Recent articles and research – March 2024

March 1st, 2024


Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
Advocate Advocate General Council of the Bar (2023) 36.3
AHRLJ African Human Rights Law Journal Centre for Human Rights, Department of Law, University of Pretoria (2023) 23.2
DJ De Jure University of Pretoria (2023) 56
EL Employment Law Journal LexisNexis

(2023) 39.6

(2024) 40.1

ITJ Insurance and Tax Journal LexisNexis (2023) 38.4



Appointment of the curator ad litem

Hansungule-Nefale, ZM and Courtenay, MRThe expanding role of the curator ad litem in protecting children’s rights in South Africa’ (2023) 56 DJ 524.



Clingman, S Bram Fischer, or what happens when the world becomes inhospitable?’ (2023) 63.3 Advocate 33.
Ngcukaitobi SC, TBram Fischer: Contradiction, moral clarity and political promise – a reply to Stephen Clingman’ (2023) 63.3 Advocate 43.


Characteristics of an advocate

Roger, OThe Dogs of War, or creativity, restraint, courage and humanity’ (2023) 63.3 Advocate 49. 


Child law

Skelton, A and Ozah, KReflections on children and law: Special Edition in honour of Emeritus Professor Trynie Boezaart’ (2023) 56 DJ 485.


Children’s access to justice

Liefaard, TChildren’s rights remedies under international human rights law: How to secure children’s rights compliant outcomes in access to justice?’ (2023) 56 DJ 486.


Children’s rights and climate change

Mezmur, BD The calm before the storm? Child rights climate change litigation in Africa’ (2023) 56 DJ 543.


Children’s rights and jurisprudence

Skelton, AChild rights jurisprudence without borders: Developments in extraterritorial jurisdiction’ (2023) 56 DJ 606. 


Children’s rights violations

Sloth-Nielsen, JRemedies for child rights violations in African human rights systems’ (2023) 56 DJ 625.  


Climate change and children

Ozah, K Informed consent and access to gender-affirming treatment for children in South Africa’ (2023) 56 DJ 569.


Company law – appraisal rights

Madlela, VCapital Appreciation Ltd v First National Nominees (Pty) Ltd 2022 ZASCA 85: The connection between share re-acquisitions, schemes of arrangement, and appraisal rights under the Companies Act 71 of 2008’ (2023) 56 DJ 468. 



Van Coller, A Chetty v Perumaul (AR313/2020) [2021] ZAKZPHC 66 (21 September 2021): A cautionary note on the self-inflicted injury of disastrous and careless cross-examination’ (2023) 56 DJ 436.



Moosa, F ‘Tax treatment of cryptocurrencies: Some lessons from foreign law’ (2023) 38.4 ITJ.


Customary law – marriage

Boterere, S and Maimela, CReconciling lobolo with the equality principle: The need to realign official customary law with living customary law of South Africa’ (2023) 56 DJ 704. 
Kruuse, H and Mwanbene, LRecognising form through function in the context of integrating the bride requirement in customary marriages in South Africa’ (2023) 23.2 AHRLJ 354. 


Customary law – succession

Maunatlala, K Effects of the eradication of the rule of male primogeniture on the customary law of succession’ (2023) 56 DJ 386. 
Mtsweni, L and Maimela, C The role and effect of the Constitution in customary law of succession’ (2023) 56 DJ 687. 


Customary law – traditional leadership

Nkosi, STraditional leadership in South Africa: From blood and might usurpation to constitutional accountability’ (2023) 23.2 AHRLJ 333.  


Customary law and gender equality

Tsatsi SC, LThe impact of customary law on gender equality: A double-edged sword for gender equality’ (2023) 63.3 Advocate 66.


Delictual claim

Macfarlane, LAB“Adapt or perish”: The uncertain fate of childhood contributory negligence in Scotland’ (2023) 56 DJ 588. 
Zitzke, E Transforming a child’s claim for loss of earning capacity’ (2023) 56 DJ 646.


Divorce law

De La Harpe, L ‘Divorce and pension interest – challenges with the current legal framework’ (2023) 38.4 ITJ.


Environmental policy and law reform

Hall, J and Lukey, PJPublic participation as an essential requirement of the environmental rule of law: Reflections on South Africa’s approach in policy and practice’ (2023) 23.2 AHRLJ 303.


Estate administration

Emmett, R ‘Unveiling the executor’s role: A conspectus on efficient estate administration’ (2023) 38.4 ITJ.



Baloyi SC, SSexual harassment and discrimination: Preparing complainants for trial’ (2023) 63.3 Advocate 58.



Fürstenburg, EExpropriation: What lies ahead?’ (2023) 63.3 Advocate 63.


Financial planning

Botha, M ‘Studies in Financial Planning: Example case study showing the analysis’ (2023) 38.4 ITJ.


Human rights litigation

Olayanjy, OThe prospects of litigation to secure maternal health in Nigeria: Does SERAP v Attorney-General Lagos have any value?’ (2023) 23.2 AHRLJ 278. 


Human rights

Magashula, KP and Ngwena, CBeyond symmetrical binaries: The emergence of the constitutional recognition of transgender persons in Zimbabwe with reference to Nathanson v Mteliso & Others’ (2023) 23.2 AHRLJ 386.


Insurance and risks

Van Eck, M and Huneberg, SBig data in insurance contracts – a tool for good, or bad?’ (2023) 56 DJ 445.


Judiciary appointments

Oxtoby, CThe Judicial Service Commission’s 2023 Criteria and Guidelines – an analysis’ (2023) 63.3 Advocate 54.


Labour law

Grogan, J ‘“Free riders” freed: Reining in the agency shop’ (2024) 40.1 EL.
Grogan, J ‘A matter of choice: Modernising maternity leave’ (2023) 39.6 EL.
Grogan, J ‘Mind your own business: The SAPS’ role in violent strikes’ (2023) 39.6 EL.
Grogan, J ‘Tip of the iceberg: “Professionalising” local government’ (2024) 40.1 EL.
LexisNexis ‘Severance puzzle: Job or package?’ (2023) 39.6 EL.
LexisNexis ‘The bare minimum: Calculating the national minimum wage’ (2024) 40.1 EL.



Baird, SThe Mariana Trench of transphobia in South Africa: The legislative lacunae in KOS v Minister of Home Affairs’ (2023) 23.2 AHRLJ 410.


Pension Fund Law

Marumoagae, MC ‘The status of nomination forms and wills when retirement funds’ death benefits are distributed’ (2023) 56 DJ 668.
Mhango, MDeath benefit provisions in the Pension Funds Act 5 of 2019 of Lesotho: Contradictions or deliberate policy choices?’ (2023) 56 DJ 405.


Political rights

Bwire, BInterrogating the evolution of a constitutionally legitimised “Big Man” political culture and its influence on political participation by Kenyan youth’ (2023) 23.2 AHRLJ 256. 


Post-colonial agreements

Wanki, JNThe right to development in Francophone Africa: Post-colonial agreements, sovereign authority and control over natural resources’ (2023) 23.2 AHRLJ 228.


Public protector

Rabkin, F Law matters’ (2023) 63.3 Advocate 77. 



Anonymous Pupillage experience: Is enough being done to protect young and aspiring members of the advocates’ profession at the Johannesburg Society of Advocates?’  (2023) 63.3 Advocate 75.


Skills development

Wallis, MSkills Development: The perennial problem of preparation’ (2023) 63.3 Advocate 71.


Tax law

Daffue, H ‘Taxation Laws Amendment Bill, 36 of 2023’ (2023) 38.4 ITJ.


Trust law

Muller, C ‘Nominating a Trust as a Beneficiary on a Living Annuity’ (2023) 38.4 ITJ.


Violating children’s rights

Veriava, F and Harding, MThe Komape litigation – ensuring effective remedies’ (2023) 56 DJ 504. 


Kathleen Kriel BTech (Journ) is the Production Editor at De Rebus.

This article was first published in De Rebus in 2024 (March) DR 47.