Recent articles and research – October 2023

October 1st, 2023

Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
Advocate Advocate General Council of the Bar (2023) 36.2
AHRLJ African Human Rights Law Journal Centre for Human Rights, Department of Law, University of Pretoria (2023) 23.1
BTCLQ Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly Juta (2023) 14.2
DJ De Jure University of Pretoria (2023) 56


African human rights system

Coleman, TE; Ako, EY and Kyeremateng, JGA human rights critique of Ghana’s Anti-LGBTIQ+ Bill of 2021’ (2023) 23.1 AHRLJ 96.
Zouapet, AKFrom “puzzling” to comprehensible and efficient: Reform proposals to the African human rights framework through a “system” lens’ (2023) 23.1 AHRLJ 1.


AI in the financial sector

Kgoale, TJ and Odeku, KAn analysis of legal accountability for artificial intelligence systems in the South African financial sector’ (2023) 56 DJ 191.


Centenary of women in law

Cele, NThe New African Woman’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 48.
Rabkin, FCissie Gool, the advocate’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 39.
Rabkin, F and Meiring, JA battle finally won: How women became lawyers in South Africa’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 26.
Tabata, C and Nyembe, NThina Abalandelayo: We, the generations who followed’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 44.
Zikalala, L and Ntloko, YSKgomotso Moroka SC: Representivity, longevity and the burden of being first’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 41.


Ceremonial court sittings – centenary of women in law

Dumbuza, NIn celebration of 100 years of women in the legal profession in South Africa’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 50.
Engelbrecht SC, MJ100 years of women in law: Ceremonial court sittings’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 53.
Manganye, SReflecting on the journey of women in the legal profession’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 57.
Mukome, LI know a woman’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 56.
Nicholls, CThe history of women at the Supreme Court of Appeal’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 51.


Child labour

Bernard, RBThe regional regulation of child labour laws through harmonisation within COMESA, the EAC and SADC’ (2023) 23.1 AHRLJ 48.


Company law

Blumberg SC, M ‘Can directors in a private company have weighted voting rights at board meetings?’ (2023) 14.2 BTCLQ 8.
Chitimira, HEditorial: Special Edition on Rethinking Global Economies, Financial Markets, Corporate Practices and Business Activities Post-COVID-19 Pandemic’ (2023) 56 DJ 133.
Oppenheim, J ‘Unlocking the beneficial interest and beneficial ownership quagmire’ (2023) 14.2 BTCLQ 13.


Conflict of interest – fiduciary duties

Mudzamiri, JReflecting on the corporate opportunity rule in company law through a jurisprudential review of Modise v Tladi Holdings (Pty) Ltd 2020 (4) All SA 670 (SCA)’ (2023) 56 DJ 206.


Consumer law

Magau, PThe regulatory nexus between the promotion of financial education and financial inclusion in enhancing consumer protection in South Africa’ (2023) 56 DJ 220.
Mupangavanhu, Y and Kerchhoff, DOnline deceptive advertising and consumer protection in South Africa – the law and its shortcomings?’ (2023) 56 DJ 86.


Controlled foreign company

Clegg, D ‘How foreign is your business establishment?’ (2023) 14.2 BTCLQ 1.


Corporate social investment tax levy

Preston, MJ and Peeroo, SAn analysis of the possibility to implement a CSI tax levy in South Africa: Lessons from Mauritius’ (2023) 56 DJ 280.



Ncube, PT and Kabwe, RThe regulation of cryptocurrencies to combat money laundering crimes in South African banking institutions’ (2023) 56 DJ 354.


Customary law

Osman, FMshengu v Estate Late Mshengu 9223/2016P: Considering the ownership of house property in customary law’ (2023) 56 DJ 13.


Digital financial services

Chitimira, H and Torerai, EPolicy implications and mobile money regulatory approaches to promote financial inclusion of the poor in Zimbabwe after the COVID-19 pandemic’ (2023) 56 DJ 241.


Employment law

Sengwane, K and van Eck, SMonareng v Dr JS Moroka Municipality 2022 43 ILJ 1855 (LC) – Affirmation that resignation by an employee constitutes a point of no return: Or does it?’ (2023) 56 DJ 376.


Family law

Uys, AMSouth African courts’ differing approaches to determining children’s views in family law matters’ (2023) 56 DJ 309.


Fidicuary duties

Mudzamiri, JRevisiting the no reflective loss principle under the South African company law regulation: A reflective assessment through the lens of Hlumisa Investment Holdings (RF) Ltd v Kirkinis 2020 (3) All SA 650 (SCA)’ (2023) 56 DJ 157.


Harmful practices

Kachika, TJuxtaposing emerging community laws and international human rights jurisprudence on the protection of women and girls from harmful practices in Malawi’ (2023) 23.1 AHRLJ 126.


Human rights

Shawa, R; Coomans, F; Cox, H and London, LA promising potential: Using the right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress to advance public health in Africa’ (2023) 23.1 AHRLJ 30.


Insolvency law

Mabe, ZThe constitutional disqualification for unrehabilitated insolvents from being members of Parliament’ (2023) 56 DJ 25.
Marumoagae, MCWhat amounts to “dispositions without value” in the context of section 26 of the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936?’ (2023) 56 DJ 174.
Smith, AThe extraordinary in the ordinary: The devil is in the (sometimes unexpected) details of section 34 of the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936 and the actio Pauliana’ (2023) 56 DJ 43.


International commercial arbitration

Warikandwa, TV and Usebiu, LA proposal for international arbitration law in Namibia based on the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration’ (2023) 56 DJ 259.


Islamic legal system

Essop, FUnderstanding the Islamic legal system for South African legal practitioners’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 60.


Legal behaviour

Seegobin, RRestoring dignity to our courts: The duties of legal practitioners – Insulting, inappropriate, vulgar, and disparaging language have no place in litigation’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 63.


Legal practice

Rabkin, FLaw matters’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 68.


Maintenance claims

Thutse, LDoes the treatment of arrear maintenance claims of children under the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936 constitute a violation of their constitutionally protected rights to social welfare and human dignity? An exposition’ (2023) 56 DJ 340.


Matrimonial law

Monareng, KNLH v ZH 2022 (1) SA 384 (SCA): Should section 18(a) of Matrimonial Property Act 88 of 1984 apply to all spouses in a marriage in community of property, irrespective of when the non-patrimonial damages were received?’ (2023) 56 DJ 77.


Police brutality

Ecoma, BEA post-mortem assessment of the #EndSARS protest and police brutality in Nigeria’ (2023) 23.1 AHRLJ 156.


Principle of complementarity

Ncame, NPJustice in conflict: Principle of complementarity or principle of competition?’ (2023) 23.1 AHRLJ 75.


Right to basic education

Mutu, PLeveraging technology to deliver basic education to children in conflict areas of Northern Nigeria’ (2023) 23.1 AHRLJ 182.


Tax evasion

Animashaun, O and Chitimira, HAn analysis of the statutory measures adopted to curb tax evasion in Nigeria after the COVID-19 pandemic’ (2023) 56 DJ 1363.



Masuku, TTribute to Thulani Rudolf Maseko’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 66.


United States Supreme Court

Barrie, G“Three generations of imbeciles are enough” Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes JR in Buck v Bell’ (2023) 36.2 Advocate 58.


Vicarious liability

Knobel, JCThe use of vicarious liability in environmental law to enhance the legal conservation status of birds of prey’ (2023) 56 DJ 66.


Winding-up orders

Boraine, A and Swart, WJCNCA Plant Hire CC v Blackfield Group Holdings (Pty) Limited [2021] JOL 51810 (GJ): Some critical observations on the legal effect of a provisional winding-up order’ (2023) 56 DJ 125.


Women’s rights

Vengesai, PMangwende v Machodo: Bride price refund and the violation of women’s rights in contemporary Zimbabwe’ (2023) 23.1 AHRLJ 205.


Zambian company law

Phiri, CSmall companies and regulatory tiering: A legal and economic analysis of Zambia’s new regime’ (2023) 56 DJ 107.

Kathleen Kriel BTech (Journ) is the Production Editor at De Rebus.
This article was first published in De Rebus in 2023 (Oct) DR 46.

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