Recent articles and research – May 2022

May 1st, 2022

Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
ADRY African Disability Rights Yearbook Pretoria University Law Press (PULP) (2021) 9
SAIPLJ Southern African Intellectual Property Law Journal Juta (2021)
SAJEJ South African Judicial Education Journal South African Judicial Education Institute, Office of the Chief Justice (2021) 4.1
SAJHR South African Journal on Human Rights Taylor & Francis

(2021) 37.1

(2021) 37.2

SLR Stellenbosch Law Review Juta (2021) 32.3


Administrative law
De Beer, MNReviewable mistakes of law and fact’ (2021) 4.1 SAJEJ 65.
Plasket, CThe understated revolution: The development of administrative law in the Appellate Division of The Supreme Court of South Africa in the 1980s and 1990s’ (2021) 4.1 SAJEJ 1.

Business rescue proceedings
Marumoagae, C and Phiri, S ‘Potential constitutional concerns regarding employees’ rights during business rescue proceedings’ (2021) 32.3 SLR 496.

Children’s rights
Bekink, MThe protection of disabled child victims within the South African criminal justice system: Shining a light on the invisible and forgotten victims of crime’ (2021) 9 ADRY 23.
Kruger, H ‘Allowing competent children in South Africa to refuse medical treatment: Lessons from England’ (2021) 32.3 SLR 410.

Class action
Brickhill, JA river of disease: Silicosis and the future of class actions in South Africa’ (2021) 37.1 SAJHR 31.
Broodryk, T ‘Inappropriately assessing appropriateness of class proceedings: Nkala v Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd’ (2021) 37.1 SAJHR 21.
Handmaker, JIntroduction to special issue: Class action litigation in South Africa’ (2021) 37.1 SAJHR 1.
Jephson, G ‘Does prior certification advance access to justice?’ (2021) 37.1 SAJHR 83.
Karim, SA and Kruger, PUnsavoury: How effective are class actions in the protection and vindication of the right to access to food in South Africa?’ (2021) 37.1 SAJHR 59.
Phooko, MR ‘The development of class actions in South Africa: Where are we through case law?’ (2021) 37.1 SAJHR 7.
Schuster, E ‘Class actions in a changing climate’ (2021) 37.1 SAJHR 102.

Constitutional law
Davis, DMTransformative constitutionalism: What does it mean in 2021?’ (2021) 4.1 SAJEJ 19.

Copyright law
Jooste, C ‘A right to read object code – software copyright law and the development of a decompilation exception in South Africa’ (2021) SAIPLJ 35.
Moloto, TMGallo Africa Ltd v Sting Music (Pty) Ltd 2010 (6) SA 329 (SCA) – revisiting the justiciability of cross-border copyright infringement in South African courts’ (2021) SAIPLJ 67.

COVID-19 – education
Veriava, F and Ally, N ‘Legal mobilisation for education in the time of COVID-19’ (2021) 37.1 SAJHR 230.

COVID-19 – evictions
Boggenpoel, ZT and Mahomedy, S ‘Evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond – Discussion of South African Human Rights Commission v City of Cape Town 2021 (2) SA 565 (WCC)’ (2021) 32.3 SLR 482.

COVID-19 – human rights
Bohler-Muller, N; Roberts, B; Gordon, SL; Davids, YDThe “sacrifice” of human rights during an unprecedented pandemic: Reflections on survey-based evidence’ (2021) 37.2 SAJHR 154.

COVID-19 – labour law
Runciman, C ‘Worker rights and the neoliberal state under COVID-19’ (2021) 37.2 SAJHR 255.

COVID-19 – regulations
Brown, J ‘Lawfare under lockdown: Challenges to South Africa’s COVID Regulations, March to August 2020’ (2021) 37.2 SAJHR 302.

COVID-19 – socio-economic rights
Liebenberg, SAusterity in the midst of a pandemic: Pursuing accountability through the socio-economic rights doctrine of non-retrogression’ (2021) 37.2 SAJHR 154.

COVID-19 – tax
Mufamadi, K and Koen, L ‘Independent contractors and COVID-19 relief: Tax and social insurance legislative reform to extend protection to independent contractors’ (2021) 37.2 SAJHR 277.

Albertyn, C and Adams, RIntroduction: Special issue on “The COVID-19 pandemic, inequalities, and human rights in South Africa”, part 1’ (2021) 37.2 SAJHR 147.
Durojaye, E and Nanima, RDThe realisation of the right to health of persons with disabilities in the COVID-19 era: Evaluating South Africa’s (non) inclusive response’ (2021) 9 ADRY 52.

COVID-19 equality-related cases
Albertyn, C ‘Section 9 in a time of COVID-19: Substantive equality, economic inclusion, and positive duties’ (2021) 37.2 SAJHR 205.

Environmental law
Fambasayi, R ‘The protection of the environmental rights and interests of children: A South African perspective’ (2021) 32.3 SLR 386.

Sutherland, RThe dependence of judges on ethical conduct by legal practitioners: The ethical duties of disclosure and non-disclosure’ (2021) 4.1 SAJEJ 47.

Fishing rights
Christoffels-Du Plessis, A ‘“Fishers’ rights are human rights”: George v Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism 2005 (6) SA 297’ (2021) 37.1 SAJHR 126.

Insolvent estates
Stander, AL ‘Die vrugte van beswaarde bates by die bereddering van ‘n insolvente boedel’ (2021) 32.3 SLR 543.

Intellectual property – artificial intelligence (AI) 
Oriakhogba, DO ‘DABUS gains territory in South Africa and Australia: Revisiting the AI-inventorship question’ (2021) SAIPLJ 87.

Intellectual property
Forere, MA ‘Ownership of intellectual property rights: Did Vodacom “sell” its rights in Makate v Vodacom?’ (2021) SAIPLJ 18.

International children’s rights
Purmah, NRInclusive education for learners with disabilities in Mauritius: The “rights” way forward’ (2021) 9 ADRY 160.

International human rights
Kamga, GEKCountry report: Algeria’ (2021) 9 ADRY 189.
Pillay, N ‘South Africa’s engagement with international human rights law’ (2021) 32.3 SLR 365.
Manhique, J“The devil is in the details”: Ensuring participation and ownership of development programmes for persons with disabilities in Mozambique’ (2021) 9 ADRY 117.
Masuku, KP; Bornman, J and Johnson, EAccess to healthcare for persons with disabilities in Eswatini: A triadic exploration of barriers’ (2021) 9 ADRY 138.
Ngubane, SA and Zongozzi, JNCountry report: Sudan’ (2021) 9 ADRY 254.
Séverin, MCountry report: Guinea’ (2021) 9 ADRY 231.
Wakene, DB; Yoon, P and Mengistu, TCountry report: Ethiopia’ (2021) 9 ADRY 212.

International jurisprudence
Juma, PO and Orao, BTo what extent is global and regional jurisprudence on the right to health of persons with disabilities reflected in Kenyan courts?’ (2021) 9 ADRY 72.

International women’s rights
Johnson, AThe voiceless woman: Protecting the intersectional identity under section 42 of Nigeria’s Constitution’ (2021) 9 ADRY 88.

Online contracts
Van Deventer, S ‘Regulating substantively unfair terms in online contracts’ (2021) 32.3 SLR 518.

Patent law
Du Bois, M ‘Some views from the South African Constitutional Court on patent revocation and infringement matters: Ascendis Animal Health (Pty) Ltd v Merck Sharp Dohme Corporation and Others 2020 (1) SA 327 (CC)’ (2021) SAIPLJ 1.

Property law
Fick, S ‘Airbnb in the City of Cape Town: How could the regulation of short-term rental in Cape Town affect human rights?’ (2021) 32.3 SLR 455.

Religious practices
De Freitas, S ‘Religion, culture and the constitutionality of the “avoidance of doctrinal entanglement” principle’ (2021) 32.3 SLR 435.

Rights of persons with disabilities
Basson, YTowards equality for women with disabilities in South Africa: The implementation of Articles 5 and 6 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ (2021) 9 ADRY 3.
Flynn, EThe rights of older persons with disabilities in the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights: A critical analysis’ (2021) 9 ADRY 254.
Reimer-Kirkham, S; Ero, I; Mgijima-Konopi, I; Strobell, E and Astle, BMothering and Albinism: Recommendations for disability rights in Africa’ (2021) 9 ADRY 254.

Rule of law
Froneman, JFour stories of judges, governments and the rule of law’ (2021) 4.1 SAJEJ 30.

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