Recent articles and research – November 2023

November 1st, 2023

Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
EL Employment Law Journal LexisNexis

(2023) 39.4

(2023) 39.5

ILJ Industrial Law Journal Juta (2023) 44
JCLA Journal of Comparative Law in Africa Juta (2023) 10.1


Bargaining units

Godfrey, S and Le Roux, R ‘Workplaces and bargaining units: They co-exist in practice, but can they co-exist in law?’ (2023) 44 ILJ 2110.


Enforcing judgments in Nigeria

Eyongndi, DTA and Odeyinde, O ‘Examining the propriety of section 84(1) of the Sheriffs and Civil Process Act of Nigeria from the lens of the Supreme Court’s Decision in Central Bank of Nigeria v Insterstella Com Ltd’ (2023) 10.1 JCLA 169.


Labour law

Gorgan, J ‘Lockouts blocked – when employers may (not) use replacement labour’ (2023) 39.4 EL.
Gorgan, J ‘Mad ministers – but not above the law’ (2023) 39.5 EL.
Gorgan, J ‘Playing for time – when delay doesn’t pay’ (2023) 39.5 EL.



De Villiers, C and Garbers, C ‘The regulation of educator misconduct in public schools’ (2023) 44 ILJ 2079.


Occupational diseases and injuries

Kahn, GIB ‘Workers’ social security in South Africa: COIDA amended’ (2023) 44 ILJ 1395.


Operational requirement dismissals

Le Roux, R ‘Compliance with a fair procedure? Rescued from another dimension to the LRA: Reflecting on Solidarity on behalf of Members v Barloworld Equipment Southern Africa and Others (2002) 43 ILJ 1757 (CC)’ (2023) 44 ILJ 1444.


Plastic waste in Nigeria

Egeruoh-Adindu, I ‘Towards an appropriate legal framework for sustainable management and disposal of plastic waste in Nigeria: Lessons from other jurisdictions’ (2023) 10.1 JCLA 103.


Private investment

Ezirigwe, J ‘From subsistence to commercialisation: Legal implications of “Ecowas Regulations on Transhumance” on livestock investment options’ (2023) 10.1 JCLA 83.


Tortious liability

Quartey, MK and Coleman, TE ‘The law applicable to tortious liability: A comparative analysis of article 4 of The Rome II Regulation and Private International Law in Ghana’ (2023) 10.1 JCLA 1.


Unfair dismissal

Rycroft, A ‘Adjudicating layoffs and short time’ (2023) 44 ILJ 1432.


Unfair labour practices

Makhura, M; Phillips, J and Gwebityala, A ‘Recurring problem of interpretation: Determining the date of an “ongoing” act or omission’ (2023) 44 ILJ 1416.


Kathleen Kriel BTech (Journ) is the Production Editor at De Rebus.

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