Recent articles and research – November 2022

November 1st, 2022





LDD Law, Democracy and Development University of the Western Cape, Faculty of Law (2022) 26
LitNet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys

(2022) 19(1)

(2022) 19(2)

Obiter Obiter Nelson Mandela University (2022) 43.1
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2022) 25
PLD Property Law Digest LexisNexis

(2022) 26.1

(2022) 26.2


Abduction and kidnapping

Kruger, BOp soek na regsekerheid in die warboel van abduksie, menseroof en mensehandel’ (2022) 19(1) LitNet 538.


Access to justice

Mufamadi, K and Koen, LPromoting access to justice through the broadcasting of legal proceedings’ (2022) 25 PER.


Artificial intelligence

Donnelly, DLFirst do no harm: Legal principles regulating the future of artificial intelligence in health care in South Africa’ (2022) 25 PER.


Black economic empowerment

Van de Rheede, JBlack economic empowerment in South Africa: Is transformation of the management structures of enterprises as essential as it should be?’ (2022) 26 LDD 84.


Civil law

Swanepoel, NDie rol van afwykende (minderheids)uitsprake in die Suid-Afrikaanse regsbestel met verwysing na minagting van die hof in sivielregtelike konteks’ (2022) 19(2) LitNet.


Company law

Bidie, SSExamining the interpretation of section 115(2)(a) of the Companies Act of 2008’ (2022) 26 LDD 106.


Constitutional law

Dube, F and Moyo, CGThe right to electricity in South Africa’ (2022) 25 PER.
Moyo, PT; Botha, J and Govindjee, AThe constitutionality of the National Health Insurance Bill: The treatment of asylum seekers’ (2022) 25 PER.


Customary law

Ngema, NM and Ndaba, WJShould we abolish the delict of seduction in customary law: Quo vadis South Africa?’ (2022) 43.1 Obiter 167.


Deceased estates

Van Wyk, SJDebunking the Master of the High Court’s assumed approval authority over a redistribution agreement in a deceased estate’ (2022) 25 PER.



Scott, JVonnisbespreking: Waagartieste leer haar heiland ken. Gevestigde regsbeginsels egter tot haar redding’ (2022) 19(2) LitNet.


Electoral law

Pretorius, JLIndependent candidacy and electoral reform: New Nation Movement NPC v President of the Republic of South Africa’ (2022) 25 PER.


Gender law

Osiki, AThe impact of socio-legal inequality on women in the Nigerian domestic work sector’ (2022) 26 LDD 48.
Van Eck, MAchieving gender neutrality in contracts’ (2022) 43.1 Obiter 104.


Human rights

Mswela, MMLiving with albinism in South Africa: Uncovering the health challenges from a legal perspective’ (2022) 43.1 Obiter 25.
Pieterse, MCorporate power, human rights and urban governance in South African cities’ (2022) 25 PER.


Intellectual property

Chidede, TThe role of intellectual property rights’ protection in advancing development in South Africa’ (2022) 26 LDD 168.


International constitutional law

Makwaiba, BSThe Supreme Court of Zimbabwe’s Chigwada decision and its implications for testamentary dispositions and enforcement of section 26 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe’ (2022) 25 PER.
Mekone, YM“Public health emergency declarations” in the Ethiopian federal system: Understanding the scope of state and federal emergency declarations and authorities’ (2022) 26 LDD 1.


International Human rights

Cho, DT and Agbor, AAProsecuting human violations committed in the anglophone Cameroon crisis: A disquisition on the legal framework’ (2022) 25 PER.


International jurisprudence

Mujuzi, JDThe trial of civilians before courts martial in Uganda: Analysing the jurisprudence of Ugandan courts in the light of the drafting history of articles 129(1)(d) and 210(a) of the Constitution’ (2022) 25 PER.


International public health

Lim Tung, OJGenetically modified mosquitoes to fight Malaria in Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali and Uganda: What legal response?’ (2022) 25 PER.


Intra-regional trade

Monye, O and Monye, ERegional integration in Africa: Proposals for an Africa-wide payment system’ (2022) 26 LDD 190.



Dube, FThe ethos of tolerance of diversity in post-Apartheid jurisprudence’ (2022) 43.1 Obiter 124.


Labour law

Maqutu, LThe management of African workers’ wages at South African mines: Law and policy before 1948’ (2022) 25 PER.
Tshoose, CIAppraisal of selected themes on the impact of international standards on labour and social security law in South Africa’ (2022) 25 PER.


Legal education

Iyer, DOnline learning: Shaping the future of law schools’ (2022) 43.1 Obiter 142.


Lesotho Highlands Water Project

Vinti, CAn evaluation of Lesotho’s right to “expropriate” the water in the treaty on the Lesotho Highlands Water Project in a “conflict of uses”’ (2022) 43.1 Obiter 79.



Maimela, CAMedical negligence and the res ipsa loquitur doctrine in the administration of cancer treatment in South Africa’ (2022) 43.1 Obiter 1.
Neethling, JVonnisbespreking: Deliktuele aanspreeklikheid weens ’n gladde winkelvloer’ (2022) 19(1) LitNet 577.
Slabbert, M and Labuschaigne, MVonnisbespreking: Die strafregtelike vervolging, skuldigbevinding en kwytskelding van ’n verloskundige en ginekoloog’ (2022) 19(2) LitNet.



Swales, LThe Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 in the context of health research: Enabler of privacy rights or roadblock?’ (2022) 25 PER.


Property law

Botha, M ‘How to figure out who must get FFCS under the New Act’ (2022) 26.2 PLD.
Botha, M ‘Your overview of the main provisions of the Property Practitioners Act’ (2022) 26.1 PLD.
Nel, N and Van der Merwe, Z ‘The new holistic role of a managing agent’ (2022) 26.2 PLD.
Smith, DB ‘The “Property Condition Report” explained’ (2022) 26.2 PLD.
Sono, NLRe-examining the Constitutional Court’s approach to the property question since First National Bank of SA Ltd t/a Wesbank v Commissioner, South African Revenue Service; First National Bank of SA Ltd t/a Wesbank v Minister of Finance 2002 (4) SA 768 (CC)’ (2022) 25 PER.


Protected areas

Blackmore, AConcurrent national and provincial legislative competence: Rethinking the relationship between nature reserves and national parks’ (2022) 26 LDD 26.


Public administration

Mudau, PThe role of the African Charter on values and principles of public service and administration in promoting good governance’ (2022) 26 LDD 148.


Public health

Singh, A and Tembo, SConstitutionalism and public health emergencies: COVID-19 regulations in South Africa and the constitutional and human rights slippery slope’ (2022) 43.1 Obiter 152.


Refugee rights

Kavuro, CThe disappearance of refugee rights in South Africa’ (2022) 43.1 Obiter 49.


Road Accident Fund

Subramanien, DSCA clarifies the term “motor vehicle” in Road Accident Fund Act 56 of 1996: The Road Accident Fund v Mbele [2020] ZASCA 72’ (2022) 43.1 Obiter 180.


Stem cell transplant

Slabbert, M and Labuschaigne, MMisplaaste weldade en griewe van die “Liquorice Allsorts-gesinnetjie”: ’n Regsletterkundige verkenning van Zelda Bezuidenhout se die waarde van stil bure’ (2022) 19(2) LitNet.


Sustainable development

Govindjee, UDefining the urban edge – a guide to its implementation for sustainable development’ (2022) 25 PER.


Unconstitutionally obtained evidence

Du Toit, PVonnisbespreking: Beheer oor eiendom as faktor by die oorweging van die toelaatbaarheid van getuienis wat by wyse van onregmatige visentering verkry is’ (2022) 19(1) LitNet 586.


Wills and estates

Faber, JTUncertainty about the condonation of formally non-compliant wills, and the rectification of cross-signed mirror wills: Is an act-based model the solution?’ (2022) 25 PER.
Mabe, Z and Mbiriri, EThe payout of a life insurance policy into an unrehabilitated insolvent’s estate: Malcolm Wentzel v Discovery Life Limited: In Re Botha v Wentzel (1001/19) [2020] ZASCA 121 (2 October 2020)’ (2022) 25 PER.
Osman, F and Effendi, GKing v De Jager: Implications for religion-based discrimination in wills’ (2022) 25 PER.

Kathleen Kriel BTech (Journ) is the Production Editor at De Rebus.
This article was first published in De Rebus in 2022 (Nov) DR 38.