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October 1st, 2020

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AHRLJ African Human Rights Law Journal Centre for Human Rights, Department of Law, University of Pretoria (2020) 20.1
ANULJ Africa Nazarene University Law Journal Juta (2019) 7.2
BTCLQ Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly SiberInk (2020) 11.2
EL Employment Law Journal LexisNexis (2020) 36.4
ILJ Industrial Law Journal Juta (2020) 41
JCLA Journal of Comparative Law in Africa Juta (2019) 6.1
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2020) 23
SAJHR South African Journal on Human Rights Taylor & Francis (2020) 36.1
TPCP Tax Planning Corporate and Personal LexisNexis (2020) 34.4
TSAR Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg Juta (2020) 3


Administrative law

Henrico, R ‘Legislative administrative action and the limited extent of public participation’ (2020) 3 TSAR 496.


Basic education

Arendse, LSlowly but surely: The substantive approach to the right to basic education of the South African courts post-Juma Musjid’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 285.


Child law

Reddy, K ‘Protecting children as consumers: Obesity and the regulation of unhealthy food product marketing in South Africa’ (2020) 3 TSAR 441.


Constitutional law

Kathi, T; Mhiribidi, R; Shezi, N; Kamolane, B; Makuwa, A and Moloko, T ‘Constitutional Court statistics for the 2018 term’ (2020) 36.1 SAJHR 112.
Moleya, NI ‘Revisiting the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court on constitutional matters in light of Jacobs v S’ (2020) 36.1 SAJHR 93.
Zitzke, E ‘The Life Esidimeni arbitration: Towards transformative constitutional damages?’ (2020) 3 TSAR 419.


COVID-19 – labour law

Grogan, J ‘No pay, no work: Strike action during lockdown’ (2020) 36.4 EL.


COVID-19 – tax relief

Davey, T ‘Tax dispute time period relief: Certain “lockdown” days are dies non’ (2020) 34.4 TPCP.
Rudnicki, M ‘COVID-19: Desperate measures for desperate times: COVID tax relief’ (2020) 11.2 BTCLQ 1.
Suliman, Y ‘Forced expenditure: Lockdown-related compliance expenses’ (2020) 34.4 TPCP.


Criminal law, litigation and procedure

Manie, L ‘The limiting effect of Daffy v Daffy 2013 (1) SACR 42 (SCA)’ (2020) 3 TSAR 596.


Delictual law

Scott, J ‘Klantveiligheid in supermarkte: Caveant winkeleienaars!’ (2020) 3 TSAR 547.


Disaster management – sectional titles

Van der Merwe, GG ‘Comparative law review of how South Africa and other comparable jurisdictions have catered for the holding of general and trustee meetings in sectional title schemes without coming into conflict with the regulations issued in terms of the Disaster Management Act’ (2020) 3 TSAR 401.


Divorce law

Sonnekus, JC ‘Uitstaande skuld van ’n egpaar getroud in gemeenskap van goed jeens derdes ná egskeiding steeds verhaalbaar van beide voormalige gades’ (2020) 3 TSAR 562.


Estate planning, wills and trusts

Mitchell, L ‘Lump sum or annuity: Election of a deduction or an exemption?’ (2020) 34.4 TPCP.
Mochela, RJ and Smith, BS ‘“Mind the gap(s)”: Legal differentiation between same-sex and heterosexual cohabitees regarding intestate succession – options for reform and comparative insights into the regulation of “polygamous” life partnerships (part 1)’ (2020) 3 TSAR 480.
Stein, M ‘Estate duty: Practical points and basic principles’ (2020) 34.4 TPCP.
Surtees, P ‘Distribution to a special trust: Not a donation. But what is it?’ (2020) 34.4 TPCP.
Van der Spuy, P ‘“Transfers” to trusts: How to move assets into a trust’ (2020) 34.4 TPCP.


Freedom of expression and hate speech

Ayalew, YEAssessing the limitations to freedom of expression on the Internet in Ethiopia against the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 315.
Geldenhuys, J and Kelly-Louw, MHate speech and racial slurs in the South African context: Where to start?’ (2020) 23 PER.


International child law

Fambasayi, R and Moyo, A ‘The best interests of the child offender in the context of detention as a measure of last resort: A comparative analysis of legal developments in South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe’ (2020) 36.1 SAJHR 25.


International company law

Kilian, NLegal implications relating to being “entitled to serve” as a director: A South African–Australian perspective’ (2020) 23 PER.


International criminal law

Makanje, GDThe protection of vulnerable witnesses during criminal trials in Malawi: Addressing resource challenges’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 206.
Ojwang, D ‘The place of culture at the International Criminal Court: The trial of Ruto and Sang’ (2019) 7.2 ANULJ 47.


International cyber law

Gravett, WDigital neo-colonialism: The Chinese model of Internet sovereignty in Africa’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 125.


International environmental law

Ezirigwe, J ‘Legal and policy measures to curtail harmful use of agrichemicals in Nigeria’ (2019) 6.1 JCLA 106.
Murgan, MGA ‘Balancing aviation demand with a sustainable environment: An analysis of the global environmental-health impact of aviation emissions and the applicable regulatory international law’ (2019) 7.2 ANULJ 70.
Omotuyi, O and Ordor, A ‘An evaluation of the regulatory framework for environmental management in the Nigerian petroleum industry’ (2019) 6.1 JCLA 32.


International finance and investment

Ngobeni, LDo the SALINI Criteria apply to the definition of an investment provided in Annex 1 of the 2006 and 2016 SADC Protocol on finance and investment? An assessment’ (2020) 23 PER.


International human rights law

Adjolohoun, SHA crisis of design and judicial practice? Curbing state disengagement from the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 1.
Adjolohoun, SH ‘Jurisdictional fiction? A dialectical scrutiny of the appellate function of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights’ (2019) 6.1 JCLA 1.
Mavedzenge, JThe Zimbabwean Constitutional Court as a key site of struggle for human rights protection: A critical assessment of its human rights jurisprudence during its first six years’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 181.
Murigi, HK ‘Conflict and convergence in the application of international humanitarian law and human rights law in Guantanamo Bay Naval Base’ (2019) 7.2 ANULJ 1.
Murugi, HK ‘Adjudicating international humanitarian law matters in domestic courts: A case for the Kenyan court’ (2019) 7.2 ANULJ 21.
Ncube, SHuman rights enforcement in Africa: Enhancing the Pan-African Parliament’s capacity to promote and protect human rights’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 103.
Oyakhire, SO ‘Expanding the scope of “appropriate measures”: Do traditional institutions play a role in facilitating the protection of witnesses of trafficking in persons?’ (2019) 6.1 JCLA 80.
Rodríguez, JBC and Álvarez, LIThe case law of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Libya following the Arab uprisings: Lessons learned for the consolidation and legitimation of the court’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 78.
Waschefort, GThe subject-matter jurisdiction and interpretive competence of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights in relation to international humanitarian law’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 41.


International labour law

Mujuzi, JD ‘The right not to be discriminated against in employment in Kenya’ (2020) 41 ILJ 1547.


International public health

Twinomugisha, BKUsing the right to health framework to tackle non-communicable diseases in the era of neo-liberalism in Uganda’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 147.

International law

Arimoro, A ‘Safeguards for public-private partnership assets in Nigeria: Lessons from South Africa’ (2019) 6.1 JCLA 56.


Labour law

Du Toit, D; Fredman, S and Graham, M ‘Towards legal regulation of platform work: Theory and practice’ (2020) 41 ILJ 1493.
Fourie, L ‘Albinism in the South African workplace: A labour law perspective’ (2020) 41 ILJ 1524.
Grogan, J ‘“Deemed” dismissals: Why aren’t they dealt with under the LRA?’ (2020) 36.4 EL.
Le Roux, R ‘Section 189(1) of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995: Irrational, unreasonable or neither? Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union and Others v Royal Bafokeng Platinum Ltd and Others (2020) 41 ILJ 555 (CC)’ (2020) 41 ILJ 1568.
Mitchell, K ‘Foreign employment – III: Full days and “work days” requirements’ (2020) 34.4 TPCP.
Whitear-Nel, N ‘Hearsay evidence in labour arbitrations: Admissibility, probative value and procedure’ (2020) 41 ILJ 1587.


Land reform

Pienaar, JM ‘Approaching systemic failure? A brief overview of recent land reform case law’ (2020) 3 TSAR 536.


Matrimonial law

Smith, B ‘The dependant’s action for loss of support and a life partnership involving a pre-existing civil marriage: An unfortunate tale’ (2020) 3 TSAR 576.


Property law

Afolabi, SO ‘Demystifying the myth of immovability attached to immovable property in terms of property law’ (2019) 7.2 ANULJ 33.
Badenhorst, PJ ‘Registrability of burdens to develop land and reversionary rights in terms of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937’ (2020) 3 TSAR 460.
Sonnekus, JC and Schlemmer, EC ‘Geperfekteerde notariële verband van ’n bank in mededinging met die aanspraak van ’n “korporatief” op dieselfde kalwers as verhaalsobjekte’ (2020) 3 TSAR 510.
Van der Sijde, E ‘Tenure security for ESTA occupiers: Building on the obiter remarks in Baron v Claytile Limited’ (2020) 36.1 SAJHR 74.


Refugee law

Eberechi, OEA comparative analysis of the application of the 1951 Refugee Convention to victims of sexual violence in South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda’ (2020) 23 PER.
Khan, FDoes the right to dignity extend equally to refugees in South Africa?’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 261.


Socio-economic rights

Mahomedy, S ‘Extra-judicial engagement in socio-economic rights realisation: Lessons from #FeesMustFall’ (2020) 36.1 SAJHR 49.
Maziwisa, MR and Lenaghan, PRethinking the right to water in rural Limpopo’ (2020) 20.1 AHRLJ 233.



Shozi, B ‘Something old, something new: Applying reproductive rights to new reproductive technologies in South Africa’ (2020) 36.1 SAJHR 1.


Tax law

Barker, P ‘Systems shortcomings: Determination of a capital gain or capital loss’ (2020) 34.4 TPCP.
Clegg, D ‘Namibian manufacturers’ (2020) 34.4 TPCP.
Kruger, D ‘VAT and corporate transactions: The dragons slumber: Part 2’ (2020) 11.2 BTCLQ 19.
Meiring, G ‘The tax director – IV: Understand and be prepared for changes’ (2020) 34.4 TPCP.
Seligson, M ‘Naught for the taxpayer’s comfort: The decisions in Big G and Clicks concerning future expenditure claims under section 24c’ (2020) 11.2 BTCLQ 9.
Venter, Z ‘Split lotto winnings: Some tax thoughts’ (2020) 34.4 TPCP.

Kathleen Kriel BTech (Journ) is the Production Editor at De Rebus.
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