Recent articles and research – March 2022

March 1st, 2022

Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law

(2021) 24

(2022) 25

PLD Property Law Digest LexisNexis

(2021) 25.3

(2021) 25.4

PSLR Pretoria Student Law Review Pretoria University Law Press (PULP) (2021) 15.1
SA Merc LJ South African Mercantile Law Journal Juta

(2021) 33.1

(2021) 33.2

SAJBL South African Journal of Bioethics and Law South African Medical Association NPC

(2021) 14.2

(2021) 14.3


Animal disease regulations

Viljoen, L and Fourie, MPAdministrative justice and communal subsistence farming in foot-and-mouth disease control: The possible application of proportionality as a ground of review under the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3 Of 2000’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 409.


Artificial intelligence

Chitimira, H and Ncube, PThe regulation and use of artificial intelligence and 5G technology to combat cybercrime and financial crime in south African Banks’ (2021) 24 PER.
Hamadziripi, F and Chitimira, HThe integration and reliance on technology to enhance the independence and accountability of company directors in South Africa’ (2021) 24 PER.


Basic education

Mateus, S and Shange, KBroken and unequal: The South African education system and the attainment of the right to basic education through litigation’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 353.
Osei-Fofie, A and Herd, N ‘School of court: The development of the right to basic education through litigation in South African courts’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 387.



Fayemi, AKReconsidering solidarity in an African modified principlism’ (2021) 14.2 SAJBL 50.
Neves, MP and Batista, JPBBiomedical ethics and regulatory capacity building partnership for Portuguese-Speaking African Countries (BERC-Luso): A pioneering project’ (2021) 14.3 SAJBL 79.


Clinical trails

Naidoo, P; Rambiritch, V; Webb, DA; Leisegang, RF; Cotton, MF and Etheredge, HRMechanisms for sustainable post-trial access: A perspective’ (2021) 14.3 SAJBL 77.


Company law

Mahhumane, DM and Cassim, R ‘A critical analysis of the amendments proposed to the social and ethics committee by the Companies Amendment Bill, 2018’ (2021) 33.2 SA Merc LJ 153.
Olivier, EA ‘Regulating against false corporate accounting: Does the Companies Act 71 of 2008 have sufficient teeth?’ (2021) 33.1 SA Merc LJ 1.
Phakeng, MThe appraisal right in terms of section 164 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008: An overview’ (2021) 25 PER.


Conservation law

Irving, NConservation crime and pangolin poaching: Tensions between customary use and conservation law’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 441.
Tshikota, GDismantling racial ontology: Constitutional abolitionism as a solution to South Africa’s anti-blackness and white supremacy’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 255.
Mupangavanhu, Y and Kerchhoff, D ‘The regulation of false advertising in South Africa: An analysis of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 and self-regulation’ (2021) 33.2 SA Merc LJ 260.


Corporate and financial markets law

Chitimira, H and Warikandwa, TVEditorial: Special edition on corporate and financial markets law: Embracing technology in corporate, securities and financial markets law and the combating of financial crimes in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (2021) 24 PER.


Corporate assets

Ndlovu, LEnhancing the value of patents as corporate assets in South Africa: How can artificial intelligence (AI) assist?’ (2021) 24 PER.


Corporate governance

Asheela-Shikalepo, NCorruption and corporate governance in Namibia: An analysis of the strategic approaches in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (2021) 24 PER.
Sibanda, AShareholder oppression as corporate conduct repugnant to public policy: Infusing the concept of ubuntu in the interpretation of section 163 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008’ (2021) 24 PER.


Corporate sector

Matotoka, MD and Odeku, KOMainstreaming black women into managerial positions in the South African corporate sector in the era of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR)’ (2021) 24 PER.


Corporate takeovers

Mudzamiri, J and Osode, PCReconciling the “bittersweet chemistry” between technology and corporate takeovers through reinforcing national security interests in merger control’ (2021) 24 PER.



Botes, MInformed consent during pandemics: Experimental medicine, experienced consent’ (2021) 14.3 SAJBL 93.
Cloete, KAThe impact of COVID-19 on human rights: A critical analysis of the lawfulness of measures imposed by states during the pandemic under international law’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 63.
Dhai, AThe omicron hodge-podge: Travel bans, vaccine mandates, children and vaccine equity’ (2021) 14.3 SAJBL 75.
Du Plessis, MPolice and power in a pandemic: Reflections on the rise of police brutality during COVID-19 and its implications on social justice in South Africa’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 38.
Le Roux, ISocial justice and COVID-19 in the “new” South Africa: Invoking Ramosean meditations in pandemic times’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 1.
Mbambo, IKThe defensibility of socio-economic rights in a state of disaster: A South African perspective’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 94.
Ndlovu, L and Tshoose, CI ‘COVID-19 and employment law in South Africa: Comparative perspectives on selected themes’ (2021) 33.1 SA Merc LJ 56.
Smit, SHerd immunity or political power?’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 77.
Thaldar, DWIvermectin and the rule of law’ (2021) 14.2 SAJBL 47.
Tshikota, GRacial epistemology at a time of a pandemic: A synopsis of South Africa’s persisting inequalities through the lens of “#Feesmustfall” and “#Freedecolonisededucation”’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 25.
Zulu, TCOVID-19 and access to reproductive health rights for women in higher education institutions in South Africa’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 49.



Adam, ZAn overview of the regulation of cryptocurrency in South Africa’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 370.
Singh, S and Calitz, J ‘The impact of cryptocurrencies on the general powers and duties of South African insolvency practitioners’ (2021) 33.2 SA Merc LJ 289.
Ukwueze, FOCryptocurrency: Towards regulating the unruly enigma of Fintech in Nigeria and South Africa’ (2021) 24 PER.


Customary law

Magubane, CThe imposition of common law in the interpretation and application of customary law and customary marriages’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 336.


Customary marriage

Osman, FComment on the Single Marriage Statute: Implications for customary marriages, polygynous marriages and life partnerships’ (2021) 24 PER.



Warikandwa, TVPersonal data security in South Africa’s financial services market: The Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation Compared’ (2021) 24 PER.


Delictual law

Msaule, PRThrowing the unlawful detention jurisprudence into turmoil: A critique of De Klerk v Minister of Police 2020 (1) SACR 1 (CC)’ (2021) 24 PER.


Dispute settlement

Umenze, NSIs the WTO appellate body in limbo? The roots of the crisis in the WTO Dispute Settlement Body and the available routes navigating the quagmire’ (2021) 24 PER.


Environmental justice

Molaiwa, AMunicipal courts and environmental justice in South African Local Government’ (2021) 24 PER.
Papacostantis, HSouth Africa’s journey to climate change regulation: Earthlife Africa Johannesburg v Minister of Environmental Affairs 2017 (2) All SA 519 (GP)’ (2021) 24 PER.
Schröder, FRFuture generations and the environment: A right to intergenerational equity under international law?’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 165.


Financial crimes

Van Niekerk, MG and Phaladi, NHDigital financial services: Prospects and challenges’ (2021) 24 PER.


Health review boards

Swanepoel, M and Mahomed, SInvoluntary admission and treatment of mentally ill patients – the role and accountability of mental health review boards’ (2021) 14.3 SAJBL 89.


Human genome editing

Kamwendo, T and Shozi, BIs South Africa ready for the future of human germline genome editing? Comparing South African law and recent proposals for global governance’ (2021) 14.3 SAJBL 97.


Innovative technology

Chitimira, H and Magau, PTA legal analysis of the use of innovative technology in the promotion of financial inclusion for low-income earners in South Africa’ (2021) 24 PER.


Insolvency law

Adam, ZA critique of the available debt relief measures afforded to NINA debtors in the wake of transformative constitutionalism and international trends’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 279.


Intellectual property

Shay, RM and Moleya, NIDiscovering the value of liberty in intellectual property adjudication: A methodological critique of the reasoning in Discovery Ltd v Liberty Group Ltd 2020 (4) SA 160 (GJ)’ (2021) 24 PER.
Shifotoka, FAn analysis of the applicable laws on the protection of traditional knowledge and cultural expressions in Namibia’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 149.


International constitutional law

‘Nyane, HA note on the ninth amendment to the Constitution of Lesotho’ (2021) 24 PER.


International estate planning

Nel, EEstate planning and wills across borders: Sometimes a quagmire in the making’ (2021) 24 PER.


International human rights

Agbor, AAAccountability of law enforcement personnel for human rights violations in Cameroon: Trends and challenges’ (2021) 24 PER.


International labour law

Kasuso, TGRevisiting the Zimbabwean unfair labour practice concept’ (2021) 24 PER.



Curlewis, L and Abdoll, DThe accessibility and effectiveness of South African Civil Lower Courts’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 108.
Pundit, PThe role of ubuntu in the law of contract’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 291.


Labour law

Dhai, ATo vaccinate or not to vaccinate: Mandatory COVID-19 vaccination in the workplace’ (2021) 14.2 SAJBL 42.
Ebrahim, SThe employee’s right to freedom of religion versus the employer’s workplace needs: An ongoing battle: TDF Network Africa (Pty) Ltd v Faris 2019 40 ILJ 326 (LAC)’ (2021) 24 PER.
Loubser, ME and Garbers, C ‘The job security of employees of financially distressed companies’ (2021) 33.2 SA Merc LJ 200.
Louw, AMLanguage discrimination in the context of South African workplace discrimination law’ (2021) 25 PER.
Narotam, KThe impact of transformative constitutionalism in addressing the marginalisation of domestic workers in post-Apartheid South Africa with specific reference to Mahlangu and Another v Minister of Labour and Others (Commission for Gender Equality and Another as amici curiae) [2020] JOL 48996 (CC)’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 196.
Newaj, KDetermining the true reason for an alleged section 187(1)(c) dismissal: A discussion of National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa v Aveng Trident Steel (a Division of Aveng Africa (Pty) Ltd) (2021) 42 ILJ 67 (CC)’ (2021) 24 PER.
Okpaluba, C and Maloka, TC ‘Incompatibility as a ground for dismissal in contemporary South African law of unfair dismissal: A review of Zeda Car Leasing and other recent cases’ (2021) 33.2 SA Merc LJ 238.
Pawson, ABalancing rights amidst social media scandals: How employers can deal with employees’ reputation-damaging and/or defamatory social media posts’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 215.
Rinaldi, EA comparative analysis of the mandatory rule doctrine and its application in the South African Labour Court’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 312.
Tenza, M ‘Investigating the need to introduce compulsory interest arbitration as a method to prevent lengthy strikes in South Africa’ (2021) 33.2 SA Merc LJ 176.
Van Staden, M and Van der Linde, K ‘Case Note: Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown: Moyo v Old Mutual Limited (22791/2019) [2019] ZAGPJHC 229 (30 July 2019) and Old Mutual Limited v Moyo (2020) 41 ILJ 1985 (GJ)’ (2021) 33.1 SA Merc LJ 137.


Law of nuisance

Kotzé, T and Boggenpeol, ZLiving together as neighbours: Rethinking the reasonableness standard in nuisance law under the Constitution’ (2021) 24 PER.


Legal education

Moolman, HJ and Du Plessis, AKey considerations for traditional residential universities intending to offer Bachelor of Laws (LLB) through the distance mode of tuition: A case study’ (2021) 24 PER.


Local government

Qumbu, BThe role of the courts in advancing water security in South Africa’ (2021) 24 PER.
Steenkamp, RMMunicipal instruments in law for cultural heritage protection: A case study of the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality’ (2021) 24 PER.



Laubscher, M ‘Contract as a basis for mediation confidentiality’ (2021) 33.1 SA Merc LJ 112.


Medical law

Murphy, SExtracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Therapy in intensive care units (ICU) in South African state hospitals: A normative study’ (2021) 14.2 SAJBL 67.


Mobile money services

Chitimira, H and Torerai, EThe nexus between mobile money regulation, innovative technology and the promotion of financial inclusion in Zimbabwe’ (2021) 24 PER.


Money laundering

Chitimira, H and Ncube, MTowards ingenious technology and the robust enforcement of financial markets laws to curb money laundering in Zimbabwe’ (2021) 24 PER.


Notarial Bonds

Koekemoer, MM and Brits, RLessons from UNCITRAL for reforming the South African Legal Framework Concerning Security Rights in Movable Property’ (2021) 25 PER.


Occupational health and safety

Smit, MHDie toepassing van die Wet op Beroepsgesondheid en -Veiligheid en ander Veiligheidsmaatreëls by skole se tegnologiewerkswinkels’ (2021) 25 PER.


Pension Fund law

Marumoagae, MCThe need to adopt preventative measures to combat the misappropriation of retirement fund assets’ (2021) 24 PER.


Persons and family law

De Roubaix, MHuman reproduction: Right, duty or privilege? South African perspective’ (2021) 14.2 SAJBL 55.
Mahery, PThe child’s right to family and parental care during hospitalisation: Exploring legal obligations and policy standards for hospitals’ (2021) 14.2 SAJBL 62.


Property law

Bhuqa, WZ ‘Invalidity of acts performed by trustees of a body corporate outside the scope of their powers’ (2021) 25.4 PLD.
Bhuqa, WZ ‘The legal nature of title conditions in favour of home owner’s associations’ (2021) 25.3 PLD.
Botha, M ‘POPIA in the age of transparency’ (2021) 25.3 PLD.
Botha, M ‘Purchaser: Your risk appetite might poison you’ (2021) 25.4 PLD.
Botha, M ‘Sectional Title Scheme Management: The legislature is out of touch (part 1)’ (2021) 25.4 PLD.
Mitchell, L ‘Tax implications of a loss suffered from property letting’ (2021) 25.3 PLD.
Singh, C ‘I “notice” you “noticing” me: A critical analysis of the section 129 notice of the National Credit Act, and recommendations for the implementation of a “specialised” foreclosure notice’ (2021) 33.1 SA Merc LJ 56.


Protection of personal information

Gordon, BJAutomated facial recognition in law enforcement: The Queen (On Application of Edward Bridges) v The Chief Constable of South Wales Police’ (2021) 24 PER.


Public health

Rheeder, RCorruption in the public health sector in South Africa: A global bioethical perspective’ (2021) 14.3 SAJBL 84.
Steytler, M and Thaldar, DWPublic health emergency preparedness and response in South Africa: A review of recommendations for legal reform relating to data and biological sample sharing’ (2021) 14.3 SAJBL 101.


Refugee law

Ashfield, AEThe plight of refugees in South Africa’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 127.


Reproductive rights

De Freitas, SA reply to Camilla Pickles’ “Pregnancy law in South Africa: Between reproductive autonomy and foetal interests”’ (2021) 25 PER.



Kilian, NDifferences between members and shareholders of a friendly society and the payment of dividends: A South African – Australian perspective’ (2021) 24 PER.


Sustainable development

Masekesa, LKThe Potential of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in the pursuit of sustainable development goal 11 in Zimbabwe’ (2021) 24 PER.


Tax evasion

Animashaun, O and Chitimira, HThe reliance on lifestyle audits for public officials to curb corruption and tax evasion in Nigeria’ (2021) 24 PER.


Transformative constitutionalism

Sindane, NWhy decolonisation and not transformative constitutionalism’ (2021) 15.1 PSLR 236.


Trust law

Manthwa, A and Nkoane, P ‘In joint matrimony we share: Controlling the powers to use the trust to limit matrimonial property rights in South African law’ (2021) 33.1 SA Merc LJ 89.


Urban planning

Coggin, TRecalibrating everyday space: Using section 24 of the South African Constitution to resolve contestation in the urban and spatial environment’ (2021) 24 PER.


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