Recent articles and research – November 2021

November 1st, 2021

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Accessing articles from publishers


Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
Advocate Advocate General Council of the Bar (2021) 34.2
AYIHL African Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law Juta (2020)
Fundamina Fundamina Juta

(2020) 26.1

(2020) 26.2

(2021) 27.1

JOGIA Journal of Ocean Governance in Africa Juta (2021)
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2021) 24


Cab rank rule

AdvocateThe cab rank rule’ (2021) 34.2 Advocate 24.
Budlender SC, GTime for some realism about the cab rank rule’ (2021) 34.2 Advocate 35.
Cameron, EStatement by Edwin Cameron’ (2021) 34.2 Advocate 26.
Marcus SC, GMs Dinah Rose QC and the homophobic brief – a test of principle’ (2021) 34.2 Advocate 29.
Rose QC, DStatement by Dinah Rose QC’ (2021) 34.2 Advocate 27.
Wainwright, PThe cab rank rule – from where does it hail?’ (2021) 34.2 Advocate 33.
Watt-Pringle SC, CThe cab rank rule and conduct unbecoming’ (2021) 34.2 Advocate 3.


Children’s rights

Baird, SBWhat about the child? Preventing the publication of children’s names after the age of 18’ (2021) 24 PER.


Civil procedure

Mabeka, NQAn analysis of the implementation of the CaseLines System in South African courts in the light of the provisions of section 27 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002: A beautiful dream to come true in civil procedure’ (2021) 24 PER.


Constitutional law – expropriation of land

Van Staden, MFraus Legis in constitutional law: The case of expropriation “without” or for “nil” compensation’ (2021) 24 PER.


Constitutional law

Rabkin, FLaw matters’ (2021) 34.2 Advocate 38.


Consumer rights

Lombard, MThe Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 and Parol Evidence’ (2021) 24 PER.


Criminal law and procedure

Bekink, MThe right of child offenders to intermediary assistance in the criminal justice system: A South African perspective’ (2021) 24 PER.



Hamukuaya, NThe development of cryptocurrencies as a payment method in South Africa’ (2021) 24 PER.


DNA evidence

Meintjes-Van der Walt, L and Dhliwayo, PDNA evidence as the basis for conviction’ (2021) 24 PER.


Feminist litigation

Sujee, ZThe need for feminist approaches for housing cases in South Africa’ (2021) 24 PER.


Hate speech

Marais, MEA duty perspective on the hate speech prohibition in the Equality Act’ (2021) 24 PER.


Intellectual property

Baloyi, JJ ‘The role of technology in the historical development of the reproduction right in musical works’ (2020) 26.2 Fundamina 233.


International courts and tribunals

Gumede, W ‘How effective have African truth commissions been?’ (2020) AYIHL 192.
Khamala, CA ‘External and internal common legal representation of victims at the International Criminal Court: Beyond the “Kenyan trial approach”’ (2020)
AYIHL 159.
Roux, M ‘Addressing a selection of challenges faced at international courts and tribunals with jurisdiction over international crimes’ (2020) AYIHL 44.


International criminal justice

Bande, LC ‘A history of Malawi’s criminal justice system: From pre-colonial to democratic periods’ (2020) 26.2 Fundamina 288.


International delictual law

Brown, J ‘When the exception is the rule: Rationalising the medical exception in Scots Law’ (2020) 26.1 Fundamina 1.


International human rights

Chenwi, L ‘Rights enforcement in the African Human Rights Court: Restrictiveness, progressivity and resistance’ (2020) AYIHL 15.
Fomekong, ST ‘Reflections on humanitarian law dimensions of the African Union Convention for the protection and assistance of internally displaced persons in Africa’ (2020) AYIHL 78.
Mutuma, KW ‘Customary international humanitarian law: An overview of Kenya’s state practice in the post-2010 Constitution era’ (2020) AYIHL 121.
Tladi, D ‘Crimes against humanity as a peremptory norm of general international law (jus cogens): There really is no doubt? But so what?’ (2020) AYIHL 1.


International law of succession

Van Blerk, N ‘The ancient Egyptian testamentary disposition’ (2020) 26.1 Fundamina 199.
Van Blerk, NJ ‘The contribution of Papyrus Ashmolean Museum 1945.97 (“Naunakht’s Will and Related Documents”) to our understanding of the ancient Egyptian testamentary disposition and succession law’ (2021) 27.1 Fundamina 101.


Judicial review in South Africa

Pretorius, DM ‘“What’s past is prologue”: An historical overview of judicial review in South Africa – part 1’ (2020) 26.1 Fundamina 128.
Pretorius, DM ‘“What’s past is prologue”: An historical overview of judicial review in South Africa – part 2’ (2020) 26.2 Fundamina 424.


Labour law

Maqutu, LN ‘The concept of labour in South African’ (2020) 26.1 Fundamina 42.


Legal education

Meiring, JOne angel hardly a choir of seriatim makes’ (2021) 34.2 Advocate 37.
Mitchell, LM ‘Developing critical citizenship in LLB students: The role of a decolonised legal history course’ (2020) 26.2 Fundamina 337.


Legal services

Zongwe, DNobody can really afford legal services: The price of justice in Namibia’ (2021) 24 PER.


Maritime law

Chasakara, R and Maseka, N ‘Fishing for administrative justice in marine spatial planning: Small-scale fishers’ right to written reasons’ (2021) JOGIA 122.
Konstantinus, A ‘Marine pilotage in Namibia’ (2021) JOGIA 147.
Metuge, D ‘The impact of marine spatial planning legislation on environmental authorisation, permit and licence requirements in Algoa Bay’ (2021) JOGIA 79.
Nwapi, C and Wilde, D ‘National seabed mineral legislation for areas beyond national jurisdiction in Africa: Critical issues for consideration’ (2021) JOGIA 38.
Remaoun, M ‘The International Seabed Authority and the Enterprise: How Africa is reinvigorating the principle of the common heritage of mankind’ (2021) JOGIA 1.


Mental health

Grobler, C ‘A historical overview of the mental health expert in England until the nineteenth century’ (2021) 27.1 Fundamina 1.


Political economy

Peté, S ‘Keeping the natives in their place: The ideology of white supremacy and the flogging of African offenders in colonial Natal – part 2’ (2021) 27.1 Fundamina 67.
Peté, SA ‘Keeping the natives in their place: The ideology of white supremacy and the flogging of African offenders in colonial Natal – part 1’ (2020) 26.2 Fundamina 374.


Protection of personal information

Botes, M; Olckers, A; and Labuschaigne, MData commercialisation in the South African health care context’ (2021) 24 PER.
Thaldar, DW and Townsend, BAExempting health research from the consent provisions of POPIA’ (2021) 24 PER.


Public law

Perelló, CA ‘On Florentinus’ definition of Libertas’ (2020) 26.2 Fundamina 364.
Plasket, C ‘Planting seeds for the future: Dissenting judgments and the bridge from the past to the present’ (2020) 26.1 Fundamina 91.


Public procurement

Wickens, DJDeterministic application of process-centric law to the system-centric requirements of procurement procedures’ (2021) 24 PER.


Refugee law

Ndimurwimo, LA and Vundamina, MND ‘The protection of refugee children in Africa: Post-Convention on the Rights of the Child’ (2021) 27.1 Fundamina 33.


Tax law

Tredoux, LG and Van der Linde, KThe taxation of company distributions in respect of hybrid instruments in South Africa: Lessons from Australia and Canada’ (2021) 24 PER.



Mwambene, L and Mgidlana, RHShould South Africa criminalise ukuthwala leading to forced marriages and child marriages?’ (2021) 24 PER.

Kathleen Kriel BTech (Journ) is the Production Editor at De Rebus.
This article was first published in De Rebus in 2021 (Nov) DR 47.

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