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September 1st, 2019

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
AJCCL African Journal of Comparative Constitutional Law Juta (2018) 1 December
ANULJ Africa Nazarene University Law Journal Juta (2018) 6.2
AYIHL African Yearbook on International Humanitarian Law Juta (2018) 1
BTCLQ Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly SiberInk

(2019) 10.1 March

(2019) 10.2 June

EL Employment Law Journal LexisNexis (2019) 35.3
ILJ Industrial Law Journal Juta (2019) 40
JCCLP Journal of Corporate and Commercial Law and Practice Juta (2018) 4.2
JCLA Journal of Comparative Law in Africa Juta (2018) 5.2
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2019) 22
PLD Property Law Digest LexisNexis (2019) 23.2 June
SAJBL South African Journal of Bioethics and Law Health and Medical Publishing Group (2018) 11.2
SAYIL South African Yearbook of International Law Juta (2017) 42.1
SLR Stellenbosch Law Review Juta (2019) 30.1

Banking law

Chipatiso, T and Kawadza, H ‘Business rescue as a mechanism for addressing bank failures: Possible lessons from the American approach’ (2018) 4.2 JCCLP 37.

Biotechnology law

Dhai, AAdvances in biotechnology: Human genome editing, artificial intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the law and ethics should not lag behind’ (2018) 11.2 SAJBL 58.

Pillay, S and Thaldar, DWCRISPR: Challenges to South African biotechnology law’ (2018) 11.2 SAJBL 89.

Civil procedure

Khan, MSAre close of pleadings now irrelevant? An evaluation of the impact of the Nkala judgment has on litis contestatio’ (2019) 22 PER.

Company law

Hamadziripi, F ‘Judicial construction of the requirement of good faith in s 165(5)(b) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008: Mbethe v United Manganese of Kalahari’ (2018) 4.2 JCCLP 74.

Marumoagae, C ‘The rights of affected persons as stakeholders during business rescue proceedings in South Africa’ (2018) 4.2 JCCLP 117.

Constitutional law

Bekink, MThe constitutional protection afforded to child victims and child witnesses while testifying in criminal proceedings in South Africa’ (2019) 22 PER.

Construction and engineering law

Anthony, AM ‘Subcontracting in public procurement – the impact of the 2017 Preferential Procurement Regulations on the construction industry’ (2019) 30.1 SLR 116.

Consumer law

Van der Merwe, S ‘Traversing the South African emolument attachment order legal landscape post 2016: Quo vadis?’ (2019) 30.1 SLR 77.

Woker, T ‘Consumer protection: An overview since 1994’ (2019) 30.1 SLR 97.

Criminal law and procedure

Essack, Z and Toohey, JUnpacking the two-year age-gap provision in relation to the decriminalisation of underage consensual sex in South Africa’ (2018) 11.2 SAJBL 85.

Environmental law

De Jager, R ‘The potential implications of introducing a carbon tax in South
Africa’ (2018) 4.2 JCCLP 88.

Human rights

Du Toit, MInvoluntary sterilisation of HIV-positive women in South Africa: A current legal perspective’ (2018) 11.2 SAJBL 80.

Gevers, C ‘Prosecuting the crime against humanity of Apartheid: Never, again’ (2018) 1 AYIHL 25.

Jacobs, RKLegalising physician-assisted suicide in South Africa: Should it even be considered?’ (2018) 11.2 SAJBL 66.

Jogee, FPartial-birth abortion – is it legally and ethically justifiable? Lessons for South Africa’ (2018) 11.2 SAJBL 96.

Joseph, BN; Jamil, AM; Aya, BM; Yahya, AI; Dangiwa, DA; Jangkam DN; and Dapar MLPMandatory HIV testing as a prerequisite for surgical procedures: Perspectives on rights and ethics’ (2018) 11.2 SAJBL 70.

Insolvency law

Bidie, SS ‘A critique of the exclusion of the application of the solvency and liquidity test on appraisal rights’ (2018) 4.2 JCCLP 1.

Stander, AL and Kloppers, HJ ‘Die effek van die abstrakte stelsel van eiendomsoorgang by bateverkope deur ’n kurator van ’n insolvente boedel’ (2019) 30.1 SLR 126.

International company law

Hanks Jr, JJ; Kroupa, S; Pate, C; Keehn, J; and Ament, H ‘Annual board self-evaluations: A valuable aid to board effectiveness’ (2018) 4.2 JCCLP 31.

International constitutional law

Adjolohoun, SH ‘The making and remaking of national constitutions in African regional courts’ (2018) 1 December AJCCL 35.

Chengeta, T ‘African populist demagoguery, constitutionalism and human rights’ (2018) 1 December AJCCL 1.

Musiga, TJO ‘The political question doctrine and justiciability of rights in Kenya in the post-2010 constitution period’ (2018) 1 December AJCCL 115.

Sang YK, B ‘Extraterritorial scope of constitutional rights: Instructive insights from comparative and international law’ (2018) 1 December AJCCL 71.

International consumer protection law

Gómez, MA ‘All bark and no bite? Contemporary consumer redress in Latin America’ (2019) 30.1 SLR 61.

Mullenix, LS ‘Regulatory and judicial consumer protection in the United States of America: An assessment’ (2019) 30.1 SLR 33.

International corporate law

Kaka, GE and Yohanna, F ‘Corporate restructuring and reforms for ease of doing business in Nigeria’ (2018) 4.2 JCCLP 51.

International criminal law

Agbor, AA ‘An analysis of the principles on the award of reparations per article 75(1) and (2) of the Rome Statute of the ICC’ (2018) 1 AYIHL 98.

Bradley, MM ‘The “intensity” threshold in article 8(2)(f) of the Rome Statute: The conundrum created by the term “protracted armed conflict” and the possibility of a new category of non-international armed conflict’ (2017) 42.1 SAYIL 42.

Lungu, S and Dyani-Mahango, N ‘Ensuring that state parties to the Roman Statute co-operate with ICC requests to arrest and surrender suspects: Reflecting on the role of the security council through the lens of the Responsibility to Protect’ (2018) 1 AYIHL 119.

Roux, M ‘New era for international criminal law: Rethinking the definitions of crimes against humanity and genocide through the scope of its evolution as an outgrowth of war crimes’ (2017) 42.1 SAYIL 80.

Tladi, D ‘Immunities, crimes against humanity and other topics in the 69th session of the International Law Commission’ (2017) 42.1 SAYIL 269.

International environmental law

Addaney, M ‘The law as shelter: The interface between women and climate change adaptation responses in Africa’ (2018) 5.2 JCLA 117.

International family law

Adelakun, OS ‘Application of the subsidiarity principle in intercountry adoption in Nigeria: Lessons from South Africa’ (2018) 5.2 JCLA 22.

International human rights

Baraza, N ‘The institution of woman-to-woman marriage in Kenya: Navigating between culture and human rights’ (2018) 6.2 ANULJ 71.

Bosch, S ‘Torture “lite” in the war against Boko Haram: Taming the wild zone of power in Cameroon’ (2018) 1 AYIHL 80.

Bradley, MM ‘Revisiting the notion of “organised armed group” in accordance with common article 3: Exploring the inherent minimum threshold requirements’ (2018) 1 AYIHL 50.

Du Plessis, M ‘Domestic guidance for international criminal justice: Lessons from South Africa’ (2018) 1 AYIHL 8.

Ferreira-Snyman, A and Ferreira, GMThe application of international human rights instruments in outer space settlements: Today’s science fiction, tomorrow’s reality’ (2019) 22 PER.

Goldstone, RJ ‘The birth and development of the Crimes Against Humanity Convention’ (2018) 1 AYIHL 1.

Ikpo, DN and Ike, C ‘Are transgender women, women? An exposé on transgender women in the African Human Rights Framework’ (2018) 5.2 JCLA 1.

Kabaseke, C ‘Equality or pipe dreams: Gender and inclusive development under the African Union’s Agenda 2063’ (2018) 5.2 JCLA 73.

Kamga, SD ‘The United Nations system and the realisation of the right to development: Challenges and opportunities’ (2017) 42.1 SAYIL 119.

Lubowa, D ‘International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in the spotlight: Analysing the limitations, shortcomings and legacy’ (2018) 6.2 ANULJ 32.

Meyer, Y ‘Reflections on the UN Working Groups on human rights and transnational corporations’ (2017) 42.1 SAYIL 200.

Nuzban, YThe United States of America v Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu: How immigration fraud in the US unearthed old war crimes in Liberia’ (2018) 1 AYIHL 146.

Sungi, SP ‘Human rights aspects concerning the construction of the Crocodile Jaw dam in Isiolo County, Kenya’ (2018) 6.2 ANULJ 16.

International law

De Beer, A and Tladi, D ‘The prohibition of terrorism as a jus cogens norm’ (2017) 42.1 SAYIL 1.

De Wet, S ‘Highlights from the office of the Chief State Law Advisor (International Law)’ (2017) 42.1 SAYIL 320.

Pronto, AN ‘The work of the Sixth Committee of the United Nations General Assembly in 2016 and 2017’ (2017) 42.1 SAYIL 290.

International mining, mineral and energy law

Mauger, RPromoting public participation in the energy transition: The case of France’s national debate’ (2019) 22 PER.

Mulenga, CJudicial mandate in safeguarding environmental rights from the adverse effects of mining activities in Zambia’ (2019) 22 PER.

Olusegun, OO and Idowu, AA ‘A legal perspective on performance management systems and employee dismissal in the Nigerian oil and gas industry’ (2018) 6.2 ANULJ 1.

Ombella, JS ‘The influence of intergovernmental and multinational initiatives on the preservation of mine-host communities’ culture: A reflection on selected initiatives’ (2018) 6.2 ANULJ 47.

Labour law

Behari, A; Subramanien, D and Cohen, T ‘The cost of safe working conditions for pregnant employees: Manyetsa v New Kleinfontein Gold Mine (Pty) Ltd (2018) 39 ILJ 415 (LC)’ (2019) 40 ILJ 732.

Bradstreet, RS ‘The jurisdiction of the Labour Court in business rescues: An analysis of the Shiva Uranium decision’ (2019) 40 ILJ 746.

Carney, TR and Mollema N ‘A call to revise s 8(2)(e) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act to include crisis risk communication’ (2019) 40 ILJ 1441.

Fergus, E ‘The disorganisation of organisational rights – recent case law and outstanding questions’ (2019) 40 ILJ 685.

Fourie, E ‘Voice, representation and women workers in the informal economy’ (2019) 40 ILJ 1400.

Grogan, J ‘Competition required: Reappointing municipal managers’ (2019) 35.3 EL.

Le Roux, R ‘A recipe for procedural success in the case of large-scale retrenchments: Woolies times three, with a Pinch of Edcon and Steenkamp for taste’ (2019) 40 ILJ 1421.

Poppesqou, T ‘Where are we now? Dunlop, NUMSA, Labour Appeal Court and “derivative misconduct”’ (2019) 40 ILJ 1457.

Van Eck, S and Kuhn, R ‘Amendments to the CCMA Rules: Thoughts on the good, bad and the curious’ (2019) 40 ILJ 711.

Legal education

Van Niekerk, L ‘Exploring the difficult dialogues technique as a tool for value-added law teaching and learning’ (2019) 30.1 SLR 138.


Broodryk, T ‘The South African class action vs group action as an appropriate procedural device’ (2019) 30.1 SLR 6.

Maritime law

Metuge, DN ‘A critical review of the incorporation of SOLAS survey and certification standards in South African law’ (2017) 42.1 SAYIL 143.

Ntola, SY ‘Africa and the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles: Developments and challenges’ (2017) 42.1 SAYIL 169.

Mining, mineral and energy law

Van der Schyff, EThe right to be granted access over the property of others in order to enter prospecting or mining areas: Revisiting Joubert v Maranda Mining Company (Pty) Ltd [2009] 4 All SA 127 (SCA)’ (2019) 22 PER.

Property law

De Dios, CR ‘Attorneys and touting: A thing of the past?’ (2019) 23.2 June PLD.

De Visser, J and Poswa, XSMunicipal law making under SPLUMA: A survey of fifteen “first generation” municipal planning by-laws’ (2019) 22 PER.

Minnaar, G ‘Deemed necessary services in terms of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance (Transvaal) 15 of 1986’ (2019) 23.2 June PLD.

Protection of personal information

Mahomed, SHealthcare, artificial intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Ethical, social and legal considerations’ (2018) 11.2 SAJBL 93.

Opperman, CJ and Janse van Vuuren, MWhatsApp in a clinical setting: The good, the bad and the law’ (2018) 11.2 SAJBL 102.

Tax law

Clegg, D ‘VAT: Leases, lodging, sub-leases and purpose’ (2019) 10.1 March BTCLQ 20.

Kruger, D ‘The Consumer Protection Act and tax acts: Happy bedfellows?’  (2019) 10.2 June BTCLQ 19.

La Grange, R ‘The minefield of debt restructuring’ (2019) 10.2 June BTCLQ 13.

Moosa, FAnalysing and comparing warrantless tax inspections and searches’ (2019) 22 PER.

Moosa, F ‘Value-conscious tax administration by Sars’ (2019) 10.1 March BTCLQ 1.

Ogutt, AW ‘OECD multilateral instrument on treaty-related BEPS measures: Benefits, challenges and recommended options for South Africa and other developing countries’ (2017) 42.1 SAYIL 220.

Rudnicki, M ‘Section 24C allowance for future expenditure: Navigating the maze’ (2019) 10.1 March BTCLQ 11.

Seligson, M ‘Restructuring companies via the corporate rules: Tax methodology and analysis’ (2019) 10.2 June BTCLQ 1.

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