act or omission” or “course of conduct or continued practice” in terms of the 2008 Companies Act: A critical analysis of Singh v The CIPC’ (2020) 34.1 SJ 27.
Phiri, S and Mpofu, KA consideration of the binding effect of s 15(6) of the Companies Act 71/2008’ (2020) 45.2 JJS 154.

Constitutional law

Davis, DMAuthoritarian constitutionalism: The South African experience’ (2020) 45.2 JJS 1.

Consumer law

Kawadza, HThe regulation of once-off credit agreements: Reflections on Government Gazette no 39981 Notice N513 through Du Bruyn NO and Others v Karsten (929/2017) [2018] ZASCA 143 (28 September 2018)’ (2020) 34.1 SJ 68.
Scott, T ‘Caveat subscriptor, the consumer-friendly approach: An analysis of Van Wyk v UPS SCS South Africa (Pty) Ltd’ (2020) 137.4 SALJ 625.

Corporate law

Botha, MM and Shiells, B ‘Towards a hybrid approach to corporate social responsibility in South Africa: Lessons from India’ (2020) 83.4 THRHR 582.

COVID-19: Constitutional powers

Fombad, CM and Abdulrauf, LAComparative overview of the constitutional framework for controlling the exercise of emergency powers in Africa’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 376.

COVID-19: Education

Kamga, SDCOVID-19 and the inclusion of learners with disabilities in basic education in South Africa: A critical analysis’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 558.

COVID-19: International human rights

Akech, JGExacerbated inequalities: Implications of COVID-19 for the socio-economic rights of women and children in South Sudan’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 584.
Kabira, N and Kibugi, RSaving the soul of an African constitution: Learning from Kenya’s experience with constitutionalism during COVID-19’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 436.
Nkhata, MJ and Mwenifumbo, AWLivelihoods and legal struggles amidst a pandemic: The human rights implications of the measures adopted to prevent, contain and manage COVID-19 in Malawi’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 512.
Nkuubi, JWhen guns govern public health: Examining the implications of the militarised COVID-19 pandemic response for democratisation and human rights in Uganda’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 607.
Shale, IImplications of Lesotho’s COVID-19 response framework for the rule of law’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 462.
Shongwe, MNEswatini’s legislative response to COVID-19: Whither human rights?’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 412.

COVID-19: Personal information

Lim, WAssessing the implications of digital contact tracing for COVID-19 for human rights and the rule of law in South Africa’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 540.

COVID-19: Regulations

Fombad, CEditorial introduction to special focus: Assessing the implications of COVID-19 pandemic regulations for human rights and the rule of law in Eastern and Southern Africa’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 368.
Van Staden, MConstitutional rights and their limitations: A critical appraisal of the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 484.

Criminal law, litigation and procedure

Okpaluba, CDamages for injuries arising from the infringement of the rights of persons in police or prison custody: South Africa in comparative perspective (Part 1)’ (2020) 34.1 SJ 74.
Sloth-Neilsen, J and Mutsvara, SSDG 16 and the impact of the CCR on pre-trial detention of children in South Africa’ (2020) 34.1 SJ 1.

Customary law

Manthwa, A and Ntsoane, L ‘The right to bury the deceased in terms of customary law: Whose right is it? – Sengadi v Tsambo 2019 (4) SA 50 (GJ)’ (2020) 83.4 THRHR 611.


Finn, M ‘Befriending the bogeyman: Direct horizontal application in AB v Pridwin’ (2020) 137.4 SALJ 591.


Phillips, J ‘Opposing cynical evictions: A framework of appropriate remedies’ (2020) 137.4 SALJ 733.

Intellectual property

Karjiker, S ‘Geographical indications: The cuckoo in the IP nest’ (2020) 137.4 SALJ 763.

International children’s rights

Fokala, E and Rudman, AAge or maturity? African children’s right to participate in medical decision-making processes’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 667.
Jonas, ORes interpretata principle: Giving domestic effect to the judgments of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 736.
Kangaude, GD; Bhana, D and Skelton, AChildhood sexuality in Africa: A child rights perspective’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 688.
Johnson, AK and Sloth-Nielsen, JChild protection, safeguarding and the role of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child: Looking back and looking ahead’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 643.
Mahadew, RThe Children’s Bill of Mauritius: A critical assessment of key aspects’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 852.
Miamingi, AThe applicability of the best interests principle to children of imprisoned mothers in contemporary Africa: Between hard and soft law’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 713.
Msuya, NHChild marriage: An obstacle to socio-economic development in sub-Saharan Africa’ (2020) 45.2 JJS 43.
Murungi, NEditorial introduction to special focus: The African Children’s Charter at 30: Reflections on its past and future contribution to the rights of children in Africa’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 640.

International constitutional law

Nkhata, MJThe High Court of Malawi as a Constitutional Court: Constitutional adjudication the Malawian way’ (2020) 24 LDD 442.

International financial regulations

Van Heerden, CM; van Niekerk, GM and Huls, NJH ‘Two takes on Twin Peaks: A comparative appraisal of the models of financial regulation in the Netherlands and South Africa’ (2020) 83.4 THRHR 491.

International human rights

Heikkilä, M and Mustaniemi-Laakso, MVulnerability as a human rights variable: African and European developments’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 777.
Kombo, BKA missed opportunity? Derogation and the African Court case of APDF and IHRDA v Mali’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 756.
Nyathi, M and Ncube, MThe 2017 military coup in Zimbabwe: Implications for human rights and the rule of law’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 825.

International trade

Zongwe, DP and Masumbe, PSThe African Customs Union, infant industry protection, and self-centred development’ (2020) 34.1 SJ 92.


Nkosi, T and Mahlako, NAre courts going out of their way to accommodate racists? A critique of South African Revenue Service v Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration and Others’ (2020) 24 LDD 338.
Pretorius, DM ‘“When legality and certainty collide”: Magnificent Mile Trading 30 (Pty) Ltd v Celliers NO and Others’ (2020) 137.4 SALJ 608.
Swanepoel, CFConstitutional matters and arguable points of law: Reflections on the General Council of the Bar, Jiba and Mrwebi jurisprudence’ (2020) 45.2 JJS 22.

Labour law

Ebrahim, S ‘Can the outcome of collective bargaining (collective agreements) justify an equal pay claim in terms of the EEA?’ (2020) 83.4 THRHR 514.

Law of contract

Thompson, S ‘Beadica 231 CC: An end to the trilogy?’ (2020) 137.4 SALJ 641.

Legal education

Crocker, ADUsing peer tutors to improve the legal writing skills of first-year law students at University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College School of Law’ (2020) 45.2 JJS 128.

Municipal law

Glasser, MD and Wright, JSouth African municipalities in financial distress: What can be done?’  (2020) 24 LDD 413.
Holness, WeThekwini’s discriminatory by-laws: Criminalising homelessness’ (2020) 24 LDD 468.

National Health Insurance Bill

Labuschaigne, M and Slabbert, M ‘Unpacking the South African National Health Insurance Bill: Potential impact and legal issues’ (2020) 83.4 THRHR 471.

Private international law

Boraine, A ‘The granting of a recognition order in terms of the Cross-Border Insolvency Act 42 of 2000 – Ex parte Van Straten NO unreported case 22678 of 2014 (WCC)’ (2020) 83.4 THRHR 622.

Property law

Brits, RExecuting a debt against residential property: The potential application of Rule 46A of the Uniform Rules of Court beyond a literal reading of “property of a judgment debtor”’ (2020) 45.2 JJS 74.
Govender, T and Mammon, NA clash of rights in the legal and spatial planning contexts: The case of the Philippi Horticultural Area’ (2020) 45.2 JJS 98.

Protected Areas Act

Blackmore, AWhat happens on the beach stays on the beach: A speculative legal analysis of nudism in South African protected areas’ (2020) 24 LDD 318.

Public interest litigation

‘Nyane, H and Maqakachane, TStanding to litigate in the public interest in Lesotho: The case for a liberal approach’ (2020) 20.2 AHRLJ 799.

Public procurement

Anthony, ABridging the public/private divide in South African construction procurement law: Evolving from a transactional to a relational perspective*’ (2020) 34.1 SJ 15.
Cachalia, R and Kohn, L ‘The quest for “reasonable certainty”: Refining the justice and equity remedial framework in public procurement cases’ (2020) 137.4 SALJ 659.

Public protector – remedial action

Slade, BVThe implications of the Public Protector’s remedial action directing the exercise of discretionary constitutional powers: separation of powers implications’ (2020) 24 LDD 364.

Sectional titles

Van der Merwe, CJ ‘What must a body corporate of a sectional title scheme do to regularise the illegal conversion of garages into living quarters? – Mineur v Baydunes Body Corporate 2019 (5) SA 260 (WCC)’ (2020) 83.4 THRHR 599.

Secured transactions

Koekemoer, MM and Brits, R ‘Towards reforming South African secured transactions law: The value of a comparison with international and regional legal instruments’ (2020) 83.4 THRHR 528.

Tax law

Kruger, L and Kruger, D ‘Future allowances on contracts: Section 24C and the impact of recent case law’ (2020) 11.3 BTCLQ 11.
Moosa, F ‘A cryptocurrency wallet: Is it “relevant material” for tax administration purposes?’ (2020) 11.3 BTCLQ 21.
Rudnicki, M and Choate, J ‘Shifting tax deductions back to the future: The evolving implications of s 23H of the Income Tax Act’ (2020) 11.3 BTCLQ 1.
Van Zyl, SP ‘The remittance of interest on a tax obligation in terms of a voluntary disclosure agreement: Differentiating between taxpayers’ (2020) 83.4 THRHR 542.


Amadi, V and Lenaghan, PAdvancing regional integration through the free movement of persons in the Southern African Development Community (SADC)’ (2020) 34.1 SJ 51.


Sibanda, SWhen do you call time on a compromise? South Africa’s discourse on transformation and the future of transformative constitutionalism’ (2020) 24 LDD 384.

Vicarious liability

Tshoose, IThe employers’ vicarious liability in deviation cases: Some thoughts from the judgment of Stallion Security v Van Staden 2019 40 ILJ 2695 (SCA)’ (2020) 34.1 SJ 41.

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