Recent articles and research – October 2018

October 1st, 2018

By Meryl Federl

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African Human Rights Law Journal University of Pretoria Law School (2018) 18.1
LitNet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys

 (2018) 15.2 July

(2018) 15.3 August






Nelson Mandela University, Faculty of Law (2018) 39.1
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2018) August
SAJEJ South African Judicial Education Journal

South African Judicial Education Institute, Office of the Chief Justice


 (2018) 1.1
SJ Speculum Juris University of Fort Hare, Faculty of Law  (2017) 31.2




Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse Romeinse-Hollandse Reg


LexisNexis (2018) 81.3

Administrative law

Wallis, MDo we need deference?’ (2018) 1.1 SAJEJ 97.

Animal rights

Subramanien, D ‘NSPCA has statutory power to institute private prosecutions – a triumph for animals and human morality – National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals v Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development [2016] ZACC 46’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 230.

Child law

Mahlobogwane, FM ‘Parental child abduction cases: Prevention is better than cure’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 112.

Nkosi, G ‘A perspective on the dichotomy of acquisition of parental responsibilities and rights by fathers in terms of the Children’s Act and Customary Law’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 197.

Company law

Madlela, V ‘Director and executive remuneration clawbacks: A suggested approach for South Africa’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 45.

Mupangavanhu, BMThe lawfulness of a memorandum of incorporation clause that permits a company board to refuse transfer of shares without reasons: Analysis of Visser Sitrus (Pty) Ltd v Goede Hoop Sitrus (Pty) Ltd’ (2017) 31.2 SJ 191.

Computer law

Gordon, BRegulering van Nulgradering-Internetdienste in Suid-Afrika: Quo vadis?’ (2018) 15.2 July LitNet.

Consumer law

Roestoff, M ‘Insolvency restrictions, disabilities and disqualifications in South African consumer insolvency law: A legal comparative perspective’ (2018) 81.3 THRHR 393.

Constitutional law

Mokoena, UC; Mopai, Z and Lubaale, EC ‘The custodial role of the Constitutional Court at play: A critical analysis of the case of Black Sash Trust v Minister of Social Development [2017] ZACC 8’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 249.

Contract law

Sharrock, R ‘Unfair enforcement of a contract and the constitutional norm of Ubuntu: Mohamed’s Leisure Holdings (Pty) Ltd v Southern Sun Hotel Interests (Pty) Ltd 2017 (4) SA 243 (GJ)’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 218.

Van Zyl, R ‘Die oorsprong en ontwikkeling van die stipulatio alteri tot ’n suiwer verklaring in hedendaagse Suid-Afrikaanse reg (1)’ (2018) 81.3 THRHR 418.

Criminal law

Gerber, GA and Curlewis, LG ‘Criminal liability requirements of the new Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) statutory fronting offence’ (2018) 81.3 THRHR 355.

Customary law

Diala, ACA critique of the judicial attitude towards matrimonial property rights under customary law in Nigeria’s southern states’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 100.


Scott, J ‘The actio de feris – Phoenix from the ashes or vain chimera? – Van der Westhuizen v Burger’ (2018) 81.3 THRHR 510.

Zitzke, E ‘A “constitutionally wanting” obiter on omissions – Minister of Safety and Security v Van Duivenboden’ (2018) 81.3 THRHR 497.

Environmental law

Jegede, AOClimate change in the work of the African Commission on human and peoples’ rights’ (2017) 31.2 SJ 135.

Financial services law

Millard, D ‘CoFI and T(CF): Further along the road to Twin Peaks and a fair insurance industry’ (2018) 81.3 THRHR 374.

Müller-Van der Westhuizen, C and Streso, RUkuthwala – gebruik of misbruik?’ (2018) 15.3 August LitNet.

Gambling law

Monnye, SL ‘Application of the destination approach as an impediment to the development of gambling policy and law in South Africa’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 85.

Human rights law

Mbazira, C and Namatovu, TCivic space and human rights advocacy in the extractive industry in Uganda: Implications of the 2016 Non-Governmental Organisations Act for oil and gas civil society organisations’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 75.

Nanima, RDRevisiting the normative framework of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in the context of evidence obtained through human rights violations: Has it served its purpose?’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 1.

Okoloise, CCircumventing obstacles to the implementation of recommendations by the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 27.

Insolvency law

Chitimira, H ‘Aspects of the regulation of cross-border insolvency in South Africa’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 173.

International criminal law

Hansen, TO and Mue, NThe Nairobi Principles on Accountability as a means of monitoring and enforcing the rule of law and accountability for international crimes in Africa’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ  413.

International law

Nyathi, M Supreme in letter, supreme in spirit, supreme in deed: An exposition of the SADC summit’s overarching powers in the SADC regional integration project’ (2017) 31.2 SJ 166.

Islamic law

Denson, R; Mukheibir, A and Carnelley, M ‘The bastardisation of Islamic Law by the South African courts’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 152.


Dambuza, NJudicial social context education in South Africa’ (2018) 1.1 SAJEJ 39.

Davis, DMJudicial education in a transformative context’ (2018) 1.1 SAJEJ 25.

Klug, HJudicial training and the role of judges in a constitutional democracy’ (2018) 1.1 SAJEJ 11.

Madlanga, MRJudging according to personal attributes, outlook on life and life experience: Any practical value?’ (2018) 1.1 SAJEJ 48.

Mogoeng, MA vehicle for the speedy delivery of quality justice to all our people’ (2018) 1.1 SAJEJ 1.

Rogers, OLTo give and to gain: Judicial involvement in advocacy training’ (2018) 1.1 SAJEJ 31.

Labour law

Van Eck, S and Nemusimbori, NE ‘Uber drivers: Sad to say, but not employees of Uber SA’ (2018) 81.3 THRHR 473.

Law and politics

O’Regan, K ‘Political parties: The missing link in our Constitution?’ (2018) 1.1 SAJEJ 61.

Law of evidence

Gravett, WH ‘Spotting the liar in the witness box – how valuable is demeanour evidence really?’ (1) (2018) 81.3 THRHR 437.

Legal ethics

Mbenenge, SMA dead horse need not be flogged: The duty not to pursue unmeritorious causes’ (2018) 1.1 SAJEJ 89.

Legal profession

Kroon, FThe rule of law: The role of the judiciary and legal practitioners’ (2018) 1.1 SAJEJ 81.

Mineral law

Van Niekerk, H and Mpinga, S ‘A Biblical Lazarus: Deregistration of a company and the revival of right to minerals – a discussion of Palala Resources (Pty) Ltd v Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy 2016 (6) SA 121 (SCA)’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 203.

Private international law

Neels, JL ‘The role of the Hague Principles on Choice of Law in International Commercial Contracts in the revision of the preliminary Draft Uniform Act on the Law of Obligations in the OHADA region’ (2018) 81.3 THRHR 464.

Property law

Van der Merwe, CG ‘The duty of the body corporate to make adequate financial provision for the proper maintenance of the common property of a sectional titles scheme: Lessons to be learnt from the provisions of the strata legislation of New South Wales and New Zealand’ (2018) 81.3 THRHR 451.

Refugee law

Kavuro, C ‘Exploring the full legal protection of refugees and its limitations with reference to natural and positive law’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 17.

Reproductive rights law

Agaba, DKImplementing legal accountability to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in Uganda’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 123.

Pickles, CSounding the alarm: Government of the Republic of Namibia v LM and women’s rights during childbirth in South Africa Constitutional Court’ (2018) August PER.

Right to education

Bakare, SSBoko Haram and the child’s right to education in Africa: Examining the accountability of non-state armed groups’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 146.

Simbo, C ‘A hexagon right: The six dimensions of the South African right to basic education’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 126.

Right to health

Maimela, C ‘Does the right to access to health care services in terms of s 27 of the Constitution of South Africa, 1996 cater for cancer patients?’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 1.

Right to privacy

Gebreegziabher, HWThe right to privacy in the age of surveillance to counter terrorism in Ethiopia’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 392.

Mahadew, RDoes the Mauritian Constitution protect the right to privacy? An insight from Madhewoo v The State of Mauritius’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 189.

Rule of law

Abdulrauf, LAThe challenges for the rule of law posed by the increasing use of electronic surveillance in sub-Saharan Africa’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 365.

Fombad, CMAn overview of the crisis of the rule of law in Africa’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 213.

Fombad, CM and Kibet, EEditorial introduction to special focus: The rule of law in sub-Saharan Africa: Reflections on promises, progress, pitfalls and prospects’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 205.

Frimpong, K and Agyeman-Budu, KThe rule of law and democracy in Ghana since independence: Uneasy bedfellows?’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 244.

Hindeya, TWLarge-scale agricultural land acquisitions and Ethiopia’s ethnic minorities: A test for the rule of law’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 346.

Inman, D and Magadju, PMProsecuting international crimes in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Using victim participation as a tool to enhance the rule of law and to tackle impunity’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 293.

Moyo, A Standing, access to justice and the rule of law in Zimbabwe’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 266.


Wood-Bodley, MC ‘Intestate succession and the survivor of an unformalised same-sex conjugal relationship: Laubscher NO v Duplan 2017 (2) SA 264 (CC)’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 276.

Taxation law

Fritz, CPayment obligations of taxpayers pending dispute resolution: Approaches of South Africa and Nigeria’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 171.

Idris, NM ‘Some comparisons between the Nigerian and South African fiscal regimes regarding an individual’s tax residence’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 76.

Van Zyl, SP and Carney, TR ‘A cry for certainty as to the application of “accrued to” for purposes of s 1 of the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 – M v CSARS’ (2018) 81.3 THRHR 484.

Trade law

Vinti, C ‘A critical appraisal of the Plant Health (Phytosanitary) Bill’s Compliance with the salient aspects of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) agreement on the application of sanitary and phytosanitary measures’ (2018) 39.1 Obiter 98.

Vinti, C ‘A critical analysis of the frozen chips saga between the Southern African Customs Union and Belgium and the Netherlands’ (2017) 31.2 SJ 151.

Warikandwa, TV and Osode, PC ‘Trade liberalisation, developing countries and the discipline of trade-impacting measures related to environmental conservation: An appraisal of United States –
measures concerning importation, marketing and sale of tuna products’ (2017) 31.2 SJ 179.

Women’s rights

Budoo, A Analysing the monitoring mechanisms of the African Women’s Protocol at the level of the African Union’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 58.

Rudman, AWomen’s access to regional justice as a fundamental element of the rule of law: The effect of the absence of a women’s rights committee on the enforcement of the African Women’s Protocol’ (2018) 18.1 AHRLJ 319.

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