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September 1st, 2021


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Accessing articles from publishers


Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
Acta Juridica Acta Juridica Juta (2021) 1
AJCCL African Journal of Comparative Constitutional Law Juta (2020)
ANULJ Africa Nazarene University Law Journal Juta (2020) 8.1
JCLA Journal of Comparative Law in Africa Juta (2021) 8.1
SAJCJ South African Journal of Criminal Justice Juta (2021) 34.1
SLR Stellenbosch Law Review Juta (2021) 32.1


Administrative law

Mujuzi, JD ‘Companies convicted of economic crimes and their participation in government tender processes in South Africa: A comment on Namasthethu Electrical (Pty) Ltd v City of Cape Town and Another (201/19) [2020] ZASCA 74 (29 June 2020)’ (2021) 8.1 JCLA 102.


Agency law

Glover, G ‘Agency in South Africa: Mapping its defining characteristics’ (2021) Acta Juridica 243.



Moosa, F ‘Citizenship by naturalisation: Are regulations 3(2)(b) and (c) to the South African Citizenship Act 88 of 1985 invalid?’ (2021) 32.1 SLR 71.


Commercial law

Hutchison, A ‘Recontextualising the teaching of commercial transactions law for an African university’ (2021) Acta Juridica 275.


Contract law

Barnard-Naudé, JBona fides and ubuntu – a response to Dale Hutchison’ (2021) Acta Juridica 85.

Bhana, D ‘The future of the doctrine of economic duress in South African contract law: The influence of Roman-Dutch law, English law and the Constitution of the Republic’ (2021) Acta Juridica 107.

Brand, F ‘Equity and certainty in contract law’ (2021) Acta Juridica 141.

Brownsword, R ‘The future of contract law: Three conversations at the Cape’ (2021) Acta Juridica 3.

Clive, E ‘Breach of contract’ (2021) Acta Juridica 37.

Du Plessis, J ‘Some thoughts on the consequences of illegal contracts’ (2021) Acta Juridica 177.

MacQueen, H ‘Contract law reform: Legislators or judges – or both?’ (2021) Acta Juridica 57.

Price, A ‘Contractual fairness: Conflict resolved?’ (2021) Acta Juridica 321.


Criminal law and procedure

Carney, TR ‘Understanding one’s rights when arrested and detained: An assessment of language barriers that affect comprehension’ (2021) 34.1 SAJCJ 1.

Naude, BC ‘Comment: Telephonic entrapment’ (2021) 34.1 SAJCJ 118.

Okpaluba, C ‘Comment: Wrongful arrest and detention’ (2021) 34.1 SAJCJ 103.

Olaborede, A and Meintjes-van der Walt, L ‘Demeanour, credibility and remorse in the criminal trial’ (2021) 34.1 SAJCJ 55.

Reddi, M ‘Recent case: Criminal Procedure’ (2021) 34.1 SAJCJ 137.

Schwikkard, PJ ‘Rape: An unreasonable belief in consent should not be a defence’ (2021) 34.1 SAJCJ 76.

Tshehla, B ‘Comment: Distinguishing between dolus directus and dolus eventualis: Ngobeni v The State (1041/2017) ZASCA 127 (27 September 2018)’ (2021) 34.1 SAJCJ 128.

Whitear-Nel, N ‘Recent case: Law of evidence’ (2021) 34.1 SAJCJ 153.


Customer due diligence

Chitimira, H and Munedzi, S ‘Selected challenges associated with the reliance on customer due diligence measures to curb money laundering in South African banks and related financial institutions’ (2021) 8.1 JCLA 42.


Delictual law

Fagan, A ‘The contract-delict interface and harm-causing omissions’ (2021) Acta Juridica 203.



Pretorius, CJ ‘Authority by representation – a rule lacking a theory: A reappraisal of Makate v Vodacom (Pty) Ltd 2016 (4) 121 (CC)’ (2021) Acta Juridica 297.


Execution of immovable property

Brits, R ‘Execution against residential immovable property in terms of High Court rule 46A’ (2021) 32.1 SLR 47.


Human rights law

Dugard, J and Sánchez, AM ‘Bringing gender and class into the frame: An intersectional analysis of the decoloniality-as-race critique of the use of law for social change’ (2021) 32.1 SLR 24.


International constitutional law

Abdulrauf, LA ‘States of emergency and the rule of law under contemporary African constitutions: A comparative analysis’ (2021) 8.1 JCLA 67.

Abuza, AE ‘A reflection on issues involved in the exercise of the power of the Attorney-General to enter a nolle prosequi under the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria’ (2020) AJCCL 79.

Kibet, E ‘The economy in the Constitution: An appraisal of Kenya’s 2010 Constitution as an economic charter’ (2020) AJCCL 1.

Moyo, A and Makwaiba, BS ‘The role of founding values and principles in constitutional and statutory interpretation: Lessons for Zimbabwe’ (2020) AJCCL 31.


International criminal law

Gravett, W ‘Sentenced by an algorithm – bias and lack of accuracy in risk-assessment software in the United States criminal justice system’ (2021) 34.1 SAJCJ 31.


International dispute resolution

Sergon, J and Mumma, A ‘The efficacy of traditional dispute resolution mechanisms (TDRMS) in achieving access to justice for marginalised: A focus on the Kipsigis Community in Kenya’ (2020) 8.1 ANULJ 149.


International electoral law

Atupare, AP ‘A fundamental law of reason and the constitutional law of elections in Africa’ (2021) 8.1 JCLA 1.


International gender equality

Baraza, N and Koech, K ‘Gains and losses: The impact of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action on the Legal Status of Kenyan Women’ (2020) 8.1 ANULJ 86.


International gender-based violence

Bradley, MM and de Beer, A ‘The collective responsibility of organised armed groups for sexual and gender-based violence during a non-international armed conflict’ (2021) 32.1 SLR 129.

Maphosa, R ‘The unreported war: Tackling denialism and social stigma towards victims of armed conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence’ (2021) 32.1 SLR 155.

Nwotite, A ‘An evaluation of the legal framework for redressing sexual violence in the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria: Challenges and the way forward’ (2021) 32.1 SLR 169.

Oloo, JA ‘Sexual violence against women during times of conflict: Promise of the vulnerability theory’ (2020) 8.1 ANULJ 65.


International jurisprudence

Alloh, B ‘An evaluation of the enforcement of fundamental rights and the controversy of jurisdiction of the Federal and State High Courts in Nigeria’ (2020) AJCCL 59.


International labour law

Eyongndi, DTA ‘An appraisal of HIV and Aids (Anti-Discrimination) Act, 2014 and the tide of employment discrimination in Nigeria’ (2020) 8.1 ANULJ 111.


International law

Chakanyuka, TL ‘Reforming the UNSC by the African Union proposal to address inequality: The limitations’ (2020) 8.1 ANULJ 128.

Nyuguto, M ‘Insecurity and economic marginalisation in Marsabit County’ (2020) 8.1 ANULJ 199.

Ombella, JS ‘Promoting water infrastructure investment to accelerate access to water in Tanzania: A legal analysis’ (2020) 8.1 ANULJ 172.


Internet law

Kakungulu-Mayambala, R; Solomon, R; Makmot, VP and Rutabingwa, D ‘The case for a law against the online distribution of non-consensual intimate images in Uganda’ (2021) 32.1 SLR 93.


Islamic inheritance law

Jadeed, M; Waris, A and Musembi, CN ‘The application of Islamic inheritance law in independent and contemporary Kenya: A Muslim’s right to equality and freedom from discrimination’ (2020) 8.1 ANULJ 30.


Persons and family law

Bonthuys, E ‘Public policy in family contracts, part II: Antenuptial contracts’ (2021) 32.1 SLR 3.


Refugee law

Khamala, CA ‘When rescuers become refoulers: Closing Kenya’s refugee camps amid terrorism threats’ and leaving vulnerable groups out in the cold’ (2020) 8.1 ANULJ 1.


Unjustified enrichment

Scott, H ‘Interference without ownership: The theft of incorporeal money in the South African law of unjustified enrichment’ (2021) Acta Juridica 343.


Kathleen Kriel BTech (Journ) is the Production Editor at De Rebus.

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