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November 1st, 2019

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
ANULJ Africa Nazarene University Law Journal Juta (2019) 7.1
ITJ Insurance and Tax Journal LexisNexis (2019) 34.3
JJS Journal for Juridical Science Free State University, Faculty of Law (2019) 44.1
LDD Law, Democracy and Development University of the Western Cape, Faculty of Law (2019) 23
LitNet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys (2019) 16.2
PW Pensions World LexisNexis (2019) 22.3
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2019) 22
PLD Property Law Digest LexisNexis (2019) 23.3
PSLR Pretoria Student Law Review Pretoria University Law Press (PULP) (2018) 12
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2019) 136.2
TPCP Tax Planning Corporate and Personal LexisNexis (2019) 33.5


Animal law

De Villiers, JH ‘Law and the question of the animal: A critical discussion of National Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals v Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development’ (2019) 136.2 SALJ  207.

Constitutional law

Manamela, TTowards a sexually free South Africa: A feminist and constitutional defence in favour of legalising prostitution through the right to bodily integrity’ (2018) 12 PSLR 95.

Mhlanga, VRethinking socio-economic rights in the South African constitutional framework from the perspective of human agency: Reflections of a law student’ (2018) 12 PSLR 78.

Murray, BA constitutional democracy should provide for the legalisation of organ trading’ (2018) 12 PSLR 201.

Constitutional law – expropriation of land

Hoops, B ‘Expropriation without compensation: A yawning gap in the justification of expropriation?’ (2019) 136.2 SALJ 261.

Consumer law

Barnard, J and Mišćenić, EThe role of the courts in the application of consumer protection law: A comparative perspective’ (2019) 44.1 JJS 111.

Renke, SVonnisbespreking: Die grootte-klassifikasie van kredietfasiliteite ingevolge die Nasionale Kredietwet 34 van 2005’ (2019) 16.2 LitNet.

Wazvaremhaka, T and Osode, PCThe implications of Truworths Limited v Minister of Trade and Industry 2018 (3) SA 558 (WCC) for access to credit by historically disadvantaged and low-income consumers’ (2019) 23 LDD 1.


Govender, S ‘A Rand-backed cryptocurrency in the form of a stablecoin’ (2019) 22.3 PW.

Moosa, FCryptocurrencies: Do they qualify as “gross income”?’ (2019) 44.1 JJS 10.

Cyber risk

Bekker, R ‘There is more to cyber risk than security’ (2019) 22.3 PW.


Neethling, JVonnisbespreking: Belastering van openbare figuur’ (2019) 16.2 LitNet.

Estate planning, wills and trusts

Barker, P ‘Relevant estate documents – some guidelines’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.

De la Harpe, L ‘Section 37C and nominees – can an artificial person be nominated?’ (2019) 34.3 ITJ.

Le Roux, CJ ‘The pitfalls of the s 4(q) deduction’ (2019) 34.3 ITJ.

Wood-Bodley, MC ‘Where must witnesses sign a will? Karani v Karani No (GI)’ (2019) 136.2 SALJ 234.

Insolvency law

Stander, AL and Kloppers, HKernaspekte rondom die voeging van gades en vennote by ’n aansoek vir verpligte sekwestrasie’ (2019) 44.1 JJS 90.

International constitutional law

Adeleke, MO; Raimi, LA; and Adegbite OB ‘Insurgency, Islamic fundamentalism and the Boko Haram conundrum: Engaging the contest between the right to religion and supremacy of the Constitution in Nigeria’ (2019) 7.1 ANULJ 24.

Mohwaduba, MTowards land restitution through an African perspective on justice: A critical analysis of land reform and the role of re-imagination’ (2018) 12 PSLR 66.

International consumer law

Okpoudhu, U; Oniemola, PK; and Wifa, EL ‘The dilemma of electricity pricing and cost recovery in Nigeria: Repositioning the law to balance the interests of investors and consumers’ (2019) 7.1 ANULJ 115.

International environmental law

Laltaika, E ‘An appraisal of procedural environmental rights in Tanzania’s extractive sector’ (2019) 7.1 ANULJ 46.

Odhiambo, RO ‘Sustainable exploitation of natural resources in Kenya: A case for communities’ free, prior and informed consent in oil and gas projects’ (2019) 7.1 ANULJ 1.

International human rights

Mavundla, SD Youth unemployment: What role can corporate social responsibility play in curbing this social ill in Swaziland (Eswatini) and South Africa?’ (2018) 12 PSLR 159.

Munene, AW ‘Public participation and the right to development in Kenya’ (2019) 7.1 ANULJ 64.

Ndebele, SEDamages for adultery: A legal misfit or a necessity?’ (2018) 12 PSLR 136.

Vengesayi, PLobola culture and the equality of women in Zimbabwe’ (2018) 12 PSLR 112.

International jurisprudence

Chigwata, TC; Marumahoko, S; and Madhekeni, ASupervision of local government in Zimbabwe: The travails of mayors’ (2019) 23 LDD 44.

‘Nyane, HBicameralism in Lesotho: A review of the powers and composition of the second chamber’ (2019) 23 LDD 18.

International labour law

Udombana, N and Udombana, N ‘“Great expectations”: The National Industrial Court and its prospects of furthering social rights in Nigeria’ (2019) 7.1 ANULJ 86.

International medical law

Sibanda, OSMoral, ethical and human rights arguments for using experimental and clinically unproven drugs to combat the Ebola Virus Disease’ (2019) 44.1 JJS 35.


Hennop, LGTowards an ethically organic jurisprudence: A paradigmatic re-imagining of South African constitutionalism’ (2018) 12 PSLR 7.

Mogadime, MBlind justice: An analysis of the impact of the symbolic lady justice in adjudication’ (2018) 12 PSLR 58.

Tsele, M ‘Rationalising judicial review: Towards refining the “rational basis” review test(s)’ (2019) 136.2 SALJ 328.

Twala, TKThe cogitation of the value of epistemic diversity in South African jurisprudence, as influenced by the project of intellectual history: Lessons from Rhodes must fall – “All ‘Rhodes’ lead to the colonisation of the mind”’ (2018) 12 PSLR 18.

Labour law

Burt, K ‘Employer of workers – labour broker or client?’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.

Nemavhidi, MUnderstanding the beast of sexual harassment in the workplace’ (2018) 12 PSLR 146.

Van Niekerk, JMediese Sertifikate ingevolge die Traditional Health Practitioners Act: Die kwessie van geldigheid en betroubaarheid’ (2019) 22 PER.

Law of evidence

Tratschler, EThe cost aspect of medical expert witnesses and the possible introduction of a medical expert witness panel in South Africa’ (2018) 12 PSLR 222.

Whitear-Nel, N ‘Video-link testimony in civil courts in South Africa: K v Transnet Ltd t/a Portnet (KZD)’ (2019) 136.2 SALJ 245.

Legal education

Klopper, AExposing the true argument, a student’s response to Dr Willem Gravett: “Pericles should learn to fix a leaky pipe”’ (2018) 12 PSLR 40.

Maruapula, T“War is not always violent and violence is not always war” – An anecdote on how language and ultimately the law is used to perpetuate epistemic violence in South Africa’ (2018) 12 PSLR 32.

Medical law

Thaldar, DW ‘Is it time to reconsider the ban on nontherapeutic pre-implantation sex selection?’  (2019) 136.2 SALJ 223.

Mining law

Badenhorst, PJ and Van Heerden, CN ‘Conflict resolution between holders of prospecting or mining rights and owners (or occupiers) of land or traditional communities: What is not good for the goose is good for the gander’ (2019) 136.2 SALJ 303.

Pension fund law

Muller, K ‘Section 37C and death benefits: A question of dates’ (2019) 34.3 ITJ.

Persons and family law

Heaton, JNotes on the proposed amendment of s 21 of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005’ (2019) 22 PER.

Songca, RA comparative analysis of models of child justice and South Africa’s unique contribution’ (2019) 44.1 JJS 63.

Property law

Botha, M ‘Changing the use of part of a section: What consent is required?’ (2019) 23.3 PLD.

Botha, M ‘The uncertain role of good faith in the law of contract’ (2019) 23.3 PLD.

Viljoen, SMProperty and “human flourishing”: A reassessment in the housing framework’ (2019) 22 PER.

Tax law

Botha, M ‘Accrual claim and CGT; who really pays the CGT?’ (2019) 34.3 ITJ.

Clegg, D ‘An interesting royalty issue – penalties for withholding taxes’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.

Coertze, JDeveloping the substance over form doctrine in taxation after the judgment in Commissioner for The South African Revenue Service v NWK’ (2018) 12 PSLR 180.

Dillon, N ‘When does farm land qualify for a 30% deduction in value for estate duty and CGT?’ (2019) 34.3 ITJ.

Hugo, B ‘Foreign remuneration – South African tax consequences’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.

Mitchell, L ‘Private or domestic – recoupment provisions of trading stock’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.

Moosa, F ‘Taxpayer insolvent estates: Constitutional juristic persons?’ (2019) 136.2 SALJ 361.

Palmer, G ‘Imposing penalties – more on understatements’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.

Silke, J ‘Readily apparent errors – review of undisputed administrative decisions’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.

Steenkamp, S and Nel, R ‘Tangible computer resource (part 1)’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.

Stein, M ‘Allowances or advances – normal tax treatment’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.

Surtees, P ‘Employment tax incentive – backpay for union and non-union employees’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.

Tout, M ‘Foreign trusts – tightening the noose’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.


Van der Spuy, P ‘Types of trusts – two not three’ (2019) 33.5 TPCP.

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